TEST- Telford Tree of Light

2019 Loved Ones

The names o Loved ones remembered in 2019 are shown below.

The links below take you to the start of the surname start letter (use your browser back button to return to this index).


AbbottMichael Abbott – Uncle Michael
ActonChris Acton – Missed so much x
ActonSue Acton – We love you x
AdamMilward Adam – Millie
AdamsEdith Adams – Nan
AdamsFlorence May Adams – May
AdamsGlenys Adams
AdamsJackie Adams – Beloved Nan and Great Grandma
AdamsJacqueline Adams – Mum
AdamsJohn Patrick Adams
AdamsKatherine Adams – Kath
AdamsPhillip Richard Adams – Son & Brother
AdamsSidney Adams – John, Brother
AdamsSidney John Adams – John – Husband
AdamsSidney John Adams – John – Dad
AdamsWilliam Elon Adams – Forever in our hearts
AdawayGeorge Adaway – Husband
AddisonRonnie Addison – Husband, Dad & Grandad
AinsworthBeatrice & Edward Ainsworth – Mom & Dad
AinsworthBrian Ainsworth – Brother
AlbertJoe Albert
AlcockBarry Alcock – Brother
AlcockGraham Alcock – Loving Son & Brother
AlcockGraham Alcock – Loving Husband, Forever in my heart. XXX
AlcockGraham Alcock – Loved Husband & Father
AlcockTom Alcock – Dad
Alden-YoungCraig Alden-Young – Beloved son
AlderMary Alder – Always in my thoughts
AlexanderAudrey & Jack Alexander – Beloved Mum & Dad
AlexanderEileen & Sid Alexander – Beloved Auntie & Uncle
AllanEllen Allan – Sadly missed Ma n Nana xx
AllanEllen Allan – Loving Ma & Nana
AllanHarry Allan – Sadly missed Da & Grandad xx
AllanHarry Allan – Loving Da & Grandad
AllattFrances Allatt – Much Loved Wife, Mum & Nanna
AllattJohn Allatt
AllbuttAlfred & Elsie Allbutt
AlldenDerek Allden – Family
AllenBernard Allen – Brother
AllenCharles & Lilian Allen – Dad & Mom
AllenDave Allen
AllenGeoffrey Allen – Geoff
AllenHerbert & Olive Allen – Mum & Dad
AllenJoe & Bertha Allen
AllenLewis Allen
AllenRobert Leslie Allen
AllfordJohn Edward Allford – John
AllistoneEmily Allistone – Dot
AllistoneLeslie Allistone – Les
AllportPeter John Allport – Husband, love you forever
AllportAllport – All the family
AllworthPeter Allworth – Special brother
AllworthStan Allworth – Special brother
AmbroseStuart Ambrose – Grandad
AndersonBill Anderson – Much missed
AndersonBob Anderson
AndersonCraig Anderson
AndersonEric Anderson – Fond & happy memories, loved always
AndersonGordon Anderson – Special Dad & Grandad
AndersonGordon Anderson – Husband
AndersonGordon Anderson – Dad
AndersonJenny Anderson
AndersonPhyllis Anderson – Always in our thoughts
AndersonRosalie Anderson – Rose
Anderson familyMum, Dad & Peter Anderson family
AndertonElizabeth Anderton – Mom
AndertonJohn Anderton – Jack
AndertonPatricia Anderton – Pat
AndrewsDavid Andrews – Enjoy your cricket in the sky
AndrewsMargaret Andrews
AndrewsMargaret Andrews – Peggy
AndrewsRoy Andrews
AndrewsSylvia Andrews – Once a fairy, now a beautiful angel
AnslowAdrian Anslow – Our Hero
AnslowCarol Anslow – Caz
AnslowCarol Ann Anslow – Caz
AnslowDora Anslow – Gran
AnslowDoreen Anslow – Mom & Nan
AnslowGordon Anslow – Dad & Grandad
AnsonJohn A. & Betty Anson
AnsteyJohn Anstey – Husband
AntonsenMark Alfred Antonsen – Poacher
ApplebyStanley Appleby
ApplebyTerri Appleby – Love you Grandma, Always x
ArcherBernard Archer
ArcherDan Archer – Miss you everyday
ArcherDennis Archer
ArcherGordon Archer – Gord
ArcherWilliam Archer – Nink
ArcherWilliam Archer – Billy Boy
ArmitageDeryck Armitage – Loving husband
ArmitageGeorge William Armitage – Dad Grandad. Love & miss you every day x
ArmstrongRoss Armstrong – Merry Christmas Dad
ArnoldAlan Arnold
ArnoldFrank Arnold – Miss you so much, wife Sue
ArnoldMidi Arnold – With Love
ArrowsmithBetty Arrowsmith
ArrowsmithGeorge Arrowsmith
ArrowsmithHarold John Arrowsmith – Jack
ArrowsmithJames Arrowsmith – Grandson
ArrowsmithNorman Edward Arrowsmith – Brother
ArrowsmithRean & Horace Arrowsmith – Sister & Brother in law
ArrowsmithRoger Arrowsmith – Loved & Missed
Asadi-HamedaniMohammed Bagher Asadi-Hamedani – Mo
AshTony Ash – Love & miss you always Dad ❤
AshcroftJohn Ashcroft
AshcroftVictor Ashcroft
AshdownMay Ashdown
AshenRene & Jim Ashen – Mom & Dad
AshfordJoan Ashford – Love Always xxx
AshleyGill Ashley – Wife & Mom
AshleyHorace & Edna Ashley
AshleyRonald Ashley – Ron, Husband, Dad & Grandad
AshmoreHarold Ashmore
AstburyTina Jane Astbury – Daughter
AstleyLuke Astley – Shining Star
AstleySylvia Astley – Fondly Remembered
AstonIna Aston
AstonJoyce Aston
AstonKate & Alan Aston – Sister & Brother-in-Law
AstonNora & Jack Aston
AstonRoy Aston
AstonTed & Gert Aston
AtkinLou & Elsie Atkin
AtkinsAlbert Atkins – Bert
AtkinsCharles Atkins
AtkinsJames Atkins – Jim
AtkinsMabel Atkins – Mom & Dad
AtkinsMartha Atkins – Aunt Pat
AtkinsMary Winifred Atkins – Wyn
AtkinsStanley Atkins – Mom & Dad
AtkinsonJohn Atkinson – Dad
AtkinsonMark Atkinson – Son & Brother
AtterburyLily Mary & Jack Atterbury – Nan & Grandad
AttrillAlec Attrill
AttrillDerek Attrill
AttrillElsie Attrill
AudinJudith Audin – Mum & Grandma
AustinGraham Austin
AustinKathleen Austin – Kath
AveryBeryl Avery
AveryHarry Avery – Dad – Love & Miss you xxx
AveryJoan Avery – Mom – Love & Miss you xxx
AvisCarol Avis
AvisHettie Avis
AvisLaurie Avis
AylingDave Ayling – Dad, Love You Always XX
AylingTyler Ayling – My Special Grandson, Love You XX
BadgerFrank Badger – Miss you
BadgerLeslie Badger
BadleyGordon Badley – Noel
BagshawOliver Bagshaw – Son, Grandson, Nephew & Cousin
BaileyAgnes Bailey
BaileyBill & Edie Bailey
BaileyBrenda & Howard Bailey
BaileyCaroline Leah Bailey – Love and miss you always, Chad, Leah & Bowi xx
BaileyCaroline Leah Bailey – Love & miss you Mum
BaileyChristy Amy Bailey – Chris, Mom love Graham
BaileyCliff Bailey – Husband, Dad, Grandad
BaileyDagmar Bailey
BaileyDavid Bailey – Dave
BaileyDavid Bailey
BaileyErnest Bailey
BaileyHerbert Bailey – Herb
BaileyHorace Bailey
BaileyJean Bailey
BaileyJessica Bailey
BaileyJohn Bailey
BaileyKevin Bailey – Miss you always
BaileyMr. & Mrs. W. Bailey
BaileyMum & Dad Bailey
BaileyNina Bailey
BaileyPeter (G) Bailey – Much love always, special Dad
BaileyPeter Graham Bailey – Dad Grandad always in our thoughts xx
BaileyPhilip Bailey – Phil
BaileySoo Bailey
BaileyStuart Bailey – In Heaven’s Shed
BaileyVern & Joan Bailey – Dad & Mum
BaileyWilliam Bailey – Bill
BaileyWilliam Bailey – Bill, Step Dad x
BairdSteven Baird – 1st Christmas without you but never forgotten
BakerAlan Baker – Miss you
BakerBarry William Baker – Dad
BakerSharon Baker – Shaz forever in our hearts
BaldockTrevor Baldock
BallDavid Ball – Foggy
BallJackie Ball
BallLaurence Ball – Lol , Loved and in my heart always. Loving wife Lynn xx
BallLaurence Ball – Lol,Loved+Remembered in my heart always .wife Lynn xxx
BallLaurence Ball – A loving Dad /Grandad Samantha, Mark, Ryan & James x
BallMuriel & Eric Ball
BallNorman & Mary Ball – Dad & Mum
BallRobert Ball – Our Dear Son
BallTommy Ball – Thinking of you
BallantyneRonald Ballantyne
BamfordJoyce Bamford – Joycee
BanfordIda & Cliff Banford – Mom and Dad
BanksArthur Banks
BanksBeatrice Banks – Beattie
BanksGertrude Banks
BanksKathleen Banks – Katey
BanksNorman Banks
BanksRobert Banks – Jim, loving Husband, Dad & Grandad XXX
BanksRose Banks
BanksSteph Banks
BannerJune Banner – Mum reunited with her loving husband 3rd July 2019
BannisterIan Bannister – A true Gentleman
BannisterIsa Bannister – Mum & Nanny Isa
BarberGeorge & Betty Barber
BarberGeorge & Betty Barber – always in our thoughts, Lorraine & Georgina xx
BarberGeorge & Betty Barber – Never forgotten, Louise Laura & Shannon
BarberJames Barber – Jim
BarberLes Barber
BarberReginald Barber – Reg
BarberRonald Barber – Ron, Loved & Remembered
BarnardAlan Barnard – Barney. All my love Phylis
BarnesJane & Reg Barnes – Mum & Dad
BarnesJohn Barnes – Geoff
BarnesKevin Barnes
BarnesPercy & Ivy Barnes – Dear Parents & Grandparents
BarnesRichard Barnes
BarnesRon Barnes – Loving Husband, Father & Gt.Grandad
BarnesRtn David Barnes
BarnettAlan Barnett – Dave
BarnettDennis Barnett – Always in Our Thoughts
BarnfieldColin Barnfield – Husband, Dad,Grandad
BarnsleyNoreen Barnsley – In our hearts and memories xxx
BarrettCarole Ann Barrett – Golden Wife, Mom & Nan
BarrettJohn Barrett – Brother-in-law & Uncle
BarrettJohn Thomas Barrett – John the Pipe
BarrettTom Barrett
BarrowPeg Barrow
BarsbyDavid Barsby – Brother, Uncle
BarsbyPaul Barsby – Husband, Father
BartlettClaude Bartlett – Husband, Dad & Grandad
Bartlett-SmithDella Bartlett-Smith
BartleyJohn Bartley
BartleyLilian Bartley – Mrs. B
BarwellDarren James Barwell – Daz
BaserBernice Baser – My sister, Forever in our hearts
Basini – GazziLisa Basini – Gazzi
BasraGurcharan Basra – Miss you
BasraGurdev Basra – Miss you
BasraNatalie Basra – Miss you
BassettCyril Bassett – Pod
BatesBarbara Bates
BatesBill & Kath Bates
BatesDennis Bates
BatesDennis Ronald Bates
BatesEric Bates – Dad
BatesIvy Muriel Bates
BatesJack & Harriet Bates – Love always
BatesJonothon Bates
BatesKathleen Bates – Kath
BatesPaul Bates – Husband & Dad
BatesPaul Bates – Special Mate
BatleyCharles Batley – Dad & Grandad
BatleyMolly Batley – Mum & Grandma B
BaughFred Baugh – Dad & Grandad
BaughMandy Baugh – In loving memory of our dearest Daughter
BaughOlive Baugh – Mom & Gran
BauldMartin Bauld – Loving Husband and Dad xx
BauldMartin Bauld – Deeply missed husband and dad xx
BauldMartin Bauld – Loving husband & dad
BaumberJames Baumber – Jim
BaxterChris Baxter
BaxterChristine Baxter – Sister
BayleyAndrew Bayley
BayleyJohn Bayley
BayleyLilian Bayley
BaylissIvy Bayliss – Mum
BaynhamFred Baynham
BaynhamMartin Baynham
BeachJohn & Liam Beach
BeachMary Beach – Sister & Auntie
BeachamMo & Ben Beacham – Mum & Dad
BealTrevor Beal – Forever in our hearts
BealeDorothy Beale
BealeHarold Beale
BeamsomWendy Beamsom – Miss You My Friend
BeamsonWendy Beamson – Nanny Wendy
BeardArthur (Art) & Gertie Beard – Miss you Dad & Mum, love you so much
BeardMaud & Len Beard – God Bless
BeardPaul Beard
BeardSuzanne Beard
BeardThomas Beard – Dad, we miss you
BeardallGraham Beardall – A strong man
BeardsmoreBrian Robert Beardsmore
BeattieJock Beattie – Husband & Dad
BebbingtonArthur & Maggie Bebbington – Dad & Mum xxx
BebbingtonBarbara Bebbington – Mum
BebbingtonMargaret Bebbington – Sister xx
BeckerHerbert Becker – Dad
BeckettChristopher Beckett – Chris
BecousseMichael Becousse
BeddallFrederick James Beddall – Fred, miss you very much
BeddallJohn Beddall – Greatly missed
BeddallMaureen Beddall – Greatly missed
BeddallPeter & Sylvia Beddall – Much loved & missed parents & grandparents
BeddoesHilda Beddoes – Mum
BeddoesHilda Irene & Philip Beddoes – Darling Mum & Dad
BeddoesPhilip Beddoes – Dad
BeddowAlbert Beddow – Dad
BeddowMary Beddow – Mom
BeddowsWilf & Rene Beddows – Dad & Mom
BeechAnn Beech – Dear Friend
BeechTom Beech – Dad
BeestonMona & Don Beeston
BellWinifred Bell – Win – Aunt
BellettDebbie Bellett
BellettIan Bellett
BenchAlbert & Joan Bench – Miss you always
BengreeAnthony Bengree – Tony
BengreeFlorence Bengree – Florrie
BengreeRonald Bengree
BengryConnie Bengry – Love u forever xxx
BengryJack Bengry – Love u forever xxx
BengryJohn Bengry – Love u forever xxx
BennettAudrey Bennett
BennettBetty, Terry & Michael Bennett
BennettChris Bennett – God Bless
BennettDolly & Jack Bennett – Dearest Mum & Dad
BennettEric Bennett – My dear “BB”
BennettEvelyn,Ted, Terry Bennett – Eve, Ted & Terry
BennettFrank Bennett
BennettJane Claire Bennett – Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
BennettMary & Sid Bennett
BennettMCL Bennett
BennettSuzanne Bennett – Mum, Grandma, Great-Grandma & Belle-mère xx
BennettTerry Bennett – Brother in Law & Uncle
BennisonJohn Bennison
BennisonJune Bennison
BensonKevin Benson
BentElsie & Gerry Bent – Mum & Dad in law
BentGordon Bent – Husband & Dad
BentRaymond Bent – Brother in Law
BentWilliam (Bill) Bent – Brother in Law
BenthamAngela Bentham
BenthamPaul Bentham
BenthamPeter Bentham
BentingBrian David Benting
BentingHooch Benting
BentingJack Benting
BentleyMike & Kit Bentley – Together Again
BeresfordKen Beresford
BeresfordRobert Tom Beresford – Missed by Mum
BernardesJack Bernardes – Fondly Remembered
BernardesJoyce Bernardes – Fondly Remembered
BerryArthur & Dorothea Berry – Always remembered
BerryJanet Berry – Mum – Forever in my heart
BerryJanet Berry – Always remembered
BerrymanCharles Berryman – Charlie
BessantSylvia Bessant – Sylv
BethellVera Bethell – Nanny Ve
BettsAmbrose Betts
BettsEvelyn Betts
BettsJean Betts – Loved & sadly missed by all her family
BettsJohn Betts
BettsRobert Betts – Bob
BevanAustin Bevan
BevanIris & Len Bevan – Sister, brother in law
BevanRejeanne Bevan
BeynonDavid Beynon – A dear nephew
BeynonGeorge Beynon
BeynonGeorge David John Beynon – David
BickLilian Bick – nee Fox
BiddulphJames Biddulph – Father
BiddulphKathleen & Eric Biddulph
BiddulphWinifred Biddulph – Mother
BiggsArthur Biggs
BiggsClark Biggs – Much Loved Son & Brother
BiggsFlo B. Biggs – Flo
BiggsLouie Biggs – nee Gough
BiggsPauline Biggs
BiggsPhil Biggs – Always in our hearts
BiggsWilliam Nathanial Biggs – Bill
BiglerFrieda Bigler
BillingeDouglas Billinge
BillinghamPaula Billingham – Nanny
BillingtonTerence Billington – Terry
BinghamGeorge Bingham – Geordie
BinghamKenneth Bingham – Ken
BinghamWendy Bingham
BinnersleyNorman Binnersley – Forever in our hearts
BinnsArthur Binns
BinsleyDave Binsley – Missed now more than ever xxxxx
BirbeckJohn Birbeck – With love
BirbeckJohn Birbeck – Brother
BirbeckSue Birbeck – Sister
BirchHarold Birch – Birchie
BirchNorman & Ivy Birch
BirchPaul Adrian Birch – Birchie
BirchPeter Birch – Love Always xxx
BirksAnnie & Bob Birks – Mum & Dad
BirksRobert Birks – Baby Brother
BirrellJanet Birrell – Formerly Rochelle
BishopRoma Bishop
BishtonRon Bishton
BlackIan Black
BlackburnAllan & Sylvia Blackburn – In loving memory of Mum & Dad
BlackburnIsaac Blackburn – Uncle
BlackburnJane Blackburn – Grandma
BlackettMartin Blackett – Loved & missed every day
BlackhamRoger Blackham – lots of love
BlackhamTony Blackham
BlackhurstKen Blackhurst – Always in my heart together or apart love always Jen
BlagbroughGeorge Blagbrough
BlagbroughRosealeen Blagbrough
BlairGary Blair – Son
BlairGary Blair – Uncle
BlairMalcolm Blair – Dearly loved
BlakeAnn Blake – Best Friend
BlakemoreAlfred Blakemore – Beloved Dad & Grandad
BlakemoreElizabeth Blakemore – Beloved Mum & Granny
BlakemoreSusannah Blakemore – Nan Always in my heart
BlakewayEdna Blakeway – Mother Grandmother Gr Grandmother Gr Gr Grandmother
BlakewayJack Blakeway – Father Grandfather Gt Grandfather Gr Gr Grandfather
BlandEdward Bland – Ted
BlasczykRebecca Rose Blasczyk
BlinkhornJoan Blinkhorn – Dear Sister
BlissCyril & Doreen Bliss – Dad & Mum Always love & miss you both
BlockleyHarry & Pattie Blockley
BlockleyWilliam Blockley – Bill
BlocksidgeClifford Blocksidge – Loved forever
BlocksidgeFlora Blocksidge – Loved forever
BlocksidgeJohn Blocksidge – Loved forever
BloodPeter Blood – Always in our hearts
BlowerGraham Blower
BoardCharles Board – Dad & Grandad
BoardLilian Board – Mum & Nanna
BoardRay Board – Brother & Uncle
BoddisonAlfred & Rose Boddison
BoddisonDavid Boddison
BoddisonMarjory & Gordon Boddison – With Love
BoddisonMichael Boddison – Mick
BoddisonRosie Boddison
BoddisonWilliam Boddison – Bill
BodenEdith Boden – Mum, Nan Little nan.
BodenEdith Mary Boden – Loving Wife, Mom, Nan & Nana
BodenHenry Boden – loved forever, Sylvia & family
BodenJohn Boden – Brother & Uncle
BodenLillian & John Boden – Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
BodenPeter & Pearl Boden, Caroline, Mark, Simon, Charl,Zoe & Gt Gnd Children
BodenRon Boden – Dad, Granddad.
BodisonJoyce Bodison
BogdanAlice Bogdan
BogdanKazymyr Bogdan – Kaz
BohanMichael Bohan – Mick
BolasJohn Bolas
BolithoBenson Bolitho – Big Ben
BoltDerek Bolt
BoltonRobert Bolton – Bob
BonellAnn Bonell – Sister
BoothAudrey Booth
BoothLesley Booth – Les
BoothThomas Booth
BoothWilliam & Dora Booth – Bill & Dora
BootonBertha & Tom Booton – Dearly Loved Mum & Dad
BorlandMary Borland – Teen
BorlandWilliam Borland – Jock
BothwellJohn Bothwell – Husband
BothwellJohn Bothwell – Father & Grandfather
BottAda & Ernest(Ernie) Bott – Mother & Father
BouckleyMr. & Mrs. A. Bouckley
BougheyJohn Boughey
BougheyWilliam Boughey – Bill
BouldArthur Bould – Dad
BouldDoris Bould – Mom
BouldFran Bould
BouldPheobe & Frederick(Fred) Bould – Mother & Father
BoulterBeryl & Tom Boulter
BoundfordRay Boundford – My best friend
BourgaizeMum & Dad Bourgaize
BourneDoris Bourne
BourneJohn Bourne
BowenClifford Bowen – Cliff
BowenHadge Bowen
BowenPete Bowen – Missed, loved & never forgotten
BowenTheresa & George Bowen – Margaret & William
BowenWilliam Bowen – Bill
BowenWinifred Bowen – Win
BowmanMary Bowman
BowmanPeter Andrew Bowman – Dad
BowyerEnid Bowyer – Mom In loving memory
BowyerHelen Bowyer – Beautiful Niece
BoydenEric Boyden
BoyleJack Boyle
BoyleNell Boyle
BoyntonArthur & Elsie Boynton – Always in our hearts
BradburnAlice Irene & Leslie Wilfred Bradburn – Rene & Les
BradburnCyril Bradburn – Dad
BradburnJoe Bradburn – Friend
BradburnJoyce Bradburn – Mum
BradburnNorman,Jean & Jane Bradburn – Uncle, Aunty, Cousin
BradfordJohn Bradford – Brad
BradfordNerys Bradford – Lovely Cousin
BradfordSharon Bradford – Shaz
BradfordShirley Bradford – Sister
BradfordWilliam Bradford – Bill
BradleyJoey Bradley – of Church Stretton loved forever
BradleyJohn Bradley
BradleyKate Bradley
BradleyMike Bradley
BradleyOwen Bradley
BradleySylvia Bradley
BradleyTim Bradley
BradshawEdith Bradshaw
BradshawGillian Bradshaw – Love & Miss You so Much
BradshawJen Bradshaw – Mom x
BradshawJoe Bradshaw – Dad x
BraidEllen Braid – Mum & Gran
BraidPeter Braid – Dad & Granpa
BraisdellSimon Braisdell – Beloved son
BrantJohn Brant
BrantPatricia (Pat) Brant – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
BrantRonald (Ron) Brant – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
BrasenellBarry Brasenell – Noddy
BrasenellSidney Brasenell – Siddy
BrayBrenda & Ernest Bray – Mum & Dad, Nan & Granddad
BrayColin Reuben Bray – Dad
BrayLeslie Bray – Les
BraySylvia Bray – Sue
BrayneLol Brayne
BrayneMargaret Brayne
BrayneMay Brayne
BraynePat Brayne
BrazenellJade Brazenell – Sister & Daughter
BrazielGerald Braziel
BrazielMary Braziel
BrazierBrian Brazier – Friend
BrazierGeorge Brazier – Pop
BrazierLilian & Ben Brazier – Mother & Father
BrazierRon Brazier – Loving Husband,Dad,G’dad,Gt.G’dad. God Bless
BreakwellDennis Breakwell
BreezeBrian Breeze – Loved & Remembered by Cody & Arlo
BreezeGeorge Breeze
BreezeMuriel Breeze
BremmellLeslie & Eileen Bremmell
BriarwoodEddie Briarwood
BriarwoodIvy & Dennis Briarwood – Always Remembered
BriarwoodKath Briarwood
Brice“Whiskey” Brice – Beloved pet
BriceCyril & Mary Brice
BriceJan Brice – Mom ‘Janmar’
BriceJan Brice – A loved sister
BridgwaterDavid Bridgwater – Loving Husband always in my Thoughts
BridgwaterElsie May Bridgwater – Best Nan ever
BridgwaterGrace & Mac Bridgwater
BriggsJack Briggs – Grandad
BriggsJoe & Eve Briggs – My Wonderful Mom & Dad
BriggsLily Briggs – Nan
BriggsPercy & Marg Briggs – Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents
BriggsRoy Briggs – My Adored Brother
BrightGeorge & Nora Bright – Forever in our hearts
BrigstockMargaret Brigstock
BriscoeFlorence Briscoe – Mary
BriscoeGeorge Briscoe – Roy
BriscoeJohn (Brian) Briscoe – Husband, Dad, Grandad
BristowAnthony Frank Bristow – Tony
BristowBarbara Anne Bristow
BrittainAnthony Brittain – Beloved Husband of Peg
BrittainMargret & Jack Brittain
BrittlePhyllis Brittle
BroadDorothy Broad
BroadEric Broad
BroadHarry Broad
BroadbentSheila Mary Broadbent – Missing you Mom/Nan
BroganDebbie Brogan – Debs
BromageEdith Bromage – A loving Mum, Nanr & Gt Nan
BromageFrank Bromage – A loving Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
BromleyJohn Bromley – Dennis
BrookesColleen Brookes
BrookesFrank Brookes – Always in our hearts
BrookesHarold Brookes
BrookesHilda Brookes
BrookesLilian & Geoff Brookes
BrookesLily Brookes – Mom
BrooksteinMaureen Brookstein – Much Missed Wife, Mum, & Nanny
BrooksteinThomas Brookstein – In Memory of a Loving Father
BrooksteinViolet Brookstein – In Memory of a Loving Mother & Nan
BroomeBenjamin Alastair Broome – Ben
BroomeLilian Mary Broome – Lil
BroomeRaymond Broome – Ray
BroomeRichard Broome – Dickie
BroomeSylvia Broome
BroomhallBarrie Broomhall – Baz
BrothwoodAda Brothwood
BrothwoodGordon Brothwood
BrothwoodHorace Brothwood
BrothwoodReg & Irene Brothwood
BrownAlbert Brown
BrownAlice Brown
BrownAnn Brown
BrownArthur Brown – Love Always, Stuart, Zoe, Millie XXX
BrownBetty Brown – Loved and Missed Mum
BrownChristina Brown – Sister
BrownDennis Brown – John
BrownDerek Brown – Del
BrownFlorence Brown
BrownGeoffrey Brown – Geoff
BrownHarry & Beryl Brown – Dad & Mum
BrownHilda Brown
BrownJames & Barbara Brown – Always Remembered
BrownJanet Brown
BrownKeith Brown – Wonderful Husband
BrownMabel Brown – Mabs
BrownPaul Brown – Browny
BrownRoy Brown – Loving Husband
BrownSid Brown – Miss you Dad wish you were here xxx
BrownSteven Brown – Loving Son
BrownTom Brown
BrownTracy Brown
BrownWendy Brown – Mum I miss you everyday xxx
Brownhill-DysonWilliam Brownhill-Dyson – Will x
BrowningDavid Browning – Bisto
BrowningJennifer Browning – Jenny
BryanDorothy & Walter Bryan – Always in Our Thoughts
BubBub – my Angel Baby
BuchananHugh Buchanan
BuckinghamFrederick & Amy Buckingham
BucklerJoan Buckler
BuckleyEthel Buckley
BuckleyKen Buckley – Grandad Ken
BuckleyTerence Buckley – Terry
BucknellVi & Fred Bucknell
BuftonGraham Bufton – Brother
BuftonGraham Bufton – Husband
BuftonWarren Bufton – Missing you so much
BullockHerbert Bullock
BullockOlive Bullock
BumsteadLesley Bumstead
BunningPete Bunning
BurdenJohn Burden
BurfordIrene & Den Burford – Loving Mom&Dad,Nan&Grandad, together forever
BurgessAlbert Burgess – Brother
BurgessArthur Burgess – Father
BurgessGladys Burgess – Sister-in-Law
BurgessHelen Burgess
BurgessIain Burgess
BurgessLaura Burgess – Mother
BurnGeorge Burn – Grandad
BurnettAli Burnett
BurnettArchie & Dylis Burnett
BurnettGeorge Burnett
BurnettKeeli Burnett
BurnsAlan Burns – Bruno – fondest love always
BurnsBrian Burns – With His Dad
BurnsRoy Burns
BurrowsEdith Burrows – Much loved and missed Mom and Nan
BurrowsJack Burrows – Much loved and missed Dad and Grandad
BurtonEdna Burton – Sister
BurtonGertrude & Frederick Burton – Nan & Grandad
ButlerBetty Butler – Dear Mum, Grandma & Gt Grandma
ButlerLiz Butler
ButlerPeter Butler – Pete
ButterlyRosanna Butterly
ButteryFrederick Buttery – Fred
ButteryReg Buttery – Dad
ButteryReg & Alan Buttery – Husband & Son
ButteryViolet Buttery – Vi
ByeStuart Bye
ByrneHayley Byrne
ByrneJoan & Tony Byrne – Together Forever xxx
BystrnskiAudrey Bystrnski – Sister
BystrnskiKarl Bystrnski – Brother in Law
BythewayFrank & Marion Bytheway
CadmanAlfred & Gwendoline Cadman – Fred & Gwen
CadmanDianne Cadman – Granny Di
CadmanFred Cadman
CadmanJanet Cadman
CadwallederGillian Ann Cadwalleder – Gill
CaldwellLizzie Caldwell – Special Cousin
CallaghanAlf Callaghan – Husband & Father
CallenMary Callen – In memory of Mary, sister to Rachel
CalvertAntony Calvert – Dad
CameronSarah Cameron – Mum, Granny
CampionPat and Brian Campion – Mum & Dad Missing you
CannerHarry Canner – Dear Dad of Sue
CannerMary Canner – Wonderful Mum of Sue
CanterLes Canter – Wife & Daughters
CantwellRon & Beryl Cantwell
CareSylvia Care
CareThomas Care – Tom
CareyJohn & Catherine Carey – Grandad & Nan
CareyMichael Carey – Dad, Son
CarlileAgnes Carlile – A loved Mum & Grandmother
CarlineDerek Carline
CarlineGeorge Carline
CarlineHarold Carline – H
CarlineLilly Carline – Mom, Grandma
CarlineMabel Carline
CarpenterAnn & Bill Carpenter
CarpenterSheila Carpenter
CarrBetty Carr – Mom/ nan
CarrBetty Carr – Special Nan – Missed so much
CarrBetty Carr – Special Mum, Missed so very much
CarrDerek Carr – Dad/ Grandad
CarrDerek Carr – Special Dad & Grandad
CarrHarold Carr
CarrSydney Carr – Syd
CarrSydney John Carr – Syd
CarringtonFred Carrington
CarringtonGerald Carrington – Jess
CarringtonPhyllis Carrington
CarringtonSandra Carrington
CarterArthur,Albert,Ruby,Simon Carter
CarterColin Carter – David
CarterGordon Carter
CarterMichael Carter – Mick
CarterRoger Carter
CarterWilliam Carter – Bill
CartwrightAndrew Cartwright – Drew
CartwrightBert Cartwright – “A H C”
CartwrightCharles & Beryl Cartwright – Dad & Mom
CartwrightEdna & Alfred Cartwright – Mum & Dad
CartwrightGeorge Cartwright
CartwrightGeorge Henry Cartwright – Beloved Father
CartwrightGerald Cartwright
CartwrightGerald Cartwright – Husband
CartwrightLes Cartwright
CartwrightMargery Cartwright
CartwrightOlive Cartwright – Beloved Mother
CartwrightPaul Cartwright
CartwrightPaul Cartwright – Son
CartwrightRoger H Cartwright
CarvellAlan Carvell
CarvellJean Carvell
CarverCharles Edward Carver – Love you always
CashJanet Cash – Sister
CashmorePeter Cashmore – Bouff
CaswellBruce Caswell – Grandad Bruce
CaswellGary Caswell – Uncle Gazzer
CaswellGordon Caswell – Dad
CaswellJohn Caswell
CaswellMary Caswell
CattSophia Catt
CattellPeter Cattell – Husband Dad Grandad Great Grandad lovingly missed
CauserCliff Causer
CauserJoan Causer
CauserTerry Causer
CausierJoan Causier – Love and Miss You
ChadwickFrank Chadwick – Husband & Brother
ChadwickViv Chadwick
ChalkerLes Chalker – Rotarian
ChallonerBetty & Alf Challoner
ChambersDerek & Clare Chambers
ChambersPatrick Chambers – Paddy
ChambersRuby Chambers – Mom, Nan & Grandma
ChapmanDorothy Chapman – Mom, Nan & Great Grandma
ChapmanDorothy & Eddie Chapman – Mom & Dad
ChapmanEddie Chapman – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
ChapmanGraham Chapman
ChapmanGwen and Bill Chapman – Mom and Dad
ChapmanJohn Chapman
ChapmanMick Chapman – Twin
ChapmanSarah Chapman – Nan
CharlesMary Charles
CharlesVera & Harry Charles – Mum & Dad
CharmadowskiJune Charmadowski
ChatfieldJoyce Chatfield
ChatfieldRex Chatfield
ChatterBrian Chatter
ChatterTom & Nell Chatter
CheckleyAlice & Bill Checkley – Mom & Dad
CheckleyBeryl & Flora Checkley – Sisters
CheesmanAndy Cheesman – Brother and Dad, never forgotten
CheesmanJanice & John Cheesman – Mum & Dad forever in our hearts
CheesmanJohn Cheesman – Loved & remembered, Anne
CheshireGail Cheshire – Wife
CheshireJim Cheshire – Dad
ChetwoodDerrick Chetwood
ChetwoodEdith Chetwood – Edie
ChetwoodRichard Chetwood
ChildsBetty Childs
ChildsCis Childs
ChildsGeorge Childs – Beloved Husband,Father,Grandfather
ChildsGladys Childs
ChildsJune Childs – Beloved Wife, Mom & Nan
ChildsLilian Childs – Beloved Wife,Mother,Grandmother
ChildsRose Childs – Nan Remembered with Love
ChinnLucy Chinn
ChinnWalter Chinn
ChippKenneth Chipp – Ken
ChristomanosCarole Christomanos
ChurmCarol Churm – Dearly Missed Mom & Nan
ChurmCarol Churm – Cherished Nan
ChurmCliff Churm – Dad & Grandad
ChurmConnie Churm
ChurmGavin Churm – Gav
ChurmJosephine Churm – Wonderful wife mum nan always in our hearts
ChurmRon Churm
ChurmViolet Churm – Nancy
Churm (nee Briggs)Carol Churm (nee Briggs) – My forever loved Sister
ClancyAnne Clancy – Loving Nana
ClancyJohn Clancy – Loving Papa
Clapham-ElsomWilliam Clapham-Elsom – Billy
ClarenceChris Clarence – A Much Loved Son in law
ClarenceChris Clarence – Remembering You Always
ClarenceChris Clarence – Daddy – always in our hearts
ClarkAvis & Graham Clark – Friends
ClarkBarbara Clark
ClarkGeorge Clark – A loving Dad
ClarkJonathan Clark
ClarkPercy Clark – Nobby
ClarkPeter Clark
ClarkTony Clark – Dad
ClarkeAlbert Clarke
ClarkeArthur & Joyce Clarke
ClarkeDave Clarke – Brother in Law
ClarkeEdward Clarke – Ted
ClarkeEnid Clarke
ClarkeFlorrie & Arthur Clarke – Never forgotten
ClarkeGeorge & Eileen Clarke
ClarkeIris Clarke
ClarkeIris Clarke – Always in my heart ❤
ClarkeJames Clarke – Jimmy
ClarkeJoe Clarke
ClarkeJohn W J Clarke – Snowy, Miss you so much Love forever, Lilian & Family
ClarkeMuriel & Dennis Clarke
ClarkeRose Clarke
ClarkeSylvia Clarke
ClarkeTom & Phyllis Clarke
ClarkeTrevor Gordon Clarke
ClaytonDorothy Clayton – Dottie, dearest Nan from USA
ClaytonMitch & Kitty Clayton – Forever in our hearts.
ClearyPeter Cleary – Dad & Grandad
ClearyTeresa Cleary – Nan & Mum
CleeWendy Clee
ClementsReginald & Joan Clements
ClemsonAmy Clemson
ClemsonFrank Clemson
ClennellIan Clennell – Love Rec 3
CliffordPeter Clifford
CliftIna Clift
CliftMarjorie Clift – Queenie
ClincheEve & Perce Clinche
ClintonGerald Clinton – Gerry, always loved
CloeteReginald Cloete – Reg
ClowesIris & Maurice Clowes
ClyneGladys Clyne – Cis we miss you loads
CoatesRosie Coates – Our best friend x
ColabellaPip Colabella – An Angel in Heaven
ColeCharles Victor Cole
ColeGladys Cole
ColeJohn Cole
ColeSheila Cole
ColesGary Coles – Garf
ColesRobert Coles – Bob
ColesTracey Coles
ColleyAlbert Colley
ColleyCyril Colley
ColleyJoyce & Charles Colley – Grandma & Grandad
ColleyLilian Colley – Lily
ColleyMichelle Colley – mum, daugher, sister, aunt – loved and missed greatly
ColleyPat Colley – A great friend
ColleyPat Colley – Wife, mum, nan – loved and missed greatly
ColleyPaul Colley – E.P.Colley
ColleyPearl Colley – Loving mum and nan xxx
CollierSylvia Collier – Much Loved Wife,Mom,Nan & Great Nan
CollinghamAlf Collingham
CollinghamViolet Collingham – Jinks
CollinsGillian Collins
CollinsJohn Collins – Husband, Dad & Grandad
CollinsJohnHenry Collins – Harry
CollinsMary Francis Collins
CollinsSarah Collins – Mom, Daughter in law, Sister in law
CollisMarie Louise Collis
CollumbellVictoria Collumbell – Vicky
ColyerAlice Colyer – Wonderful Gran
ComptonDilys Compton
ConleyNicholas Conley
ConleySandra Conley
ConwayJack Conway – Always remembered x
CooilPeter Cooil – Loved and missed
CookeElizabeth Cooke – Liz – Mom
CookeMary & Tom Cooke – Mam & Pops
CookeVictor Cooke – Vic – Dad
CooperAnn Cooper – Anny
CooperBrian Cooper
CooperChristine Cooper – Chris
CooperDaphne Cooper – Forever loved, never forgotten
CooperDiane Cooper – Remembering a dear Friend
CooperDon Cooper – Remembered with love
CooperFrank Cooper – Dad
CooperGerald Cooper – God Bless You
CooperIris Cooper – Mum
CooperLilian M. Cooper
CooperNeville Cooper – Remembered always
CopeChris Cope
CopeChristine Cope
CopeClaire Cope
CopeRon Cope
CoppageBetty Coppage – Always in our hearts, Nan & Mom X
CoppageTerry Coppage – Love you always
CopsonJohn Copson – Husband, Father, Grandad, Gt Grandad
CorbettBill & Audrey Corbett
CorbettBob & Nellie Corbett
CorbettHilda and George Corbett – Nan and Grandad
CorbettJean Corbett – Aunty
CorbettJohn Corbett – Husband/Dad
CorbettMick Corbett – Dad & Gramps
CorbettRobert William Corbett – Rob
CorbettSamuel Corbett – Sammy
CorbishleyEthel & Philip Corbishley – Nan & Grandad
CorbishleyJane Corbishley – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
CorbishleyReg Corbishley – Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
CorleyJohn Corley
CornesColin Cornes
CorrallDennis Corrall
CoscoAngelo Cosco – Father in Law & Grandad
CoscoGino Cosco – Husband & Dad
CoscoJoan Cosco – Mother in Law & Nan
CottamLil Cottam – Miss you mate
CottamLily Cottam – Sister & Auntie
CottleReg & Muriel Cottle
CottonAlbert & Ethel Cotton
CottonEthel & Albert Cotton
CottonJosie Cotton
CoulbeckKen Coulbeck – Remembered with love
CowensFamily Cowens
CowlingFlorence Cowling
CowlingHarry Cowling – Mick
CoxBill & Marj Cox – Dad & Mum
CoxDave Cox
CoxMichael Cox – Mike
CoxWilliam Cox – Bill, Dad, Gramps, Gt Grandad
CoxWinifred Cox – Winn, Mum, Nan, Gt Grandmother
CraigJim & Vera Craig – Wonderful Parents & Grandparents
CraigPeter Craig – Much loved Dad
CraigScott Craig – Son
CramptonAlbert Crampton – Jim
CraneCyril & Joyce Crane
CravenRita Craven – God bless
CrawleyKenneth Percy Crawley
CreswellTerence Creswell – Terry, from Millie, Jean, Val, Janette
CroftGloria Croft – Sister
CromieDamian Cromie – Grandson
CroninAngela Cronin
CrookesJean Crookes
CrossMay & Harry Cross – Mum & Dad
CrosslandColin Crossland
CroudaceJohn Croudace – Dear dad who’s loved and missed so much
CroudaceMargaret Croudace – Dear mom who’s loved and missed so much
CruiseDaisy Emma Cruise – Always missed
CruiseEileen Cruise
CruiseEmily & John(Jack) Cruise – Dear Parents & Grandparents
CrutchleyWilliam Crutchley – Bill
CsernikovicsClaudio Csernikovics
CsernikovicsIstvan Csernikovics – Steve
CullingAnnie-Emma Culling
CullyMary Cully
CummingsWilliam Ernest Cummings – Ernie
Cunningham SalmonMargery Cunningham Salmon
CuretonAlfie Cureton
CurleJoan Curle – Digger
CurryEileen Curry – Sr. Mary Carmelita (aunt)
CurryMartin Curry, Much missed Dad, Granddad & Gt-Grandad
CurtisCharles & Annie Curtis – Mom & Dad
CurtisConnie Curtis – Auntie
CurtisDoreen Curtis – Dear Sister in Law
CuttingLes & Marjorie Cutting
DakerHarry Daker – Dad
DakerPhyllis Daker – Mom
DakerRobert Daker
DaleJeff Dale – Loved & missed so much
DaleyOwen Daley – We Are One
DaltonHorace (H) Dalton – You will be always be in our hearts XX
DanielGraham Daniel – Danny, Husband, Dad,Grandad
DanielNorah Daniel
DarlingtonMaurice Darlington
DarrallAnne Darrall – Matron
DarrallDicky Darrall – Rick
DarrallGertie Darrall
DarrallJoseph & Mary Darrall
DarrallLesley Darrall – Daughter, Mum, Sister
DarrallPat Darrall – Daphne
DarricottFred Darricott – Darry
DarricottLeslie Darricott
DarricottQueenie Darricott
DarvilleMolly Darville – Mum
DarvilleTwo J’s Darville
DavenportAnita Davenport
DavenportBryan Davenport
DavenportMichael Davenport – Uncle Mickey
DaveyMajor Robert Davey – Much Loved Husband, Dad & Grandad
DaveyPaul William Davey – Always Remembered Son & Brother
DaviesAlan-Derry Davies – Derry, Dad Husband & Grandad
DaviesAlice Davies
DaviesAlice & Bill Davies
DaviesAndrew Davies – Miss you always
DaviesAnn Davies
DaviesAnt Davies – Son
DaviesBeryl,Les, Gerald, Stuart Davies
DaviesClaudia Davies
DaviesDaniel Davies – Dan Danny
DaviesDianne Davies – Mum & Nan
DaviesDoreen-Margaret Davies – Mom & Nan
DaviesDoris Davies – Mary
DaviesDougie Davies
DaviesEna Davies
DaviesFanny & Ernest Davies – Mom & Dad
DaviesFrank & Florence Davies – Dad & Grandad Mum & Nana
DaviesFrank James Davies – Love Jackie & Lee xx
DaviesGeoffrey Allan Davies – Gone but not forgotten
DaviesGill Davies – Mom – Love from Alison
DaviesGill Davies
DaviesGillian Davies – Much loved Sister and Auntie
DaviesGlyn Davies
DaviesGwen & Ray Davies – Mum & Dad
DaviesGwendolen Davies – Mom
DaviesHelen Davies – Nanna, much loved & missed
DaviesIvor & Kay Davies
DaviesJack Davies
DaviesJack Davies
DaviesJanet & Norman Davies
DaviesJessamine and Alfred Davies – Jess and Alf
DaviesJim & Mabel also Son James Davies
DaviesJoan Davies – Sister
DaviesJohn Davies
DaviesJulie Davies
DaviesKen Davies
DaviesLeonard Davies – Len – Dad
DaviesLeonard Davies – Len
DaviesLeslie & Myra Davies – Taid & Nain
DaviesMarion Davies
DaviesMary & Fred Davies – Dearest Mom & Dad xx
DaviesMaurice Davies
DaviesMichael Davies – Mick
DaviesNaomi Davies
DaviesNoel & Lillie Davies – Dad & Mum
DaviesPatricia Davies – “Pat”
DaviesPeter Davies
DaviesPriscilla Davies – Pat
DaviesRhys John Davies – Our Precious Son
DaviesRobert Davies – Bob
DaviesSeymour Gwyn Davies – Brother
DaviesTerry Davies
DaviesThomas Davies – Tom
DaviesTony Davies – Husband,Dad, Grandad
DaviesWilliam Davies – Bill
DaviesWinifred Davies
DaviesWinnifred Davies
DaviesWinston Davies – Roy
DaviesYvonne & Emma Davies – Daughter, Granddaughter & Cousins
DaviesPatrick Davies
Davies-McLeanCara Davies-McLean – Sleep tight our beautiful angel
DavisAlan Davis
DavisJoan Davis – Mompie
DavisJohn Davis – Always in our thoughts
DavisLenard Davis – Always in our thoughts
DavisLeslie Davis – Pompie
DavisMarcella Davis
DavisWalter John Davis – Jack
Davis (nee Lazic)Ivanka Davis (nee Lazic) – Dearly loved and sadly missed
DavisonWilliam Davison – Billy
DawesBrian Dawes – Sadly missed every day
DawesCliff Dawes – Loved & remembered always
DawsErnest Daws
DawsonBeattie & Albert Dawson – Aunt & Uncle
DawsonDaphne Dawson – Fond & happy memories, loved always
DawsonDawn Dawson
DawsonIrene & Eric Dawson – Mum & Dad
DawsonJack Dawson – We Love You Dad xxx
DawsonJack Dawson – Grandpop We Love You xxx
DawsonJoan Dawson – We Love You Mom xxx
DawsonJoan Dawson – Nan We Love You xxx
DawsonRalph Trevor Dawson – Always in our thoughts
DawsonRichard Dawson – Never forgotten, Dad
DayMuriel Day – Friend
DaySamuel Day – Until we meet again xxx
DayusAlice Dayus – Mom & Nan
DayusBill Dayus – Dad, Grandad
de FreitasJoseph de Freitas – Joe
de MendoncaEdna de Mendonca
de MendoncaFrancisco de Mendonca – Frankie
De VilleSylvia De Ville
DeakinArchie Robert Deakin
DeakinCarolyn Deakin
DeakinCharlie Deakin – My lovely Father-in-law. God bless xxx
DeakinDiane Deakin – Missed so much
DeakinEdwin Deakin – Ed. I love & miss you so much. God Bless xxx
DeakinEileen Deakin – My lovely Mother-in-law. God bless xxx
DeakinGordon Deakin
DeakinHenry Deakin
DeakinNora and Stan L. Deakin – Nan and Grandad
DeakinNorman Robert Deakin
DeakinStuart Deakin – Dad
DeamWillow Rose Deam – Beloved Daughter xx
DeanElla Dean – Daughter
DeanLen Dean – Thank you
DeanRonald Dean – Ron
DelanyElsie Delany – Merry Christmas
DempseyMartin Dempsey
DentonCoulson & Jean Denton
DerricottJeff Derricott – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
DerryJohn Derry
DesollaPatrica Desolla – Lots of Love, miss you Dave
DevineJim Devine – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
DevineSue Devine – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
DewhurstMichael Eric Dewhurst
DhanoaAmerjit Singh Dhanoa
DhanoaChanan Singh Dhanoa
DhanoaTarsem Singh Dhanoa
DickenBasil & Frances Dicken – Dad & Mom
DickieDave Dickie – Grandad Dave
DickieLily Dickie – Mom & Nanny
DifferHarriet Differ – Mother, Nan & Gt Nan
DifferPeter Differ – Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
DinsdaleJean Dinsdale – Mum & Nan
DixeyKevin Dixey – Loving Son, Brother & Dad
DixonCaleb & Carter Dixon
DixonEthel Dixon
DixonJohn Dixon – Jack
DixonJulia Dixon
DixonMary Dixon – Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Always in our thoughts
DjukaPicken Djuka – Dear Friend
DobsonMaureen Dobson – Love and Miss You
DochertySam Docherty
DoddBrian Dodd – Dad & Grandad
DoddChristopher Robert Dodd – Kicker
DoddEileen Dodd
DoddGordon Dodd
DoddHazel Dodd
DoddLee Dodd – As Always
DoddMary Dodd – Miss you always x
DoddRoger Dodd – Doddy
DoddRuth Dodd – Rupert
DoleyIrene Doley – Much loved and missed Mum
DoleyIrene Doley – Much loved and missed Nan
DolphinLily & Bill Dolphin – Always remembered
DonaldsonKathleen Donaldson – Kathy
Donaldson-WoodJenett Donaldson-Wood
DoodyAudrey Amy Doody
DoodyGilbert Doody – Gilly
DoodyLucy Margaret Doody – “Madge” Mum & Grandmother
DorricottAlbert Dorricott
DorricottGeorge Dorricott – Cousin
DorricottMary Dorricott
DouglasAlbert & Dorothy Douglas
DovestonBrian Doveston – Brother
DovestonMary & Ern Doveston – Mom & Dad
DowellMichael Dowell – Mick
DownesBarry Downes
DownesChris Downes
DowningAnnie & Ted Downing – Dear Mum & Dad
DowningRaymond & Marion Downing – Grandad & Nan
DowntonJohn David Downton
DowntonSean Peter Downton
DownwardNorman Downward – Nobby
DrakeSir Francis Drake
DrewBrenda Drew – Mom
DrewBrenda Drew – Nan
DrownBilly Drown
DrownJoyce Drown
DrownMary Drown
DuceFrank Duce
DuckettDaphne Duckett
DuckettEthel Duckett
DuckworthEric Duckworth – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
DuckworthJoyce Duckworth – Mum, Grandma & Great Grandma
DuddellEvelyn & Howard Duddell – Mum & Dad
DuddellJessie & Cis Duddell – Dear Mom & Dad
DuddellJohn Duddell – Brother
DuddellMuriel Duddell
DudleyBen & Mary Dudley
DudleyElsie Dudley – Maud
DudleyHarold & Bertha Dudley
DudleyVal & Graham Dudley, Much missed love John, Chris, Simon, Mandi & the boys
DuffinIrvine (Bob) Duffin – Fantastic Dad
DummettJack Dummett
DummettJoan Dummett
DuncanGail Duncan
DuncanKathleen Duncan – Kay
DuncanMargaret Duncan
DunhamP Dunham – “Peggy”
DunnBarbara Dunn – First Christmas without you, missed always
DunnHilda Dunn – Joyce
DunnMichael Dunn
DunnMike Dunn
DunnRonald & Lilian Dunn
DunnThomas Dunn
DunnWilliam Dunn – Bill
DunwellHeather Dunwell – Dear Cousin
DuryKeith Dury – “Fish” Always in our thoughts
DuthieJohn Duthie – J.D.
DyerRuth Dyer
DykeArthur & Mary Dyke
EagletonRosie May Eagleton
EakinFrederick Eakin – Freddie
EalesMavis Eales
EarpAlan Earp – Grandad
EarpFreda Earp – Nan
EasterDennis Easter – Den
EasthopeLes & Doreen Easthope – Dad & Mum
EastonMargaret Easton
EatonElizabeth Eaton – Liz
EatonReg Eaton
EatoughGeoff Eatough
EcclestonDavid James Eccleston – A Dear Husband & Dad
EcclestonEdward Eccleston – Eddy
EcclestonEdward Eccleston – Dad & Grandad
EddenGeorge Edden – Dad & Grandad
EddenJean Edden – Mum & Gran
EdgarDonald Ade Edgar – Bill
EdgeMalcolm Edge – Husband, Dad
EdgeMary & John Edge – Dear Mum & Dad Remembered With Love
EdgellMike Edgell
EdgertonAlice Edgerton – Miss You
EdgertonBarbara Edgerton
EdgertonGordon Edgerton – Loving Husband, Dad,Grandad
EdgertonMary & Jack Edgerton – RSM WW1
Edgerton (M.M.)Frank Edgerton (M.M.) Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad XX
EdgintonPete Edginton
EdmondsLee Anthony Edmonds – Always in our hearts
EdmundsGethin Edmunds – Beloved Son xx
EdmundsSharon Edmunds – 1st heavenly Christmas, dearly missed.
EdmundsWilliam & Elsie Edmunds – Bill & Elsie (Lily)
EdwardCarol Ann Edward – Dodd
EdwardsAlan Edwards – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
EdwardsAlbert Edwards
EdwardsAllan Edwards – Beloved Husband
EdwardsAndrew Edwards – Andy- Dearly Missed
EdwardsAnn Edwards – Missed so much
EdwardsAnn & Tom Edwards – Mom & Dad
EdwardsAnne Edwards – Always in our thoughts
EdwardsBarbara Edwards – Babs always in our hearts
EdwardsBob & Sybil Edwards – Missed so much
EdwardsCatherine Edwards – Cathy
EdwardsChris Edwards – Best ever Husband, Father & Special Grandad
EdwardsClifford Edwards
EdwardsDouglas & Susan Edwards – Doug & Sue
EdwardsFrank & Marie Edwards – Always missed by their family
EdwardsGertie Edwards
EdwardsGrace & Joe Edwards
EdwardsGraham Edwards – Allen
EdwardsGwen Edwards – Much loved & missed Nan
EdwardsHarry Edwards
EdwardsHarry & Phyllis Edwards
EdwardsHorace Edwards – H, Beloved Grandad & Great Grandad
EdwardsJean Edwards
EdwardsJoan Edwards – Aunt
EdwardsKathleen Edwards
EdwardsLola Edwards – Sister & Aunty
EdwardsLola Edwards – Wife
EdwardsLola Edwards – Mom
EdwardsLola Edwards – Nan
EdwardsLola Edwards – Great Nan
EdwardsLola Edwards – Auntie I will always love you, love Carolanne XXX
EdwardsLouisa Edwards – Mom,Nan,Great Nan
EdwardsMargaret Edwards – Mi
EdwardsMarjorie Edwards
EdwardsMay Edwards – Mom – Loved always
EdwardsMay Edwards – Nan forever missed xxx
EdwardsMay Edwards – Mom Loved and missed
EdwardsMichael Edwards – Ginge
EdwardsMuriel & Bill Edwards – Mom & Dad Forever Loved & Missed
EdwardsPamela Edwards – Pam – Dearly Missed
EdwardsRichard Edwards
EdwardsRobert Edwards – Bob – Dearly Missed
EdwardsThomas Edwards – Tom
EdwardsTom Edwards – Dad,Grandad,GreatGrandad
EdwardsTom Edwards – Still missed
EdwardsViolet Edwards – Vi
EdwardsWilliam Edwards – Bill
EggertonMarjorie Eggerton – Mother
ElcockAudrey Elcock – Never forgotten
ElcockBill & Winnie Elcock
ElcockJohn Lawson Elcock – “Gone Fishing”
ElcocksAlan Elcocks – Husband (Elky)
ElcocksAlan Elcocks – Dad (Elk)
ElcocksAlan Elcocks – Al
ElcocksDebbie Elcocks – Still Missed
ElkesJack Elkes
ElksTony Elks – Cockney
EllamsDoris & Keith Ellams – Mother & Father
EllamsEthel Ellams
EllamsMarie Ellams
EllamsReg Ellams
ElliotAndrew Elliot – Andy
ElliottJohn Ralph Elliott – Much loved and missed
ElliottJoseph Elliott – Joe
EllisGerald Ellis
EllisMarie Ellis – Dear Aunt
EllisOlive Ellis
EllisonElaine Ellison
EllisonElaine Ellison – Mum
EllisonIan Ellison – Wacko
EllisonRoy Ellison – Husband, Dad & Grandpa
EmeryHilda Emery – Dear Mum & Nan
EmonsonJames David Emonson
EmonsonJohn Emonson
ErskineValerie Erskine – Val
EvansAgnes V Evans – With love
EvansAlbert & Marjorie Evans
EvansAndrew Evans
EvansAnthony Trevor Evans – Trevor
EvansArthur Evans
EvansClive Evans
EvansDoreen Evans – Mother
EvansDoris & Arthur Evans – Mom & Dad Love from All the family
EvansEdna Evans – Special Auntie
EvansEdna Evans – Sister
EvansEleanor Evans – Grandma
EvansFred C.V.F Evans – Dearly Loved and Greatly missed
EvansGeorge & Marian Evans
EvansGraham Evans
EvansGraham Evans – The Little Butcher
EvansJamie William Evans
EvansJohn Robert Evans – Jack
EvansJoshua Evans
EvansJulie Evans – Missing you always.
EvansKathleen M R Evans – Kath
EvansKeith Evans – Husband & Father
EvansLeonard M Evans – With love
EvansLill & Bill Evans – Mom & Dad
EvansLol Evans – Love you always, loving wife Joan
EvansLouie Evans – Mom
EvansNancy & Vernon Evans – Madeley
EvansNell Evans – Mam
EvansNellie Evans – Mam
EvansNigel Evans – Nige
EvansNora M Evans – Dearly Loved and Greatly missed
EvansPatricia Joan Evans – Joan
EvansPaul Evans
EvansPhilip Evans – Son & Brother
EvansPhilip James Evans – Son, Brother
EvansRalph Evans – Loving father, grandad & husband
EvansRalph Evans
EvansRoy Evans
EvansToby Evans
EvansTom Evans – Dad
EvansWilliam J & Florence Lilian Evans – Bill & Lily
EverittAbbie Everitt
EvertonRobert Everton – Rob
EvesonDoris Eveson
EvesonJames Eveson
EwingsRobert Ewings – Bob – Dad
FalconerJennifer Falconer
FalconerJohn Falconer
FalshawAudrey & Victor Falshaw – Vic
FalshawBetty & Peter Falshaw
FarmerBarry Farmer – Son, Still loved & missed
FarmerJennifer Farmer – Jen, Miss you
FarmerKieran Farmer – Son in Law
FarmerKieran Farmer – Dad
FarmerKieran Farmer – Husband
FarmerKieran Farmer – Son
FarmerKieran Farmer – Brother, Uncle
FarmerMay Farmer – Mother in law
FarmerMay Farmer – Wife
FarmerMay Farmer – Mum, Grannie, Great Grannie
FarmerTom Farmer
FarrellDaphne Farrell
FarrellKenneth Farrell – Ken
FarrellyPeter Farrelly – Fond & happy memories, loved always
FarrellyPhyllis Farrelly – Fond & happy memories, loved always
FaulknerAndrew Neil Faulkner
FaulknerCharles F Faulkner – Wag
FaulknerEdna A Faulkner – Aggie
FaulknerRichard Neil Faulkner
FaulknerWilliam Faulkner – Bill
FearEdward (Ted) Fear – Love always Joan
FearTed Fear – Dad, Miss you xx
FearsHolly Fears
FellowsRobert Fellows – Bob, Love You
FellowsWayne Fellows – Love You Lots
FelsteadConstance Felstead – Connie
FeltonEdna & Norman Felton – Mum & Dad
FeltonSusan Linda Felton – Merry Christmas Darling
FeltonViolet Felton
FennLeslie Fenn – Les
FernleyGeorge Fernley
FerridayBrenda Ferriday
FerridayDerek Ferriday – Dad
FerridayDerek Ferriday – Husband
FerridayDerek. W. Ferriday – Dad
FerridayEdgar & Margo Ferriday
FerridayErn Ferriday
FerridayHarold & Dorothy Ferriday
FerridayMary Ferriday
FerridayTom & Nancy Ferriday
FerryMay Ferry – Granny
FidlerJack Fidler – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Pops
FieldFrank Field
FieldGanor Field – Will always remember you, Heather
FieldMary & Victor Field – Mom & Dad
FieldPeter Field – Brother
FiltnessViolet Filtness
FinchDerek Finch
FinchGraham Finch – Beloved Husband & Father
FindlayPat Findlay – Mom
FindonStanley Findon – Stan
FinnEnid Brenda Finn
FinneyRaymond Finney – Ray
FinniganJames Finnigan – Jim
FinniganJoseph Finnigan – Joe
FirmstoneChristine Firmstone
FisherAlan Fisher – Much loved by Kathy
FisherAlan Fisher – Special Dad to Helen Vicky & Liz
FisherAlan Fisher – Miss you Poppa
FisherFrank Fisher
FisherGladys Fisher
FisherHilda Fisher
FisherLeonard Fisher
FishwickLyndon Fishwick – Special Son & Brother
FitzsimmonsEd and Betty Fitzsimmons
FlackDarren M. Flack – My friend
FletcherDarran Fletcher – Love you so much
FletcherGeorge Fletcher – Ex T.D.C.
FletcherGloria Fletcher – Much loved and missed Sister and Auntie
FletcherJosie & Bill Fletcher – Mum & Dad, loved & missed always
FletcherMark Fletcher – Markio
FletcherMary & Stanley (Ted) Fletcher
FletcherOlive Fletcher – Nanny Cookie – Always in our thoughts xxx
FletcherPaul Fletcher
FletcherRaymond Fletcher – Grandad Cookie, always in our thoughts
FlowersSarah Flowers – Loved & missed
FloydCatherine Floyd
FlynnMichael Flynn – Mike
FollowsMargaret Follows – Mum & Nan
FollowsRoy Follows – Beany, Dad & Grandad
FordBernard James Ford – Jim
FordDorothy Ford – Dot
FordDorothy Ford – Much loved Mum,Nan,Great Nan
FordJack & Mabel Ford – Dad & Mom XX
FordJillian Ford – Sister
FordJohn Ford – Loved Husband, Dad & Grandad
FordSteven Ford – Tebe, missing you all the more, love you always Vee
ForemanClaire Foreman – Forever in our hearts
ForgacsAnn Forgacs
ForgacsIstvan Forgacs – Steve
ForrestVic Forrest – Brother in Law
ForresterBill Forrester – Dearly beloved husband of Joy
ForsythDave Forsyth
FoskettGillian Foskett – Gill Edwards
FosterJohn Foster – Best Dad in the World
FosterJohn Foster – Loving Husband & Dad
FosterKath Foster
FosterKen Foster
FoulkesAndrew Foulkes
FoulkesDouglas Roy Foulkes – Roy
FoulkesEdward Charles Foulkes – Ted
FoulkesEthel May Foulkes
FoulkesMarjorie Foulkes
FowlerPauline Fowler – Mum – forever loved
FoxBarbara Fox
FoxEdwin Geoffrey Fox – Geoff
FoxGraham Fox – Foxy
FoxMabel Fox – Our Mom
FoxMargaret Fox
FoxPatricia Fox – Forever in our hearts
FoxRoy Fox – Forever in our hearts
FoxRoy & Patricia(Pat) Fox – Always our Sister Always in our Hearts
FoxSylvia Fox – Mom Nan Silv
FoxcroftRichard Foxcroft – Friend
FoyleDerek Foyle
FrancisAbby Francis – Beautiful Cousin
FrancisJune & Bill Francis – Mom & Dad
FrancisOswald Francis – Ossy
FrancisSarah Francis
FrancisWilliam Francis – Billy
FranksJean & Norman Franks
FreeRichard Free – Robert
FreemanHazel Freeman
FreemanJohn Freeman – Jack
FreemanMargaret & William Freeman – Marg & Bill
FrenchAlan French
FrenchAlbert French – Bert
FrenchEthel & George French
FrenchMegan French – Meg
FrostGeoffrey Frost – Geoff, Love Always
FrostLeslie Frost – Les
FrostMary Frost
FryRaymond James Fry – Ray
FurberRon Furber – With Love
FurberSybil Furber – With Love
FurnessPhil Furness
FurnessPhilip Furness
FurnessThel Furness
FurnivalAlan Furnival – My precious Husband
FurseyMary Fursey
FylanViolet Fylan – Vi – Wife &Sister
GallierDavid Gallier – Dave
GallierJayne Gallier
GallowayJim Galloway – We still miss you every day
GampfJulian Gampf
GandonHarry Gandon – Dad
GandonPatricia (Pat) Gandon – Mum
GarbettEdward Garbett – Ted
GarbettMichael Garbett – Mike
GardnerEvelyn Gardner
GardnerHilda Gardner
GardnerJillian Gardner – Dee
GardnerJohn Gardner
GardnerRobert Gardner – Bob
GarmsonMavis & Jack Garmson
GarsideOliver Garside
GastonChristopher Gaston – Chris
GaterAlison Gater
GaterAnn Gater
GaughanMartin & Margaret Gaughan
GauntlettEmma L Gauntlett – Emma G
GautDoris & James (Jim) Gaut
GautJan Gaut
GautNev Gaut – Beloved Dad
GaymerDavid Gaymer
GearsIan Gears
GellatlyBrenda Gellatly
GeorgeJean George
GernonAnthony Gernon – Tony
GethinEde Gethin
GetkahnErwin Getkahn
GetkahnMargaret Getkahn
GetkahnRichard Getkahn
GibbonsAlbert Gibbons
GibbonsSharon Gibbons – Shaz, we think of you every day. Love Sal & Paul
GibbonsSharon Gibbons – With love, Mum & Dad
GiblinMargaret Giblin – Mom
GiblinThomas Giblin – Dad
GibsonAnne Gibson
GibsonClaire Gibson – Beautiful Daughter & Mum
GibsonJo Gibson – Beloved Mum, Granny & Great-Granny
GibsonKen Gibson – Beloved Dad, Grandad & Gt-Grandad
GilesDoris Giles – Mom
GilesEddie Giles – Missing you so much, always in my heart forever
GilesGraham & Cynthia Giles – Loving Dad, Mom, G’ndad & Nan Always in our hearts
GilesLaurie Giles – Sadly Missed
GillLisa Gill – Our Love Always JJR
GillSandra Gill
GillespieMarjorie Gillespie
GilsonDennis Gilson
GilsonEdie Gilson
GittensOlive & Geoffrey Gittens
GittinsCath Gittins – Much loved Auntie, Sadly missed
GittinsImelda Gittins – Miss you always Mum
GlazeSteven Glaze
GlazeSteven & Ronald Glaze
GleaveOlive & Noel Gleave – Mum & Dad
GleesonThomas & Kathleen Gleeson
GodbertAlbert Edward Godbert – Dad
GodbertWinifred Margaret Godbert – Mum
GoddingMaggie Godding
GodmanSusan Godman
GoffTerry Goff
GoffinJohn Goffin – We miss you and will never forget you xx
GolderLeslie Golder – Husband & Dad
GoldringJeanette Goldring – Wife, Mum, Nanny & Great Nanny
GollingPat Golling
GollingRob Golling
GollingsRuby Sophia Gollings
GoochEdie Gooch – Mum
GoochErnie Gooch – Dad
GoodallJohn & Lil Goodall – Grandparents
GoodallRaymond Goodall – Uncle
GoodeChris Goode – A greatly missed Dad & Grandad
GoodeChristopher Goode – Loved & remembered always, all my love. Barbara
GoodeGladys & Stan Goode – Mom & Dad
GoodeJohn Richard Goode – Jack
GoodeViolet Elizabeth Goode
GoodwinAllan Goodwin – Best of Dads
GoodwinJohn Goodwin – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad. Sadly missed
GoodwinNorma Goodwin
GorkaGwen & Gary Gorka
GormanBeryl Gorman – Miss you
GosnellJean & Patrick Gosnell – Mum & Dad
GosneyRoy Gosney – Grandad/Great Grandad
GoughBernice Gough
GoughCherry Gough – Dear sister
GoughGeorge Gough – Loving Dad & Grandad
GoughGraham Gough – A Dearly loved husband and dad
GoughJeanette Gough
GoughJoan Gough – “PJG”
GoughJoe Gough
GoughJohn Clifford Gough – Cliff
GoughMorris Gough – A much loved Husband
GoughPeter Gough – Pete
GoughRobert Gough
GoughTheresa Gough – Loving Mom, Nan & Nanny
GouldAnn Gould – Much love Mom, Nan and Great Nan x
GouldDavid Mark Gould
GouldGeoffrey Gould
GouldHarry Gould
GouldJim Gould – Much loved Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad x
GouldMarjorie Gould
GouldingJane Goulding – Jennie
GoultyJohn Victor Goulty – Brother
GoultyOlive Agnes Goulty – Mum
GoultyVictor Thomas Goulty – Dad
GrahamAlexander Graham – Jock
GrahamAnita Graham – Loving Mom
GrahamJack and Doreen Graham – Much loved Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandad
GrahamJames Graham – Loving Dad
GrahamOlive Graham
GrahamStuart Graham – Loving Son
GraingerColin Grainger – Dad
GrantAnn Grant – Mum
GrantStuart Grant – Dad
GranthamGeorge Grantham – Husand, Dad, Grandad
GrassDot Grass – Beloved by family
GrassJohn Grass – Beloved by family
GrayPeter Gray – Dad, Husband
GreatbatchGraham Greatbatch – Brother, Love Margaret X
GreatbatchGraham Greatbatch – Son, Love Mum XX
GreatbatchGraham Greatbatch – Son, Love Mom
GreatbatchThomas George – Dad, Tom Greatbatch – Love always, Margaret X
GreenBob Green – Special Bro-in-Law
GreenDouglas Green – Dad and grandad
GreenElsie Green
GreenEva Green
GreenFrederick Green – Allen
GreenHerbert Green
GreenHorace Green
GreenJack Green
GreenLeonard Green – Len
GreenMalcolm Green
GreenMichael Green – Dad
GreenMonique Green – Always in our Hearts you’ll stay
GreenPam Green
GreenRose & John Green – Forever in our hearts xxx
GreenSheilah Green
GreenStan & Joan Green – Grandpa & Nanan
GreenTimothy Green – Tim
GreenWalter & Lilly Green
GreenWilliam & Frances Green – Loved & missed Parents and Grandparents
GreenbrookRalph Greenbrook
GreenfieldIsabel Nancy Greenfield
GreensillJohn Greensill – Yogi
GreensillMargaret Greensill
GreenwoodFlorence Greenwood – Floss
GreenwoodGeorge Greenwood
GreenwoodKath Greenwood – Beloved Wife
GreerEileen Greer
GreerTyler Greer – My wee Tyler
GregoryDavid Gregory – Miss You
GregoryViolet & George Gregory – Mum & Dad
GregoryWilliam & Doris Gregory – Bill & Dolly
GregsonEva-Maria Lilli & Bert Gregson
GriceBrian Grice
GriceJames Grice – Jim
GriceMargaret Grice
GriceMichelle Grice – Shell
GriceTracy Grice
GriffinRoy Griffin
GriffithsFred & Hilda Griffiths – Love you Mum & Dad
GriffithsGill Griffiths – Beloved Mom/Nan
GriffithsGwladys Griffiths
GriffithsHarry Griffiths – Husband
GriffithsJames Griffiths – Jim
GriffithsJohn Griffiths – Love & miss you xx
GriffithsJohn Griffiths – Missed & Loved by us all
GriffithsJohn Griffiths – Dad Love & Miss You Always
GriffithsJohn & David Griffiths – Brothers
GriffithsMichael John Griffiths – Much loved Husband and Dad
GriffithsTed & Mary Griffiths – Dad & Mum
GriffithsThomas Griffiths
GriffithsTim Griffiths – Son
GriffithsWilliam Griffiths
GriffithsWinifred Griffiths
GriffthsDave Griffths – Brother
GrindleyMarion Grindley
GrinterPatrick Grinter – Paddy
GriptonJean Gripton
GroucottJanet Groucott
GroucottJohn F Groucott – Much Loved Husband,Father,Granpa,& Gt Grandpa
GroucottMarion Groucott
GrowcottAndrew Growcott – Andy
GrowcottDoris Edna Growcott – Dolly
GrubertPaul Grubert
GrzywaczJanet Grzywacz – Loyal friend
GuestAlice Guest
GuestGemma Loren Guest – Gem
GuestGrace Guest – Beloved Mum, Nan and Granny
GuestHerbert Guest
GuestJune Guest
GuestKen Guest – Beloved Dad, Grandad and Great-Grandad
GuestLeonard Guest
GulliverJack Gulliver – Sadly Missed
GunbyKathleen Lynn Gunby
GunbyTanya Gunby – Tatjana
GuyAlfred John Guy – Alf
GuyAnn Guy
GuyAnnie & George Guy – Loving Mom & Dad
GuyBen Guy – Loving Uncle
GuyBen Guy
GuyBertha & Cyril Guy – Sister & Brother in Law
GuyFred Guy – Husband & Dad
GuyGladys & Enoch Guy
GuyJohn Guy – Loving Uncle
GuyJohn Guy – Loving Brother
GuyJoseph Cliford Guy – Joe
GuyMuriel Guy
GuyNorman Hubert Guy
GuySamantha Guy – Mom
GuySamantha Guy – Steve’s Partner
GuySammy Guy – Sam
GuyTom Guy – Hank
GwatkinMatthew Gwatkin
GwatkinPatrick Gwatkin – Pat
GwilliamJohn Gwilliam – Loving Husband Dad & Uncle
GwiltRay Gwilt – Darkie-Dad
GwiltThomas Richard Gwilt – Dad xx
GwiltVera Gwilt – Mum
GwytherEthel Gwyther – Fondly remembered
HachWalter & Iris Hach – In our hearts forever
HackAlbert Peter Hack – Pete
HackmanChristopher Hackman – Chris
HackmanMabel Hackman – May
HaddonGeorge Haddon
HadenJune Haden – Wife and Mother
HadfieldAmy & Harold Hadfield – Merry Christmas from the 6 girls
HadfieldMargo Hadfield – Merry Christmas from the 6 girls
HadfieldPaul Hadfield – Merry Christmas from the 6 girls
HadleyDoris Lilian Hadley
Hadley Orpheus Male Voice ChoirHadley Orpheus Male Voice Choir – Remembering Past Choristers
HailAlice Hail
HailCharles Hail
HailCharlie & Alice Hail – Our Devoted Parents
HaileyJayne Hailey – Sadly missed Daughter.
HainesPauline Haines – “P”
HainesPauline Haines
HaleCarolyn Hale – My Angel
HalfordWilf Halford
HallBeryl & Geoffrey Hall
HallCharlie Hall – Father
HallDavid Thomas Hall
HallDerek Hall – Remembered always
HallDoreen Hall – Anya
HallFred Hall – With Love
HallJohn Hall – Husband,Father,Grandad
HallKath Hall – With Love
HallLen Hall – Remembered always
HallLeonard Hall – Sadly missed love Sheena & Martin xx
HallLucy, George & Stuart Hall
HallMargaret Hall
HallMatthew Hall – With Love
HallPeter Hall – Dearest brother in law
HallRuth Hall
HallRuth Hall – Missing you with all our hearts xx
HallWilliam Hall – Bill, Husband
HallWilliam Hall – Loving Grandad
HamerDelha Gillian Hamer – Del
HamerEdith Hamer – Edie
HamerRon Hamer
HamiltonEdna Hamilton – Mum/Nan
HamiltonEdna Hamilton – Mum
HamiltonMelbourne Hamilton – Dad
HammondMaurice Hammond – Husband of Margaret
HammondMaurice Hammond – Father of Steven, Sandra, Shaun
HammondRon Hammond – Dad/Grandad
HamptonDavid Hampton – Grandad
HancoxLynda Hancox
HancoxMike Hancox – Loving Husband, Father & Grandad
HandDavid Hand – Bimbo
HandMaisie Joan Hand – 29 years & we miss you still
HandleyKenneth Handley – Beloved Husband of Bel
HandleyKenneth Handley – Dear Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
HandleySally & Cyril Handley – Never forgotten
Handley (nee Jones)Kelly Handley (nee Jones)
HankinsonBarry Hankinson – Hank
HankinsonDon Hankinson – Uncle (Dusty)
HankinsonJoan Ramona Hankinson
HanleyKaren Hanley – Beloved daughter
HannahBill Hannah – Friend
HanningtonNeville Hannington – Nev
HanscombeDagmar Hanscombe
HanscombeDerek Hanscombe
HanscombeSimon Hanscombe
HansonHarry Hanson – Grandad, Dad
HansonLillian Hanson – Nan, Mom
HarbourJean Harbour
HardemanNigel Hardeman – Nigs
HardemanRaymond Hardeman – Miss you so much
HardingCelia Harding – Mom, Nan, Great Nan
HardingDennis Harding – Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
HardingEric Harding – Always remembered
HardingIrene Harding
HardingNell, Stan & John Harding
HardingPeter Harding
HardingSam & Vera Harding
HardingWilliam Harding – Dad & Grandad
HardmanBarbara Hardman
HardmanDavid Hardman – Always remembered
HardmanJim Hardman
HardmanKeith Hardman
HardmanRay Hardman
HardwickDoris Hardwick
HardwickLuther Hardwick
HardyArthur Hardy
HardyIrene Hardy
HardyWilliamena Hardy – Ena
HargreavesAlan Hargreaves
HarleyWendy & Lisa Harley – Never forgotten
HarmanMargaret Harman
HarperAlfred & Doris Harper – Brother & Sister
HarperBarbara & Chris(Unk) Harper – Missed & Loved Always
HarperCharlie Harper – Friend
HarperEdith & James Harper – Mom & Dad in-Law
HarperElizabeth Harper – Nan – Never Forgotten
HarperElizabeth Harper – Mom – Loved always
HarperElla and Stan Harper
HarperGraham Harper
HarperGraham Harper – Brother – Remembered Always
HarperGraham (Spike) Harper – Always Remembered
HarperJoan Harper – Always in our hearts
HarperMary Harper – Mom always in our hearts x
HarperRebecca Harper – Becky
HarperWallace Harper – Husband
HarperWalter Harper
HarriganAnthony Harrigan – Tona, Always Remembered
HarringtonSandra Harrington – Sister
HarrisClarence Harris – Remembered always x
HarrisDanielle Harris – loved & missed every day. Dad
HarrisDanielle Harris – Always in our hearts
HarrisDerek Harris
HarrisDerek Harris – Brother
HarrisEnid & John Harris – Nan & Grandad
HarrisEnid & John Harris – Mom & Dad
HarrisEva & Jack Harris – Dear Mum & Dad
HarrisFamily of Madeley Harris
HarrisIan Stuart Harris – Darling Son
HarrisJim & Sylvia Harris
HarrisKaren Harris – Our Umpydump
HarrisKathleen Harris – Dear Sister & Aunt
HarrisKathleen & Arthur Harris – Mother & Father
HarrisLes Harris – Much loved & missed Dad & Gramps
HarrisLes Harris – Pops
HarrisLucas Harris
HarrisMalcolm Harris – Pops/Gramps
HarrisMalcolm Harris – Les
HarrisMaureen Harris – Mom
HarrisNorman Harris
HarrisOlive Harris
HarrisRachel Harris – Darling Daughter in law
HarrisRachel & Ian Harris – Sister & Brother in Law
HarrisRoy Harris – Loved & remembered always
HarrisRoy Harris – Dear Brother
HarrisSamuel Harris – Sam
HarrisSidney Harris – Love you always, Ann, Teresa, Phil, Zoe & Karl x
HarrisStanley (Stan) Harris – Wonderful Husband miss you so much
HarrisWilliam & Mary also Son Albert Harris
HarrisonAudrey Harrison – Auntie
HarrisonLindsey Harrison
HarrisonMavis Harrison
HarrisonMuriel Harrison
HarropDerek Harrop – (Dec) Friend xxx
HartJohn Hart
HartPaul Hart – Loved and remembered
HartlandChris Hartland
HartwellRaymond Hartwell – Always in our hearts
HarveyArther Harvey
HarveyCaterine Harvey
HarveyDanielle Harvey
HarwoodKerry Harwood – Always Loved
HaseleyCharles Haseley
HaseleyCharles Haseley – A dearly missed Dad, Granddad and Great Granddad xxx
HaseleyDoug Haseley
HaseleyElfrida Haseley – Joan
HaseleyElfrida (Joan) Haseley – A Dearly missed Mum, Nan and Great Nan xxx
HaseleyFred Haseley – Dad
HaseleyIris Haseley – Mom
HaseleyJoan Haseley
HaseleyPauline Haseley
HaseleyPauline Haseley – A much loved Wife, Mum and Nan xxx
HaseleyPeter Haseley – Brother
HaseleyTom Haseley
HatchBetty & Gerald Hatch – Mom & Dad
HatcherEric Hatcher – Always in our hearts
HatfieldBetty Hatfield – Truly Missed
HattleAngela Hattle – Ange, Miss you
HattleJohn Hattle – Jon, Miss you
HattonBrian Hatton
HattonEdie & Bill Hatton – Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
HattonHazel & Jack Hatton – Nan & Grandad Jack
HattonMichael Hatton – Mick
HattonSheila Hatton
HattonWilliam Hatton – Bill
HaugheyAnnie Haughey
HawkinsDennis & May Hawkins – Father & Mom
HayMalcolm Hay – Malc
HayMary Hay – Mum
HaycockVic & Rene Haycock
HaycoclsTrevor Haycocls – Skippy
HayesEdmund Hayes
HayesMargaret Hayes
HaynesDave Haynes – Dad
HaynesNelson Haynes – Dad & Grandad
HaynesRoma Haynes
HaytreeRobert Haytree
HaywardAnnie Hayward
HaywardDave Hayward
HaywardDave Hayward – Miss you Dad…. x
HaywardDoug & Ann(Lorraine) Hayward
HaywardGeorge Hayward – Missed every day and forever in our hearts
HaywardGeorge & Muriel Hayward – Missed every day and forever in our hearts
HaywardHorace & Gwen Hayward
HaywardJean & Ralph Hayward – Nan & Grandad
HaywardKenneth Hayward – Ken
HaywardMartin Hayward – TOG
HaywardMary Hayward – Miss you mom…. x
HaywardMuriel Hayward – Missed every day and forever in our hearts
HaywardNoah Hayward – Jonesy
HaywardOlive & Norman Hayward
HaywardTed Hayward
HaywoodHarry Haywood
HaywoodPaul Haywood – Daddy
HaywoodSWS Haywood – Nain
HazellCelia Hazell – Nanny Gran
HealeyMargaret Healey – Mom
HearnJohn Hearn – Husband, Dad, Grandad
HearnMo Hearn – Always loved, from Hearns, Hoopers & Taylors
HeathErn Heath – Loved & thinking of you
HeathErn Heath – Dad & Grandad
HeathLucy & Laurie Heath
HeatonDorothy Heaton – Love forever
HeavenDorothy & Christopher Heaven – Dot & Chris
HeavnerKaren Rowena Heavner
HectorJoycelyn Hector – Loved and Remembered Always
HectorSidney Hector – Loved and Remembered Always
HeeleyRene & Harry Heeley – of Lichfield
HeeleyRose Heeley – Mom, Nana Rose, loved and missed always x
HeighwayAlan Heighway – Always Remembered
HeighwayArchibald Heighway – Archie
HeighwayDennis Heighway – Den
HeighwayDennis Heighway, Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
HeighwayDerrick Heighway – Dad – Miss You
HeighwayDerrick Heighway – Husband – Forever Loved
HeighwayDerrick Heighway – Dad – Loved So Much
HeighwayDerrick Heighway – Grandad – Missed Always
HeighwayGraham Heighway – Always Remembered
HeighwayKen Heighway
HeighwayKen Heighway – Special Uncle, & great Uncle
HeighwayMary Heighway
HeighwayPeggy Heighway
HeighwayPeggy Heighway – Wife, Mum, Grandma & Great Grandma
HeighwaySarah Heighway
HelliwellMichael John Helliwell – Beloved Dad
HellowellTina Hellowell
HemmingAlice Hemming – Little Nan
HemsAileen Hems – A much loved Sister
HendyAlbert Hendy – Loved forever
HendyArthur Hendy – Loved & missed always
HennGaynor Henn – Wife, Mom, Nan
HensonRon & Beryl Henson – Dad & Mom always in our hearts
HesbrookJohn Hesbrook
HesbrookMabel Hesbrook
HesbrookWilliam Hesbrook – Bill
HesterJessy Hester – Beloved Husband,Father,Grandfather
HesterNoel Hester – Loving Wife,Mother,Grandmother & Gt. Grandmother
HestonMichael Heston – Husband / Dad
HewittArchie James Hewitt
HewittHelen Hewitt
HewsonPatricia Hewson – Loved Wife, Mom & Nan
HeywoodBernadette P. Heywood – Queen B
HickinAndrew Hickin – Andy
HickmanAnn Hickman – Miss you Sis
HickmanAnn & Mike Hickman
HickmanThomas Hickman – Tom
HicksBen Hicks – Uncle
HicksJim Hicks – Dad/Grandad
HicksRonald Hicks – Ron
HicksYvonne Hicks – Mum/Bobonne
HiddenDerek Hidden – Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
HigginsHarold Higgins – “H” – Husband
HigginsHarold Higgins – Dad & Grandad
HigginsHarold Higgins – Hurricane
HigginsPatrick Higgins – Paddy
HigginsonArthur Higginson
HigginsonGordon Higginson – G.W.
HigginsonJohn Higginson
HigginsonLilian Higginson
HigginsonNellie Higginson – Nan
HiggsDorothy Higgs
HiggsJoseph Higgs – Joe
HiggsMercia Higgs
HigleyGeorge Higley – Husband & Dad
HigleyGeorge Higley – Beloved Dad,Grandad, Great Grandad
HigleyH. Nan Higley – Miss you love you Denise & Marc xx
HigleyR. Grandad Higley – Miss you love you Denise & Marc xx
HigleyRon & Hilda Higley – Always Loved & Missed Diane & Tub xxx
HillArthur Hill – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
HillBarbara Hill – Mother Grandmother Gt Grandmother
HillBarbara Hill
HillCharles Hill – Dad Grandad Gt Grandad
HillCharles Hill
HillEmily Hill – Mum, Nan & Great Nan
HillLily Hill – Mum & Grandma We miss you so much
HillPeggy & Charlie Hill
HillPeter Hill
Hill DoddMaddie-Rose Hill Dodd – Shine Bright!
HillsleyBrenda Hillsley
HillsleyThomas Hillsley – Tom
HiltonAnna Hilton – Loved and remembered every day
HiltonKatie Hilton – Our Granddaughter aged 24 passed away 4/3/2019
HindPeter Hind
HindleyAlf Hindley
HindleyMary Hindley
HindleyRaymond Hindley – Beloved Friend
HintonEileen Hinton
HintonRichard Neil Hinton
HinwoodHelen Hinwood
HipkissBenjamin Hipkiss
HipkissElsie Hipkiss
HitchenBill Hitchen – Founder of Telford Tree of Light
HitchinJean Hitchin – Love Muriel Joyce Ann
HitchinSybil Hitchin
HobbsJohn Hobbs – Grandad
HockenhullRupert & Ivy Hockenhull – Mum & Dad
HockingAlfred & Lilian Hocking – Alf & Lily
HodgesJane Hodges – Love from Katie and the rest of the Family
HodgesJayne Hodges – Much Loved Sister
HodgettsFred & Brenda Hodgetts – Always In Our Hearts
HodgettsValerie Hodgetts
HodgkinsonDawn Hodgkinson
HodgkinsonWilliam Hodgkinson – Bill
HodgsonEileen Hodgson – Miss and love you lots Mom
HodgsonJack Hodgson – Miss and love you lots Dad
HodsonBetty & Bob Hodson
HogginsCarol Hoggins – Dear Sister
HogginsDoreen Hoggins
HogginsRobert Hoggins – Gaffer
HolbrookBreda Holbrook – Mum
HolbrookBreda Holbrook – Nan
HolcroftFrank Holcroft
HolcroftNeil Holcroft
HolcroftNellie Holcroft
HoldenDonald Holden – Don, with love
HoldingKath Holding – Forever in our thoughts & hearts
HoldingLeslie Holding – Sam
HoldingLeslie Holding
HoldingRoy Holding – Always in My Heart
HoldingThomas Holding – Tom
HoldingWinifred Mary Holding – Molly
HolfordAustin Holford – Aust
HolfordCharlie Holford – Husband Dad & Grandad
HolfordJoan Holford
HollJoan Holl
HollMaureen Holl
HollRichard Holl – Dick
HollandDenis Holland – We will never cease to love you
HollandRaymond Holland – Ray
HollandSheila Holland – Forever in our hearts
HollinsMonique Hollins – Mags
HollisAlice & Don Hollis – Always missed, never forgotten. Love Mandi, Joel & Drew
HollisAlice & Don Hollis – Mom & dad
HollisAlice & Don Hollis – Mom & Dad loved and missed always
HollisJane Hollis – Very dear friend
HollisJane Hollis – I miss you Mom more today than ever. Mandi, Simon, Joel & Drew
HollisJane Hollis – My darling wife
HollisJane Hollis – Sister-in-law always missed
HollisStanley Hollis – Stan
HollowayCaitlyn Holloway
HollowayEdgar Holloway
HollowayFrank Holloway
HollowayHeather Holloway – BAB
HollowayHeather Holloway
HollowayJohn Holloway
HollowayMarjorie Holloway
HollowaySophie Holloway
HollyheadDavid Hollyhead – Ollie
HollyheadDavid Hollyhead – Olly
HollyheadGlen Hollyhead – Husband
HolmesBett & Derrick Holmes – Mom & Dad
HolmesEdmund & Evelyn Holmes
HolmesJanet Holmes – Jan
HolmesMary Holmes
HolmesPeter Holmes
HolmesVic & Hazel Holmes
HoltGrace & John Holt – Missing you both
HoltGrace & John Holt – Wonderful Parents & Grandparents
HoltGrace and John Holt – Mum and Dad
HoltRod Holt – Rodders
HolyheadBob Holyhead
HolyheadHarry & Marjorie Holyhead
HolyoakeFrank & Ruth Holyoake – Always remembered
HoofBetty Doreen Hoof – Mum and Nan xx
HoofBetty Doreen Hoof – Mom and Nan XX
HoofEllen & Elijah Hoof
HoofGraham Hoof – Cousin
HoofThomas Cyril Hoof – Dad and Grandad xx
HoofWilliam Hoof – Husband
HoofWilliam Hoof – Dad
HoofWilliam Hoof – Grandad
HoofeHarold Hoofe
HoofeMargaret Hoofe – Little Marg
HopeDiane Hope – Forever missing you
HopeMay Hope – Loved Gran (My Idol)
HopeRonald Hope – Ron
HopeSam & Nancy Hope
HopkinsJudith Ann Hopkins – Judy
HopkinsMavis Hopkins – Mav
HopkinsThomas Maldwyn Hopkins – Tommy
HopkinsonJack Hopkinson
HopkinsonKathleen Hopkinson – Hath
HopkinsonPhilip Hopkinson – Phil
HorobinBill Horobin – Always shined a light will be missed xx
HortonTrudie Horton
HoruathMargaret Mary Horuath – Love from Sisters Dawn & Carol
HotchkissGeorge Hotchkiss
HoulstonAvril Houlston
HoulstonDon Houlston – Friend
HoulstonFlorence Houlston – Mum & Nan
HoulstonHarold Houlston – Dad & Grandad
HoulstonNorman & Elsie Houlston
HounselMary Hounsel – Dear Friend
HounsellBill Hounsell – Dad & Grandad
HounsellMary Hounsell – Mom, Grandmother
Hounsell-HowellChloe Hounsell-Howell – Daughter & Sister
HoveIntombizodwa Hove – Tombi we miss you
HowardAlison Howard – Beautiful wife. Missed daily
HowardBridget Howard
HowardJim Howard
HowardJohn Howard – Brother
HowardJune and Bill Howard – Nan Cat and Grandad Bill
HowardLarry Howard
HowardLaurence Howard
HowardLen & May Howard – Dad & Mom
HowardMichael Howard
HowardMolly Howard
HowardSean Howard
HowardToby Howard – Grandson
HowdleAgnes Howdle
HowdleGeorge Howdle
HowellsAdrian Howells – Love & miss you, Deb & Steph
HowellsAudrey Howells – Nan & Mum
HowellsBert Howells – Grandad & Dad
HowellsEddie, Minnie & Geoffrey Howells
HowellsGraham Walter Howells – Remembered with Love
HowellsJohn Howells – Beloved Husband
HowesKathleen Howes – Jaffa
HowesLawrence Howes – Loving Husband, Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
HubbardLilian Hubbard – Little Nan
HubbleMichael Hubble – Brother
HubblePaul Hubble – Brother
HughesAlan David Hughes – Much Loved Dad & Grandpa
HughesArthur & Muriel Hughes – Grandad & Grandma
HughesArthur & Sue Hughes
HughesArvon Hughes – Husband, Dad, Grandad and Brother – Loved &missed always
HughesAva Hughes – Beloved Daughter xx
HughesAva & Mylo Hughes
HughesBarrie & Thelma Hughes – Will not be forgotten
HughesDavid Hughes
HughesDerek Hughes
HughesDouglas William Hughes – Bill
HughesElsie Hughes – Mother
HughesEmrys & Joyce Hughes
HughesGavin Hughes – Gav
HughesGladys Hughes – Always remembered
HughesHarry Hughes – “H” Still Missed
HughesIvor Hughes
HughesJane Hughes – Sister
HughesJim Hughes – Dearest Brother
HughesJim Hughes – Much loved Dad and Granddad
HughesJoyce Hughes – Much loved Mum and Nan
HughesLeslie Hughes – Brother in Law
HughesMabel Hughes – Beloved Sister
HughesMylo Hughes – Beloved Son xx
HughesRob Hughes – Husband & Dad
HughesStephen Hughes
HughesTerry & Hazel Hughes – Dearly missed Dad, Grandad, Mum and Nan.
HughesTom Hughes – Much loved Husband, Dad and Grandad x
HughesTom & Betty Hughes – Gramps & Gramma
HughesWinifred Hughes
HumbleChristopher Humble
HumbleCliff Humble – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt. Grandad
HumphreysEric James Humphreys
HumphreysonChristine Humphreyson – Sister Auntie
HumphreysonHarry Humphreyson – Father Grandad Great Grandad
HumphreysonMarion Humphreyson – Mom Nan Great Nan
HumphriesDanny Humphries
HumphriesDonald Humphries – Don
HumphriesGladys Humphries – A loving Mom
HumphriesHarry Humphries
HumphriesHumphrey & Maud Humphries
HumphriesWilliam (Bill) Humphries – A loving Dad
HumpreysLewis Humpreys
HuntDaddy Hunt – Bob
HuntGillian Hunt – Niece
HuntJohn Hunt
HuntMarjorie Hunt
HuntNanny HOG Hunt
HurleAllan Hurle – Loving Memory
HusseyTeresa Hussey – Val
HutchisonAllison Hutchison – Al
HutchisonElizabeth Hutchison – A loving Mum, Sister & Aunt
HuxleyEna Huxley – Mum
HuxleyJohn (Jack) Huxley – Brother
HuxleyWilfred Huxley – Wilf. Husband loved missed and remembered every day
HuxleyWilfred Huxley – Brother
HuxleyWilfred John Huxley – Dad
HydeEdna Hyde
HydeLeslie Hyde
HydeMary Hyde – Rose
HydeMichael Hyde
HydeNathan Hyde – Loving son
HyelmanAlice Hyelman
HyelmanMarjorie Hyelman
HylandKathleen Hyland
IlsleyAlbert Ilsley – Al. Love & Miss You
InceDavid Ince
InchElizabeth Inch – Liz
InghamClaude Ingham – Much loved and missed
InghamJennie Ingham – Much loved and missed
IngmanJack Ingman – Dad
IngmanJoan Ingman – Mum
IngramMary Ingram
InionsGordon Inions – Loved & remembered always
InionsPhilip Inions – Love you forever
InsallJack & Molly Insall
InsleyArthur Insley – Grandad. Merry Christmas. thinking of you always love lea
InsleyDoll Insley – Nan. Merry Christmas thinking of you, miss you loads love Lea
InsleyDoll & Arthur Insley – Mum & Dad
InsoleColin & Brend Insole
InwoodMaud & Peter Inwood – Forever in our thoughts
IrelandSimon Ireland – I miss you always
IrelandSimon Ireland – Husband
IsaacJohn Isaac – Treasured Memories
IsaacMary Isaac – Treasured Memories
IsaacsHarry Isaacs
IsaacsJenny Isaacs
IveRonald and Peggy Ive
IveyJohn & Janet Ivey – Will always be remembered
IveyRichard Ivey – Will always be remembered
JacksBrian Jacks – Merry Christmas, missing you, love Ivor Janet & family
JacksonAnnie Jackson
JacksonArthur Jackson
JacksonBill Jackson
JacksonChris Jackson – Wellington Inner Wheel
JacksonFlorence Jackson
JacksonGeorge Jackson – Husband & Father
JacksonHarry Jackson
JacksonHilda Jackson
JacksonJacqueline Jackson – Miss you always Jackie
JacksonJean Jackson
JacksonLee Jackson – Beloved Son & Brother
JacksonPatrick Jackson – Paddy
JacksonPaul Jackson – Loving Husband & devoted Father
JacksonStuart Jackson
JacksonTerence Jackson – Terry
JacksonThomas Jackson – Tom – Husband & Brother in Law
JamesAlan & Mary James – Dad & Mum
JamesAlbert James – A loving Dad, Grandad & Dear Friend
JamesEmma James
JamesGloria James – I Miss You- Love Ray
JamesGwen James – Loved Aunt
JamesHarold & Annie James – H & Nancy
JamesJohn James – Daughter Joanne Son Darren
JamesMike James – Harry, Always Remembered
JamesPete James – Missed so much
JarmanDavid Jarman – Dave.Always missed, forever loved xx
JarvisAnne May Jarvis – Nancy
JarvisEva Jarvis
JarvisFrederick Jarvis – Fred
JarvisJune Jarvis – Flower
JarvisPatricia Jarvis – Pat
JarvisPhilip Jarvis – Phil
JarvisPhilip Henry Jarvis – Phil
JasperPat Jasper – Nanny/Mom
JaundrellSusan Marie Jaundrell
JeavonsAlan Jeavons
JefferiesEvelyn Jefferies – Ella
JefferiesGerald & Mary Jefferies – Dad & Mom
JefferiesTony Jefferies – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Brother in Law
JeffersonEric Jefferson – Loving Husband
JeffersonEric Jefferson – Loving Father
JeffersonFlorence Jefferson – Mother in Law
JeffersonKathleen Jefferson – Sister in Law
JeffersonWilliam Jefferson – Father in Law
JeffriesPeter Jeffries – Dad, Grandad, loved and missed always x
JenkinsCatherine Jenkins
JenkinsChristel Jenkins – Love James & Peter
JenkinsGeorge Jenkins – Uncle
JenkinsMary & Frederick Jenkins – Mom & Dad
JenkinsonBetty Jenkinson
JenkinsonRain Jenkinson
JennerFrederick Jenner – Dad
JennerHilda Jenner – Mum
JenningsAlbert & Jean Jennings – Very good Friends
JenningsDeborah Jennings – Mum
JervisJeff & Hazel Jervis – Always in Our Thoughts
JessonAllan & Trudy Jesson – Dad & Mom
JinksGillian Jinks – Gill
JinksJohn Jinks – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
JinksMandy Jinks – Loving Mother Daughter & Sister
JobberElizabeth Jobber – A much loved Mom
JohnsonAndrew Johnson
JohnsonBert Johnson, a Much Loved Dad & Gramp. Not Forgotten- June & Mark
JohnsonDonna Johnson – We will love you forever x
JohnsonElsie & Oswald Johnson – Still remembered for loving care
JohnsonErnest (Dad) Johnson – “Johnny”
JohnsonEvelyn & Jack Johnson
JohnsonGloria Johnson
JohnsonHazel Johnson
JohnsonHazel Johnson – Mum and Nan
JohnsonJames Joseph (Jim) Johnson – Husband, Dad & Grandad. Always Remembered
JohnsonJean (Mum) Johnson
JohnsonKeith Johnson – K.M.J
JohnsonLou Johnson – Mom x
JohnsonPatricia Johnson – Loving Wife, Mum & Nan
JohnsonSusan Johnson – Sue
JohnsonViv Johnson
JohnstonNicola Johnston
JonesAdrian Paul Jones – A.D.Son
JonesAlan Jones
JonesAlf Jones
JonesAlf Jones – Uncle Alf
JonesAlf & Joyce Jones
JonesAlfred Jones – Peter
JonesAlice Jones – Granny Al
JonesAlice & Jack Jones – Nan & Grandad
JonesAllan Jones – Brother
JonesBennie and Bonzer Jones
JonesBetty Jones – Mum, Grandma
JonesBill & Ruby Jones
JonesBrian Jones – Wuffer
JonesBrian Jones – Dear Brother
JonesCatherine Jones – Katie
JonesClive Jones
JonesColin James Jones – Our wonderful husband dad grandad
JonesCraig Jones
JonesCraig Jones – Cragull
JonesCraig Anthony Jones – Much loved Son
JonesDanielle Nicole Jones – Disney Princess
JonesDavid Jones – Dad, Grandad
JonesDavid Jones – Dad & Grandad xx
JonesDavid Jones – Dai
JonesDavid John Jones – Our little brother
JonesDerrick & Joan Jones – Always Remembered
JonesDick & Peggy Jones – of Lawley Village
JonesDoreen Jones
JonesDoris Jones – Nan
JonesDouglas Jones – Joner Peacefully Sleeping in your Haven of Rest
JonesEileen Jones – Mom & Nan
JonesElsie Jones
JonesElsie Jones – Dearly loved Mom & Nan
JonesEric Jones – Uncle Ec, Miss You
JonesEthel Jones – Mom
JonesEva Jones
JonesFlo Jones – Sister & Aunt
JonesFlorence Jones
JonesFlorence Ivy and Cyril Howard Jones
JonesFrances May Jones – Sister
JonesFrancis Jones
JonesFrank Jones
JonesFrank Jones – Grandad
JonesFreda & Horace Jones – Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
JonesGeorge Jones – Poppa
JonesGeorge E Jones – Dad
JonesGladys & Martin Jones – Beloved Mum & Dad
JonesGlendon Jones – Loved & dearly missed, Marg
JonesGlendon Jones – Dad, Dearly missed, love you
JonesGordon Jones
JonesGordon Jones – Dearly loved Dad & Grandad
JonesGordon William Jones – Husband
JonesGraham Jones – Loved Always
JonesGwen & Eddie of Doseley Jones – Wonderful Parents, forever loved
JonesHarry Jones – “H” – Husband, Dad
JonesHarry Jones – Dad, H
JonesHilda Jones – Mum
JonesHoward Jones – Always With Me
JonesJanet Jones
JonesJanette Anne Jones – Loving Mom & Nan xx
JonesJenny Jones
JonesJoanne Jones – Our angel, love Mum & Dad
JonesJoanne Jones – Love you, Neil & Oliver
JonesJohn Jones – Jona
JonesJohn Robert Jones – Dad, Grandad sadly missed
JonesKen Jones – Always remembered & missed
JonesKenneth Jones – Loving Husband
JonesKevin Jones – Dad, miss you more than words can say forever in our thoughts
JonesLee Andrew Jones
JonesLeo Jones
JonesLeonard & Mary Jones – Len & Mam
JonesLes & Nancy Jones – With Love-All the Family
JonesLes and Nancy Jones
JonesLinda Jones – Special Auntie – Missed so much
JonesLinda Jones – Lil
JonesLinda Jones – Special sister, Missed so very much
JonesLinda Jayne Jones – Our Angel
JonesMargaret Jones – Sister & Auntie
JonesMargaret & John Jones
JonesMarjorie Jones – Madge
JonesMark Gwilliam Jones
JonesMary Elizabeth Jones
JonesMary Lillian Jones
JonesMichael Jones – Loving Son
JonesMolly & Les Jones
JonesMolly & Tom Jones – Forever Loved & Missed
JonesNancy Jones – We miss you
JonesNatalie Jones – Natty Em
JonesNathan Jones – Tiggy
JonesNeil Jones
JonesNorman Jones
JonesNorman & Jessie Jones – Dear Parents, Gd parents & Gt Grandparents
JonesOlive Jones – A loved Mum & Grandmother
JonesPatricia Jones – Pat
JonesPeter John Jones
JonesPhyllis Jean Jones – Phil
JonesRay Jones
JonesRaymond Jones – Taffy
JonesReg Jones – Dad
JonesRichard Jones – Ricky
JonesRob Jones – “Our Rob” x
JonesRon Jones – Treasured and Beloved Husband & Dad xxx
JonesRon Jones – Treasured & Beloved Grandad & Gt Grandad xx
JonesSandra Jones – Dearly loved Sister & Auntie
JonesSelina Mary Joan Jones – Beloved Mother
JonesSimon Jones
JonesStanley Jones
JonesSusan Jones – Much loved Wife, Mom & Nan xxx
JonesTammy Jones
JonesTed Jones – Always Remembered
JonesTom & Gwen Jones – Dad & Mom
JonesTom, Gwen & May Jones – Dad, Mom, Nan
JonesTrish Jones – Sister
JonesVictor Gordon Henry Jones – Vic
JonesWinifred and Arnold Jones
JordanArthur & Kath Jordan – Forever in our Hearts
JordanEric Jordan – Loved and not forgotten
JordanEric & Irene Jordan – Loved & not Forgotten
JordanIrene Jordan – Loved and not forgotten
JoseyJohn Josey – Brother in Law
JoyceFamily Joyce
JoyceJulia Joyce
JukesIrene Jukes
JukesJack Jukes
KaczmarczykKuzma Kaczmarczyk – Chris “Dido”
KaneIsabel Kane
KaneRobert Kane
KarolyPeter Karoly
KaurDevinder Kaur – Dabi Ji
KavanaghCiara Kavanagh – Grandaughter, Niece
KavanaghCiara Louise Kavanagh – Daughter
KavanaghJack Kavanagh – Dad
KavanaghJack Kavanagh – Husband, Dad very much missed xx
KeachVal Keach – Mom
KearnsAidan Kearns – Never Forgotten
KeartonAlan Kearton
KeartonJennet Kearton
KeartonKenneth & Gertrude Kearton – Dad & Mum
KeeffeEdna Keeffe
KeeganAnn Keegan – Annie Loved & Missed by all
KeeganTerence Paul Keegan – Terry
KeelingJacqui Keeling
KellettDoris Kellett – Mom
KellyAlice Kelly – Our little Angel
KellyJane Kelly
KelseyAnnie Kelsey
KelseyGlenys & Bill Kelsey
KelseyNoah Kelsey
KelseyNorman Kelsey
KendrickCissie Kendrick
KennyEdward Kenny – Ted
KennyElizabeth Kenny
KentGordon Kent – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
KentIrene Kent – Mum, Gran & Great Gran
KeysJoseph & Veronica Keys
KhanKhaleel Khan – See you later Alligator
KibbyDavid Kibby – Dave
KiddieLuzie Kiddie – Missed by Son & Daughter in law
KilroyDavid Kilroy – Dave
KingPercy King – Gordon Henry
KinseyMaureen Kinsey – Mo still miss you so much xxx
KirbyKathleen Kirby
KnightAlan James Knight – Husband Dad Grandad, Loved forever
KnightDoreen Knight – Mum & Nan
KnightEric Knight – Dad & Grandad
KnightFlorence Knight
KnightHarold Knight
KnightJohn Knight – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
KnightSarah Knight
KnightWalter Knight
KnottJohn Knott
KnottLeslie Knott – Lez
KnowltonFaith Knowlton – Mom
KnowltonTom Knowlton – Dad
KnowltonTony Knowlton
KreinHeinz Krein
KrnetaAngela & Milan Krneta – Parents
KrnetaAngela & Milan Krneta – Beloved Mom & Dad
KrnetaMason Krneta – My Son
KrnetaMason Krneta – Darling Nephew
KumarAshok Kumar
LaddTony Ladd – Brother
LaileyBobby Lailey
LaingIvy Laing – God Bless
LaingJohn Laing – God Bless
LambAlf Lamb
LambGordon Lamb – Husband Father Grandfather Great Grandad
LambHeather Lamb – Sister-in-Law
LambHeather M. Lamb – Mum, Nan, Great Grandmother
LambMargaret Lamb – Wife of Joe
LambRobert Lamb – Dear Brother
LambRobert E. (Bob) Lamb – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
LambValeria Lamb – Wife of Joe
LambertJohn Lambert
LamblePeter Alan Lamble
LampardGwen Lampard – Sadly missed
LampardJoseph Lampard – Jo
LamsdellGordon Lamsdell – Dad & Grandad
LamsdellRene Lamsdell – Mom & Nanny
LanchburyYvonne Lanchbury
LaneAlice Lane – Beatty
LaneAlice (Beatty) Lane – A dearly missed Mum, Nan and Great Nan xxx
LaneCharles & Edith Lane
LaneDanny Lane
LaneDon Lane
LaneDorothy May Lane – Mom, Grandma
LaneEdward Stanley Lane – (Stan) Dad, Grandad
LaneGeorge & Lucy Lane
LaneHenry Lane – Harry
LaneHenry (Harry) Lane – A dearly missed Dad, Granddad and Great Granddad xxx
LaneImguard & Dennis Lane – Auntie & Uncle
LaneJohn Edward Lane Taff
LaneLisa Lane
LaneLisa Lane – (Lib) dearest daughter,sister,mother
LaneLucy & George Lane
LaneMark Lane – Never forgotten & always remembered with love Thea xx
LaneTerence Lane – Terry
LangfordRob Langford – Always in our hearts dad/Grandad xxx
LangfordStephen Langford – Grampy
LangfordStephen Langford
LangleyPhillip Langley – Dad, Miss you so much
LangleyVera Langley
LangleyWilfrid & Elsie Langley – Dad & Mum
LarnerColin Larner – Sadly missed by your family
LarvinBob Larvin – Sadley Missed
LatchEric Latch
LathamBetty Latham
LathamColin Latham – Dad + Grandad
LathamCyril & Dolly Latham
LathamDave Latham – Brother + Uncle
LathamSusan (Sue) Latham – My lovely Mum
LathamSydney Latham – Syd
LavenderDennis Lavender – Grandad
LavenderIrene Lavender – Nan
LawPhilip Law – Deeply missed xx
LawRoy Law – Husband, Son, Dad & Grandad
LawledgeSue Lawledge – Loving Mum to Wendy,Pamela & Christopher
LawleyDerek Lawley – Bill, Always Love You
LawrenceGladys Lawrence
LawrenceSamuel Lawrence – Sam
LazicMiodrag Lazic – Loved and remembered always
LeachBarbara June Leach
LeachDennis Leach
LeachEdna & Les Leach – Mom Dad Grandparents great grandparents
LeachGerald Leach – Dear Uncle
LeachJeannette Leach
LeachJohn Leach – Dear Uncle
LeachStuart Leach – Santa’s helper 49
LecouteurPeter Lecouteur – Pete
LeeAlan Charles Lee – Dearest Husband,Dad,Grandad
LeeJohn Lee
LeeMalcolm Lee – A dear husband
LeeNorma Lee
LeesArthur Lees – Pete
LeesClaire Lees
LeesEdith Lees
LeesJoseph Lees
LeesKevin Lees – Kev
LeesMark Lees
LeggAntoinette Legg – Mom & Nan
LeggWilliam Legg – Dad & Grandad
LegowskiHipolit Legowski – Ben (Loving Dad)
LegowskiLeon Legowski – Loving Brother
LegowskiUrsula Legowski – Loving Mom
LeighAnthony Leigh – We miss you so much X
LeoDavid Leo – My Darling Husband
Les SmallPat Rushton & Les Small – Mum & Dad, Love & miss you
LesterJohn Lester – Bootneck
LesueurJoan Lesueur
LevettMichael Levett
LewisArthur & Frances Lewis – Dad & Mom
LewisBeryl Lewis – Special Nan – Missed so much
LewisBeryl Lewis – Precious Mum, Missed so very much
LewisBeryl Lewis – Missed so much xxx
LewisBetty Lewis – Still remembered
LewisBrenda & Peter Lewis – Nan/Mom, Grandad/Dad
LewisCy Lewis
LewisCyril Lewis – Special Dad & Grandad Cy
LewisFrank & Audrey Lewis
LewisFreeda Lewis – Always in my Heart
LewisGerry Lewis – Miss you so much
LewisGordon Lewis
LewisHazel Lewis – Miss you so much
LewisNancy Lewis
LewisPeter Lewis
LewisRaymond Lewis – Ray
LewisRobert Lewis – Bob, Missed & Loved Always by Family
LewisSimon David Lewis
LewisThomas Lewis – Tom
LewisVi Lewis
LinetonPeter Lineton – Loving Grandad
LingMichael Ling – Mick
LinkAnn Link
LinkJohn Link
ListerGlynn & Ruth Lister – Uncle & Aunty
ListerLes & Harry Lister – Brothers
ListerTom & Ruby Lister – Dad & Mum
LittleAudrey Little
LivesleyJames Livesley – Missing You
LivesleyMarjorie Livesley – Wife
LivesleyPatricia Livesley – Pat
LivesleyRonald Livesley – Ron
LlewellynLou Llewellyn, Sadly missed Dad/Grandpa Mark, Samantha, Ryan & James x
LlewellynMichael Llewellyn – Lou / Poppa always in our hearts, Mandy & Dan
LlewellynVal Llewellyn – A loving Mom/Nan Mark, Samantha, Ryan & James x
LlewellynValerie Llewellyn – Val / Mom, Missed, Forever in our hearts, Mandy & Dan
LloydBarbara Lloyd – Barbe
LloydCatherine Lloyd – Nan
LloydDennis & Florence Lloyd
LloydFrank Lloyd – Happy
LloydGlyn Lloyd
LloydGraham Lloyd
LloydHarry Lloyd – KIA – 1917
LloydHazel and William Lloyd – Always in our thoughts
LloydJack & Jessie Lloyd
LloydJulie Marie Lloyd
LloydMichelle Louise Beautiful daughter
LloydMichelle Louise Wonderful sister
LloydMolly Lloyd
LloydNorman Lloyd – Husband
LloydPaul Lloyd – Dad & Husband
LloydRose & Walter Lloyd – Mum & Dad
LloydTerry Lloyd – Tez
LochrieMary Lochrie – A dear Sister
LockVictor (Vic) Lock – Loved & remembered every day
LockleyBill Lockley
LockleyJordan Lockley
LockleyWilliam Lockley – Bill
LocklinHarold Locklin – Brother & Uncle
LocklinHarold & Kate Locklin – Mom, Dad & Grandparents
LomasEunice & Jack Lomas – Mum & Dad
LomasJack & Eunice Lomas
LongJohn Long – Dear Brother in law
LongMum & Dad Long
LovattPatricia Lovatt
LoveDorothy Love – Rene
LoveEli Love
LoveittBarry Loveitt – Ever loving
LovettMilly & Wes Lovett – Mom & Dad
LoweArthur Lowe
LoweBeatrice Lowe – Lilley
LoweCyril Lowe – remember our love Mummy & Daddy
LoweGerald Lowe – Husband & Dad
LoweGordon Lowe – Gord
LoweJoyce & John Lowe
LoweLinda Lowe – God Bless
LoweLucy Ann Lowe
LoweMargaret Lowe – Our hearts & memories let us
LoweMary Lowe – Little Nan
LoweMatilda & Frederick Lowe – Mum & Dad
LoweMaureen Lowe – Sadly missed love always John
LoweMay Lowe
LoweNeville (Nev) Lowe – Husband,Grandad
LoweOlive Lowe – Always in our thoughts, Carol, Shirley, Val & Terry
LoweReg Lowe – Always in my thoughts
LoweReg Lowe – Dad, Grandad with love
LoweSarah Jane Lowe
LoweStephen Lowe – Lowy
LoweWilliam Lowe – Billy Grandad
LoweWin Lowe – Mum
LowesTerence Lowes – Geordie
LowesTerence Lowes – Geordie, never to be forgotten by those who loved you
LucasFrancis Lucas – Mum
LucasGeorge Lucas – Dad
LucasMaureen Lucas – Sister
LucasStuart Lucas – Stu, Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
LucasSusan, Ron Lucas – Mother & Father
LuckFrederick Luck – Dad
LuckLouise Luck – Mum
LumbardPeter Lumbard – Husband, Missing You Always
LuscottMartha Winifred Luscott – Pat
LuterDerek Luter
LuterDinah Luter
LuterEric William Luter – Bill
LuterPaul Luter
LutnerPhillip Andrew Lutner – Treasured & Devoted Husband & Dad
LutnerSamuel Lutner – Special Angel Baby
LyallJames Lyall – Jim
LynamEileen Lynam – Sister
LyonsJoyce Lyons – Much Loved Mum & Nan
LytollisNatasha Lytollis – (Tash) Daughter nee Van-Cauter
LyttleJohn Michael Lyttle – Husband, Father and Grandfather
MacArthurCatherine MacArthur – Mum in a million
MacDonaldAlexander MacDonald – Alex
MacDonaldAlexander John MacDonald – John
MaceyJames Macey – Jamie
MachinDennis Machin – Missed so much
MachinDennis Machin – Loving Dad, Grandad & Gt grandad
MachinMarlene Machin – Cherished Mom Nan & Great Nan
MackenzieLynda Joan Mackenzie
MacKenzieMai MacKenzie – Mum & Nan xxx
MacklestonBrian Mackleston
MacnabNorrie Macnab – Grandad
MacPhersonAlexander MacPherson
MacPhersonAnnie & Neil MacPherson
MacRaeHilda MacRae – Mary
MacRaeMatthew MacRae
MaddocksRobert(Bob) & Doris(Dot) Maddocks
MaddoxFrank & Ellen Maddox
MaddoxGordon Maddox
MaddoxSylvia Maddox
MaddoxWalter Maddox – Watty
MadeleyFrederick Madeley – Fred
MadeleyGwen & John Madeley
MadeleyMichael Madeley
MadeleyVera Madeley
MadocksDorothy Madocks – Dot
MagnessEdgar & Elsie Magness
MaguireJimmy Maguire – Thinking of you always
MaguireJimmy Senior Maguire from Wife, Daughters, Gr.children & Gt G/children
MaherAnthony Maher – Tony
MaherSteven Anthony Maher – Steve
MahollandLen Maholland
MahonChristine Mahon – Chris Never forgotten
MahonEdna Mahon
MaidenDavid Maiden – Dave
MaidenGraham Maiden
MaidenMaureen Maiden
MaidenMaurice Maiden – Husband
Maiden-JonesSusan Maiden-Jones – Sue (Daughter)
MaleyJimmy & Amelia Maley – Forever in our thoughts
MaliaJohn Malia – Art Bug
MaloneyDavid & Jim Maloney – Dear Brothers
MaloneyJane Maloney – Dear Mother
MalpassMaureen Malpass – Always with you
MalvernLilian Malvern
MalvernRichard Malvern
ManboardBeaty Manboard – Love Always
ManderBrian Mander – Dad
ManneringDot Mannering – Beloved by family
ManneringHal Mannering – Beloved by family
ManneringWendy Mannering – Beloved by family
MansellArthur & Joan Mansell – Uncle & Auntie
MansellBenjamin Mansell – Ben
MansellDon & Gwen Mansell – precious memories
MansellEvelyn Mansell – Lyn
MansellJohn Mansell
MansellLeslie Mansell – Lesum,miss you, love Carol
MansellMaria (Ria) Mansell – I miss you so much more every day
MansellPeter Mansell – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
MansfieldBob & Vera Mansfield – Mum & Dad
MappRay Mapp
MappTerry Mapp
MarchantPeter Marchant – Loving Dad & Grandad xx
MarchantRichard Marchant – Miss you so much
MariesDorothy Maries – Merry Christmas Mom, miss you x
MariesLloyd Maries – Merry Christmas Dad, miss you x
MarkusBela Markus
MarmionSally Marmion – Atcherley-Symes
MarshJohn Marsh – Dad & Grandad
MarshSandra Anne Marsh
MarshSheila Marsh – Mom & Nan
MarshTim & Edna Marsh
MarshallBrian Albert Marshall
MarshallDotty Marshall – The grandma many aspire to be. We miss you.
MarshallGemma Mary Marshall
MarshallGeoff Marshall – Forever missed
MarshallJames Marshall
MarshallJoan Marshall
MarshallMarlene Marshall – Missed so much and remembered always xXx
MarshallMichael Marshall
MarshallNeville Marshall – Uncle
MarshallOlivia Rose Marshall – Still under the stars with you. Merry Xmas xXx
Marshal-RobertsBella Marshal-Roberts
MarstonDavid Marston
MarstonRose Marston
MarstonSamuel Marston – Sam
MartinBert Martin – Well loved
MartinBetty Martin
MartinCliff Martin – Dad + Grandad
MartinDenzil Martin – Denz
MartinEddie Martin
MartinFloss Martin – A good Mum
MartinGeorge Martin – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
MartinJames Martin
MartinJoan Martin – Alice
MartinJoan Martin
MartinJoan & Billy Martin – Mom&Dad, Nan&Grandad
MartinJohn Martin – Walter
MartinJohn Martin
MartinJoseph Martin – Joe
MartinMary Martin – Sister
MartinShirley Martin – Mum + Nan
MasefieldMick Masefield – Dad
MasonBetty Mason – Nee Twinney
MasonFrederick Mason – Fred
MasonHarry Mason – Harry
MasonLily & Charles Mason – Mom & Dad
MasonMonty Mason – Much Loved Uncle
MasonNancy Mason – Nancy
MasonStella Mason – Mum & Gran
MasonThomas Mason – Uncle Tom
MasseyBert & Louie Massey – Dad & Mum
MasseyBetty & Bill Massey
MasseyDenis & Iris Massey
MasseyElsie Massey – Aunty
MasseySimon Massey – Bro
MastermanAlice & Harry Masterman – Mum & Dad
MathiesonAnnie Pritchard Mathieson – Bod
MatthewsGeorge & Margaret Matthews
MatthewsSandra Matthews – San
MaughanCharles and Jessie Maughan
MawerMary Mawer – Dear Mum & Gran
MawerRoy Mawer – Dear Dad & Grandad
MaxwellSusan Maxwell – Nee Morris
MayEstella May – Much Loved Mom, & Nan
MayMargery May
MayMaurice May – Mo
MaybinJean Maybin – Much Loved
MaybinJim Maybin – Much Loved
MayburyHarry Maybury – Remembered with love x
MayburyMeg Maybury – Miss you so much x
MayerFrederick Mayer – Always in our hearts
MayesJane Mayes
MayhewDennis Mayhew – Dad & Grandad
MayhewDes Mayhew
MayhewJune Mayhew
MayhewRoy Mayhew
McAndrewAnthony McAndrew
McAndrewGerry McAndrew
McAndrewJimmy McAndrew
McAndrewJohnny McAndrew
McAndrewPadraig McAndrew
McAndrewPeter McAndrew
McAndrewVincent McAndrew
McCallinEd & Joan McCallin – Pops & Mum
McCarthyGladys McCarthy
McCarthyJohn McCarthy – Dad
McCartneyRita McCartney
McCollumJoan McCollum
McCollumThomas McCollum
McCollumThrease McCollum – Biddy
McCollumTommy McCollum
McCormickGlynn McCormick – Miss you Bro
McCormickStanley McCormick – Special uncle
McCormickTerence McCormick – “Terry” Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
McCormickVera & Mervin McCormick – Miss You So Much
McCrackenAlan McCracken
McDonellIrene McDonell – Partner
McDowellLinda McDowell – Mum, Still loved & missed so much
McDowellPatrick McDowell – Paddy
McDowellThomas McDowell – Brother, Loved & missed so much
McGladderyWilliam McGladdery – Bill
McGlueHelen McGlue – Mum & Grandma
McGlynnFrancis McGlynn – Frank
McGlynnGill McGlynn
McGlynnGlenice McGlynn
McGlynnMargaret McGlynn – Glenice
McGowanEdwin McGowan – Lots of Love from us all, Dad
McGowanEroll McGowan – Lots of Love from your boys and your family
McGowanJason McGowan – Lots of Love from your Mum and all the family
McGowanJoycee McGowan – Lots of Love from us all, Mum
McGowanRichard McGowan – Dad miss u loads L & k x
McGowanSonia McGowan, son Harlie, Mum, Jordan, Gary & McGowan family
McGowan-JacksonKaira McGowan-Jackson – Lots of Love from all your family
McGregorBob McGregor – Friend
McGuinnessMolly McGuinness – Baby girl
McGuinnessPeter McGuinness – Joe 90
McGuireFran McGuire – Remembered always
McGuireJohn McGuire – Remembered always
McGuireMargaret McGuire – Remembered always
McIverMargaret McIver – Mum & Nan
McKeeHazel & Sam McKee – Mom & Dad of Sammy
McKeeHazel & Sam McKee – Mom & Dad of Anna
McKeeHazel & Sam McKee – Nan and Grandad of Katie
McKimmRobert McKimm – Bob
McKinnellConnie & George McKinnell – Mother & Father
McLeanKathryn McLean – Dearest daughter
McLeodAnnie McLeod
McMurtrieWilliam McMurtrie
McNamaraDoreen McNamara – Molly
McNamaraEsme & Joe McNamara – Stevenage
McNamaraJames McNamara – Jim
McPartlandMary McPartland
McPartlandSharon McPartland – Shaz
MeadAlice Mead – Mom & Nan
MeadJohn Mead – Dad & Grandad
MeakinLawrence Meakin – Always thinking of you Dad. Love Joanne.
MearsIngrid Mears
MearsJohn Mears
MedleyBrian Medley
MedlicottMuriel & Leonard Medlicott
MeesonEdgar Meeson
MegsonLaurie Megson – Dad
MeliaRay Melia – Much missed brother
MellinshipClaire Mellinship – Loving Daughter
MellorAnthony Mellor – Smiler, Grandad, & Dad
MellorAudrey Mellor
MellorReginald Mellor – Reg
MeniceJoan Menice
MeredithDavid William Meredith – Love and Miss You
MeredithLorraine Meredith – Loving mum daughter & sister
MeredithMary Meredith
MeredithPauline Meredith – Wife
MerretKatie Merret
MerrimanJean Merriman
MerringtonBill Merrington – Dad and Grandad Bill
MerringtonEva Merrington
MerringtonGladys & Ken Merrington
MerringtonGordon Merrington – Husband
MerringtonMargery Merrington – Mum
MerryJean Merry – Just like a mum to us
MethvenDavid Methven – Father
MethvenElsie (Molly) Methven – Mother
Methven-JohnsonAllan Methven-Johnson – Husband
Methven-JohnsonDuncan Methven-Johnson – Son
MeyrickKevin Meyrick – Friend & Brother
MichaelNorah & Harold Michael
MiddleGeorge Middle – Dode
MiddleJohn Middle – I miss you
MiddleVi & George Middle – Dear Parents & Grandparents
MiddleViolet Middle – Vi
MiddletonAlan Middleton
MilesMalcolm Miles – (Malc)
MilesMichael Miles
MilesPeter Miles – Husband
MillarThomas Millar
MillingtonGeofrey George Millington – Missed always
MillsBrian Mills
MillsColin Mills – Loving Dad & Grandad
MillsFrank & Louise Mills
MillsKeith Mills – Miss you Dad
MillsLucy Mills
MillsShirley Mills
MillsSuzie Mills
MillsWinnie Mills
MilnerAlan Milner
MinardsGareth Minards
MinardsGareth Minards – Husband, Dad, Grandad
MinardsGareth Minards – Son
MinardsJohn Minards
MinardsJohn Minards – Husband, George Charles
MinshallBeatrice Minshall – Nan I will always love you, Carolanne XX
MinshallBeatrice Minshall
MinshellBeatrice Minshell – Mum & Nan
MintonRhoda Minton – Mum
MintonRichard Minton – Dad
MitchellCelia Anne Mitchell
MitchellFred & Mona Mitchell
MitchellMark Peter Mitchell
MitchellNoel Mitchell – Sadly missed
MitchellRoger Mitchell – PHF, Past President Rotary Club of The Wrekin
MitchellRoger Mitchell
MittonDerek Mitton – Mizpah
MittonEdith & Walter (Bill) Mitton – Dearest Mum & Dad
MobberleyJames Mobberley – Father
MobberleyJoyce Mobberley – Mother
MobbsKath Mobbs – 11 years this year since we lost you
MobbsPete Mobbs – 40 years this year since we lost you
MoirJoseph William Moir – Bill
MolineauxThomas Molineaux – Tommy
MolloyDesmond Molloy – Des
MolloyNicola Molloy – Nicky
Molyneux MrsKath Molyneux Mrs
MonaghanMichael Monaghan
MontagueSidney Montague – Grandad
MontagueViolet Montague – Nan
MooneyCharlotte Mooney – Lottie
MooneyDavid Mooney – Taken too soon x
MooneyKevin Mooney – Kev
MoorSusan Janet Moor – Sue
MooreArthur Moore – Grandad
MooreBetty Moore – Sadly missed, love you x x
MooreDennis Moore – JD
MooreFlorence Moore – Fluff
MooreFlorence Moore – Flo
MooreGeorge Moore
MooreGordon Moore – Pops Grandad, Tiggy Grandad
MooreJohn Moore – Jack
MooreMargaret Moore – Dearest Mum
MooreMarjorie Moore – Nan
MooreMegan Moore
MooreRobert Moore – Love & miss you
MooreWillard Moore – Dearest Dad
MoorhouseBetty Moorhouse
MoorhouseJames Edward Moorhouse – Jim
MoretonDonald Moreton – Don
MorganAlan Morgan – From loving wife & family
MorganAnnie May Morgan – Ann
MorganArthur Earnest Morgan – Dad
MorganArthur George Morgan
MorganAshley Morgan – Dad Grandad Great Grandad
MorganBetty & Mick Morgan
MorganBrenda & Billy Morgan – Always in our hearts
MorganCharles Morgan – Dad & Grandad
MorganClifford Morgan – Cliff
MorganFrank & Dorothy Morgan
MorganFred Morgan – Dad, Grampy
MorganGladys Morgan – Mom
MorganGordon Morgan – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
MorganJack Morgan – Beloved Dad, Grandad & Gt. Grandad
MorganJean & Brian Morgan – Love you loads, Gaynor & Keith
MorganKathleen Morgan – Mum & Gran
MorganMargaret Morgan – Beloved Mum, Gran & Diddy
MorganWilliam James Morgan – Bill. Love You Always
MorozDarran Moroz – Best brother ever
MorozLinda Moroz – Our loving mom
MorrellLucky Morrell
MorreyAnn Morrey – Missed forever
MorreyEden-John Morrey – Dearly missed
MorreyTallulah-Jane Morrey – Dearly missed
MorrisAlbert Morris – Bert
MorrisAvril Morris – miss you always love Bill xxx
MorrisBernard & Janet Morris
MorrisBill & Elsie Morris
MorrisCaroline Morris – We all Love you, we’d do anything to have you back X
MorrisCharles Morris – Charlie
MorrisDennis Morris
MorrisDora & Cis Morris – Mom, Dad & Grandparents & Great Grandparents
MorrisDorothy (Dot) Morris – Mum,Nan,Great Nan
MorrisFreda Morris
MorrisGeorge Morris – Gem
MorrisHarriet Morris – Hettie
MorrisJanet Morris
MorrisJohn Thomas Morris – Johnny
MorrisJosie Morris
MorrisKathleen Morris – Molly
MorrisKen Morris – Our Dad & Grandad
MorrisLeonard, David, John & Paul Morris
MorrisLilian Morris – Mom & Grandma
MorrisLillian Morris – Dearly loved, Sadly missed
MorrisMary Morris – A much loved Mom & Nan
MorrisMary Morris – Missing you Mom, Laura x
MorrisMuriel Morris – Mu
MorrisPhilip Morris – Sharky
MorrisPhillip Morris – Phil
MorrisReg Morris – A lovely man
MorrisSydney Morris – Syd
MorrisSylvia June Morris
MorrisThomas Morris – Tom
MorrisWendy Morris
Morris-RobertsHugh & Evelyn Morris-Roberts – Dad & Mum
MorseBill Morse
MortonFrank & Mildred Morton
MoscropGeorge Moscrop – Pat
MottJune Mott – Auntie
MottershawKenneth Mottershaw – Ken
MottramDennis Mottram
MottramElsie Mottram
MountfordBrian Mountford – Soulmate
MountfordDennis Mountford – Husband
MountfordDennis Mountford – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
MountfordLil & George Mountford – Mom & Dad
MountfordNorman Mountford
MuirOlwen Muir – Ollie, Beloved Mom, Nan&Great Grandma
MuirWilliam Robb Muir – Jock, Beloved Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
MullardJohn n Betty Mullard – Always loved never forgotten
MulliganBarbara Mulligan – Mum
MulliganJane Mulligan – Beautiful Sister
MulliganMichael Mulligan – Son. We miss you
MullinderAlan Mullinder – Best dad in the world, we love & miss you always
MullinderEvelyn (Eve) Mullinder – Special Auntie x
MumfordAda Mumford – Miss you so much
MumfordAlf Mumford – Elf
MumfordJoan & Les Mumford – Mom & Dad
MunnerleyJudith Munnerley – Mum
MurphyBetty Murphy
MurphyGerald Murphy
MurphyMary Murphy
MurphyPatrick Murphy – Always Remembered
MurphyPeter Murphy – Loved & missed by Pat Julie Peter & Boys
MurphySandra Murphy – Nee Inions Love you forever
MurrayJohn Nottage Murray
MurrayKathleen Murray
MurrayKathleen Alice Murray
MurrayKathleen Mary Murray
MurrayMichael Murray
MusgraveDorothy Musgrave – Mush
MusgraveMichael Musgrave – Dad, Love always
MusgraveStanley & Margery Musgrave – Forever Remembered with Love
MusgroveAllan & Joyce Musgrove – Dad & Mom
MusgroveBetty & Vic Musgrove – Mum & Dad
MyattFred Myatt
MyattMuriel Myatt – Moon
NairnDerek Nairn – Always in Our Thoughts
NaishRosie Naish
NashClive Nash – Missing you so very much
NashJennie & George Nash – Mom & Dad
NashMavis Nash – Missing you so very much
NashRichard Nash
NaughtonAnne Naughton – Wife
NaughtonBarry Naughton
NaughtonPat Naughton
NaujeerBaby Joshua Naujeer – Son and Grandson
NeatEileen Neat – Nan and mum
NeatEric Neat – Dad and Grandad
NeatGlenn (Ben) Neat – Dad and Grandad
NeedleLes Needle
NelsonAda Nelson
NelsonBette Nelson – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
NelsonCharles Frederick Nelson – Brother xx
NelsonFred & Peggy Nelson – Dad & Mum xxx
NevilleAnthony Neville – Husband
NevilleAnthony Neville – Nephew
NevilleDorothy Neville – Doll
NevilleTrevor Neville – Always in My Heart
NevilleWilliam Neville – Bill,Dad, Grandad
NewbrookCecilia Newbrook – Cis
NewellJohn Newell – Always remembered
NewmanDoris & Donald Newman – Treasured Parents and Grandparents xxx
NewmanMary Newman
NiblockMargaret Niblock
NiblockRobert Niblock
NichollMolly Nicholl
NichollNick Nicholl
NichollRobert & Margaret Nicholl – Nick & Molly
NichollsJune Nicholls
NichollsMarieanne Nicholls – We will love you forever x
NichollsMuriel Nicholls
NichollsPercy Nicholls – Perce
NichollsRoy Kenneth Nicholls – A Devoted Husband, Dad, Grandad & Friend
NichollsSarah Nicholls – Sally
NichollsWilfred Nicholls – Bill
NicklessArthur & Muriel Nickless
NicklessDavid Nickless – A special Son & Brother
NicklessLorraine Nickless – Loving Sister & Aunty
NicklinMaurice Nicklin – Miggs
NielsenJack Nielsen
NipeDerek Nipe – Dad
NobleJohn Noble – Loving Husband Dad & Grandad always in our thoughts xx
NockDavid Nock – Dave
NockJim Nock
NoelJoan Noel – Loved mother and grandma
NoelJoan Noel – We miss you xx
NolanKieran Nolan – Son, My man
NolanKieran Nolan – Our Beautiful Angel
NoonChristopher Noon
NoonIrene Noon
NoonanJohn Noonan – Husband, Dad & Grandad
NorthallJim & Harriet Northall
NorthallMichael Northall – Husband
NorthallTony Northall – Dad & Husband
NorthwoodFloss Northwood – Forever missed, always loved
NortonGraham Norton
NortonJames Norton – Father xx
NortonJane Norton
NortonMatthew Norton
NortonMay Norton – Bassett
NortonMay (Mum) & John Norton
NortonTerry Norton – Husband, Dad & Pa
Norton-WilkesAshley Norton-Wilkes – Thinking of you always, love Rik,Tony, Cory and Zoe x
NotleyBeulah & Reginald Notley – Mum & Dad
NuttallJames Nuttall – Nuttie
NuttallPamela Nuttall – Pam
NuttallThomas Nuttall – Tommy
NuttallViolet &Edgar Nuttall – Parents
NuttallWinifred Nuttall – Winnie
O’SheaGreggor O’Shea – Husband
OakesArthur Oakes
OakesArthur Oakes – Much loved
OakesArthur & Elizabeth(Bet) Oakes
OakesBetty Oakes
OakesElizabeth Oakes – Much loved
OakleyDaniel Oakley – Beef, Love you always & Forever
OareDavid Oare – Much loved Dad & Grandad
OareMavis Oare – Much loved Mum & Nan
O’BryneRita O’Bryne
O’CallaghanLesley & Geoff O’Callaghan
O’HanlonBryan O’Hanlon – Always in Our Hearts
O’HanlonBryan O’Hanlon – Grampa, with Love
O’HaraEthel May O’Hara – Nee Hoof
O’HaraJohn Joseph O’Hara
O’KeeffeTony O’Keeffe – Father & Best Mate
OldburyMary Oldbury – Missing you
OldcornDorothy Oldcorn – Dot
OldcornIris Oldcorn – Special mom… dearly missed
OldcornRonald Oldcorn – Ron
OldcornRoy Oldcorn – Special dad… dearly missed
OldcornTom Oldcorn
OldfieldNathan Oldfield, Always in our thoughts, love always, Mum & Dad
OlivaresGus Olivares – A true gentleman
OliverGeorge Oliver – Husband Dad Grandad
OliverJean Oliver
OliverJean Oliver – Mom, Nan
OliverMarcia Oliver – Sister in law Daughter in law Mom & Nan
OliverReg Oliver – Puppy
OliverSarah Jane Oliver – Mum, Nan & Gr Nan
OliverSyd Oliver – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt. Grandad
OliverTim Oliver – Son, Brother & Dad
OliverTrevor Oliver – Son Brother Dad & Grandad
O’NeillIrene O’Neill – Love you Mum God Bless x
O’NeillJames O’Neill – Love you Dad God Bless x
O’NeillLittle O O’Neill
O’NeillTom & Edna O’Neill
OnionsChristine Onions
OnslowDavid Onslow
OnslowJohn Onslow
OnslowWilliam & Doris Onslow – Uncle & Aunt much missed
OrangeLilian Orange
O’ReganDenis O’Regan
OsborneJim Osborne – Great Dad
OsborneLilian Osborne – Much loved
O’SullivanHannah O’Sullivan
O’SullivanPatrick O’Sullivan
O’SullivanWilliam O’Sullivan
OvertonElizabeth & Andrew Overton
OvertonHarold Overton – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
OvertonHarold Overton – Jockey, loving Dad, Grandad & Brother
OvertonMaud Overton – Loving Wife, Mom, Grandmother & Gt Grandmother
OvertonPauline Overton – Mum, Big Nan
OveryRoy Overy – Husband,Father,Grandad
OwenAlan Owen
OwenAlec Owen – PHF, Past President Rotary Club of Wellington
OwenAlec Owen – A.S.O.
OwenBaby Lois Owen
OwenBob & Betty Owen
OwenClair Owen
OwenDiane Owen – Miss You
OwenJabez Owen
OwenJennie Owen – Mother, Nan, Great Granma
OwenJohn & Ivy Margaret Owen
OwenJohn and Ivy Owen
OwenLeonard Owen
OwenMarjorie Owen – Greta
OwenMatthew Henry Owen – Matt
OwenPauline Owen – Always Missed
OwenRonald Owen – Ronbo
OwenSteven Owen – Steve
OwensRobert & Peggy Owens
OwersDean Owers
OxenhamCarol Oxenham
PackmanGeorgena Packman – Always in our hearts
PackmanHerbert Packman – Bert
PackwoodRene & Bill Packwood – Mom, Dad & Grandparents
PaddockEvelyn & Brian Paddock – Together Forever
PadmoreElsie May Padmore
PadmoreHarry Padmore
PageJohn Page – Jack
PagettArthur Pagett – Husband
PagettBernard Pagett
PagettHilda Pagett
PagettTony Pagett
PalinAlan Palin
PalinAnn & Peter Palin – Mom & Dad
PalinLily Palin – Special Auntie…. dearly missed. X
PalmerAlice Palmer – Mum
PalmerAlva Palmer
PalmerDerek Palmer – Father
PalmerKelvin Palmer
PalmerLeonard & Doreen Palmer – Len & Doe
PanasiukStef Panasiuk – Steve
PanterJohn Panter – Always loved & not forgotten
PardoeRaymond Pardoe – Golf Extraordinaire
ParishRobert Charles Parish – missed by us all
ParkerArthur Parker
ParkerElsie Parker – Missed so much every day.
ParkerHarold Parker – A true gentleman, loved by all.
ParkerJohn Parker – Dad
ParkerLen Parker
ParkerLes Parker – “Capt Birdseye”
ParkerMark Parker – Son
ParkerMichael Parker – Always Remembered
ParkerNigel Parker
ParkerSue Parker – Loving Wife, Mother, Sister
ParkerVirginia Parker – Ginny
Parker OBEKeith Parker OBE – Always missed by His Family
Parker-StathamSian Parker-Statham – Our Lovely
ParkesCyril Parkes – Dad
ParkesIda Parkes – Mum
ParkesKevin Parkes – Loved and Remembered Every Day
ParkesKevin Parkes – Always in our hearts
ParkinsJoyce Parkins – Pat
ParnellEdith Parnell
ParrBill Parr – Brother of Margaret
ParryElsie Parry – Mom
ParryFrederick & Gertrude Parry – Grandad & Gran
ParryJohn Parry
ParryLee Parry
ParryRoger & Margaret Parry – Dad & Mum
ParslowSue Parslow – S.I.L.Y.
ParsonsDave Parsons
ParsonsDavid John Parsons – Still missed
ParsonsMicky Parsons – Loving Dad & Grandad
ParsonsRaymond Parsons – Devoted Husband, Dad & Grandad
PartlowAlan Partlow – Loved Brother & Uncle
PartlowStanley & Margaret Partlow – Loved & missed Parents and Grandparents
PartonBess Parton – Bessie
PartonCecil Parton – Ted
PartonDerek George Parton
PartonFred & Nancy Parton – Loved & remembered always
PartonGeorge Parton – Loved & missed by the family
PartonNaomi Parton – Nomis
PartonPeter Parton – Husband, Father, Grandad and Gt Grandad
PartonPeter Parton – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
PartonRon Parton – Loved & remembered always
PartonSadie Parton – Budger
PartonVal Parton – Special wife & Mum
PartonWilliam Parton – Bill – miss you always
PartonZeus Parton – Bigman
PartridgeRene Partridge – Special Aunt
PascalMarjorie & Albert Pascal
PascallClifford Pascall – (Cliff) loving husband father & grandfather
PascallNigel Pascall, Husband, Dad, Grandad, Gt Grandad; Love You
PassGerald Charles Robert Pass – Father Husband Grandad & Gt Grandad
PatersonCharles & Elizabeth Paterson – Charlie & Betty
PatonEmma Louise Paton – Daughter
PattersonErnest & Amelia Patterson – Ernie & Millie
PayneAlec Bertram Payne – Bert, a loved Dad & Grandad
PayneBert Payne – A very dear Husband
PayneBert Payne – Sorely missed Dad of Ian & loving Grandad of Laura & Immi
PayneDavid Payne
PayneEvelyn & Wally Payne
PayneGertrude Payne – Gert
PayneKenneth George Payne – Dad, love Graham
PayneLes Payne
PayneRaymond Payne – Ray
PayneVi & Ron Payne
PaytonMark Payton – Dad, Grandad, Husband and Son. Missed so much.
PeaceArnold Peace
PeaceBeatrice Peace
PeakeDennis Peake – Special Uncle
PeakeDennis Peake – Brother
PeakeEthel Margaret Peake – Marg
PeakeFrederick Peake – Eric
PearceBrenda Mary Pearce – Mum
PearceDavid Pearce
PearceErnest Pearce – Uncle
PearceFrances Pearce – Aunty
PearceHarry Pearce
PearceLinda Pearce
PearceSidney & Doreen Pearce – Loved & missed Mum & Dad
PearceStephen Pearce
PearceTommy Pearce
PearceTony Pearce – Miss you dad
PearsonBarbara Pearson – Mother, Grandma & Great Grandma
PearsonGeoffrey Noel Pearson
PearsonKenneth Pearson – Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
PearsonPeggy Pearson – Forever loved and missed
PeartFlorence Peart
PeartHarold Peart – ‘Chief’
PeateWillie Peate – Crazy Diamond
PeelElsie Peel
PeggeJohn Pegge – Loved & missed very much
PendletonMary & Harry Pendleton
PenfoldDavid Penfold – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
PennJohn Penn – Grandad
PennTom Penn – Daddy
PensonDoris Penson
PercivalDelcie Percival – Decima
PercivalWayne Percival
PereiraMavis Pereira – Mummy & Nanny Missing You xxx
PereiraMavis Pereira – Mum, always in our hearts
PerkinsBrian Perkins
PerkinsEdith Perkins
PerkinsGeorge Perkins
PerkinsJoyce Perkins – Pat
PerksAlan Perks – Brother
PerksJohn Perks – Degraded & Great Grandad
PerksJohn Perks – Loving Husband & Dad
PerksSusan Perks – Sue
PerksViolet Perks – Mother
PerksWalter Perks – Dad
PerryClifford Perry – Cliff
PerryEdith Perry – Mum
PerryEva & Bill Perry – Loving Mum & Dad
PerryJoseph Clement Perry – Clem-Loving Dad & Grandad
PerryKathleen Joan Perry – Joan-Loving Mom & Nan
PerryNorman Perry – Hello Again, Hello
PerryNorman Perry – Dear Friend
PerryOliver Perry – Dad
PerryPercy & Muriel Perry – Dad & Mom
PerryRoger Perry – Rog
PetersonShirley Peterson
PetrykMargaret Petryk – To my dearest mom love you always and forever xxx
PetrykMike Petryk – To my dearest dad love you always and forever
PettittNancy Pettitt – Mum, Dearly Missed
PettittThomas Pettitt – Pops, Dearly Missed
PhaiseyJohn Phaisey – Jack
PhebyBrian Pheby – Merry Christmas from the 6 girls
PhebyBrian Pheby – Miss you Grumpy
PhebyBrian Pheby – Miss you DaddyO
PhebyBrian Pheby – Miss You Bri
PhillipsAndrew Phillips
PhillipsAnn Phillips
PhillipsBernard Phillips – Bert
PhillipsBrian Phillips – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
PhillipsDora Phillips
PhillipsGeorge Phillips
PhillipsJason Phillips – Loved Always by Mummy, Daddy & Ellie
PhillipsJason Phillips – Precious Grandson (Shining Star)
PhillipsMarion Phillips
PhillipsMichael Phillips – Forever in our hearts always…Love Mum & Dad
PhillipsPeter Phillips
PhillipsRoy Phillips
PhilpotsJean & Dennis Philpots – Sister & Brother in Law
PhilpottSheila Philpott
PhilpottWilliam John Philpott
PhoenixMichael Phoenix
PhoenixVera Phoenix
PickardMichael Pickard
PickavanceKeith Pickavance
PickenJohn & Muriel Picken
PickenMaurice Picken – Love Forever
PickeringCyril John Pickering – Jack
PickeringDoreen Pickering – Aunty Doreen
PickeringEmily & Wilfrid Pickering – Miss you every day.
PickeringEric & Violet Pickering
PickeringErnest Pickering – Thinking of you
PickfordAngela Pickford
PickfordDouglas Pickford – Doug
PickfordGladys Pickford
PickfordMandy Joan Pickford
PickfordRoger John Pickford – Loving Fiancé, Son, Dad, Grandad, Uncle
PierceAlan Percy Pierce
PierceElizabeth Pierce
PierceGertrude Pierce
PiercePercy Pierce
PierceSally Mercy Pierce
Pierce-JohnsonJosh Pierce-Johnson
PierpointJohn Pierpoint – Husband & Dad
PierpointPhyllis & Cecil Pierpoint – Nan & Grandad
PikeDarren Pike – Dear Brother &Uncle
PikeDarren Pike – Dearly loved
PikeDennis Pike – Dearly loved
PikeIsabell Pike – Granddaughter & Niece
PikeIsabell Pike – Niece, I will always love you, from your Auntie Ann xxxx
PikeIsabell Pike – Niece I will always love you, love from your Auntie Carolanne
PikeIsabell Sophia Pike – Izzy
PikeNoel Pike
PincherGeorge Pincher – Good Friend
PinnDerek Pinn
PinnMeg Pinn
PipPip – my Angel baby
PipeRobert Pipe
PitchfordAlan Pitchford
PitchfordDavid Pitchford – Phantom
PitchfordDon Pitchford
PitchfordEdna Pitchford – “Eddie” A heart of gold. With us always.
PitchfordEdna & Maurice Pitchford
PitchfordElsie May Pitchford – Nannie P.
PitchfordGladys Pitchford
PitchfordGordon Pitchford
PitchfordLesley Pitchford
PitchfordMaurice Pitchford – Our inspiration. With us always.
PitchfordPatrick Pitchford – Pat (our boy) xxx
PitchfordPauline Pitchford
PitmanAnna Pitman – Mum always in my heart
PitmanAnna Pitman, Love you to the moon & back Mum. Linda,Danny,Olivia & Charlie
PittFlossie & Jack Pitt – Mom & Dad
PlantAlfred & Edna Plant
PlantEdna & Bill Plant – Mom & Dad
PlantFrank & Maud Plant – Forever in our Hearts
PlantJulie Plant – Daughter Sister Aunt
PlantReginald Plant – Len
PlantRuth Plant
PlantStephanie Plant
PlimmerHubert & Ethel Plimmer
PohlKay & George Pohl – Love Always, Wendy
PoldenFred Polden
PoldenPhyllis Polden
PollardTerry Pollard
PomeroyBrenda & Fred Pomeroy – Mum/Nan; Dad/Grandad
PookBrian Pook
PooleAlan Poole
PooleAlbert & Edith Poole – Grandad & Grandma
PooleCharles Poole – Charlie
PooleDavid Poole – Doc
PooleDoris Poole
PooleGeorge & Cicely Poole – God Bless Dad & Mom
PooleGrandma & Grandad Poole
PooleMabel Poole
PooleWilliam Poole – Bill
PoolerErnald Pooler – A dear brother
PoolerGordon Pooler – Miss you so much love you forever
PoolerGordon Pooler – Miss you, Love you for ever, Mary
PoolerMuriel & Bill Pooler – Dearest Mom & Dad xx
PorteousJames Porteous – Jim
PorterDavid Porter – Dave
PorterHarry & Ellen Porter
PorterIvy Porter
PorterKevin Porter – Our Kev
PostansBrenda & George Postans – Auntie & Uncle
PotterAlan Potter
PotterBrian William Potter – Forever remembered
PotterDennis Potter
PottsAlbert Leonard Potts – Alby
PottsAnnie Potts – Mom & Nan
PottsDaniel Potts – Pottsy,Loved and Missed Always and Forever
PottsJohn Potts – Dad
PottsRose Potts – Mum
PoulterJean Poulter – Mom & Nan
PoveyVera & Christopher Povey
PowellAnnie Powell – Mum
PowellCharlie Powell – Chuck
PowellGeorge Powell – Dad
PowellGerald Powell – Gerry
PowellJoan Powell
PowellJoan Elizabeth Powell – Dear Niece & Friend
PowellLes Powell
PowellMary Powell – Love and miss you more and more each year
PowellNeil Powell – Husband & Dad
PowellPhilip Powell
PowellPhillip Powell – Remembered Always
PowellPhillip & Kate Powell
PowerBernadette Power – Bernie
PowisDennis Powis
PowisEdna Powis
PowlesDavid Powles
PowlesMaureen Powles
PrattFrederick John Pratt – We all loved and admired you so much Dad
PrattPaul Pratt
Pratt (nee Sinclair)Margaret Rose Pratt (nee Sinclair) – We all love and miss you Mum
PreeceBrian Preece
PreeceChristine Preece
PreeceEmma Preece – Miss you every day
PrestwoodEdgar & Anne Prestwood
PriceAlan Price – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
PriceAntony Price – Tony
PriceDavey & Ruby Price – Loved & missed. Stephen, Barry, Jim & families xxx
PriceEric Stephen Price – Remembered by son & family
PriceGrace Price
PriceHarry Price
PriceJoan & Ernest Price
PriceJohn Price – Haydn
PriceKenneth Price – Ken
PriceLes Price – Merry Christmas from the 6 girls
PriceMargaret Price – Madge
PriceMary Price – Dearly missed
PricePatricia Price – Pat
PricePaul Price
PricePeter Price – Always in our thoughts
PriceTerry Price
PriestIngeborg Priest – Inge
PriestSean Priest
PriestleyFrancis Gerald Priestley – Gerry
PriestleyGrace Priestley
PriestleyJohn Priestley
PriggMary Prigg
PrinceEdna Prince
PrinceMartin & Karen (Everett) Prince – Precious memories always
PriorArthur Prior – Much Loved Uncle & Godfather
PriorGillian Prior – Much Loved Mum & Nan
PritchardAlbert Pritchard – Dink
PritchardAmy Elizabeth Pritchard – Mum in law & Grandma much missed
PritchardBrian Pritchard
PritchardCatherine Pritchard – Dear Wife
PritchardDi Pritchard – Christmas wishes to a loving Wife, Mom, Nan & Gt Nan
PritchardGarry Pritchard – Missed & dearly loved
PritchardGeorge & Lucie Pritchard – Christmas wishes to a loving Mom, Dad & Grandad
PritchardIan Thomas Pritchard – Beloved Husband & Dad
PritchardLeah Pritchard
PritchardMargaret Ann Pritchard – Forever my queen xxxx
PritchardMargaret Ann Pritchard – cannot describe how much we love & miss you xxx
PritchardMartin Pritchard
PritchardMary Pritchard
PritchardMay Pritchard – May
PritchardNorman Pritchard
PritchardNorman Pritchard – Always in my thoughts
PritchardOlive Pritchard
PritchardOlive Esme Pritchard
PritchardRaymond Pritchard – Ray
PritchardSamuel Pritchard – Father in law & Grandad much missed
PritchardShirley Ann Pritchard – Wife,Mother,Grandmother xxx
PritchardSiobhan Pritchard – Dear Mom & Daughter
PritchardStuart Pritchard – Beloved Son & Brother much missed
PritchettLee Pritchett – Jud
PritchettMarian Pritchett
PritchettNellie Pritchett – Nan & Mom xx
ProcterDoris Procter – Dot
ProcterLeslie Procter – Les
ProctorTony Proctor – Forever loved, never forgotten
ProfettoVincenzo Profetto – Vince
ProsserWinifred & Albert Prosser – Winnie & Bert
ProtheroeJillian Protheroe
PryceHoward Pryce
PryceWin Pryce – Loved & Remembered Always
PughBill Pugh – Dad
PughFred Pugh – Loving husband
PughJoseph Pugh – Joe
PughKelvin & Joan Pugh
PughRaymond Pugh – Simply the best
PughWilliam Pugh – Bill
PughWilliam Pugh – Dad, Bill
PumfordBryan Pumford – Loved & Remembered by Irene
PurcellCarole Purcell
PurcellJoan & Dick Purcell
PurcellJohn & Evelyn Purcell
PurcellMartha & Alfred Purcell – Nellie & Alf
PursellJohn Pursell – Love You
PyattBill & Marg Pyatt
PyattPat & George Pyatt
QuantockSheila & George Quantock
QuinnMary & Patrick Quinn
QuinnThomas Quinn – Little brother
QuinnThomas Quinn – Tom
QuirkKaroline Georgina Quirk
QuirkPhilip Thomas Quirk – Phil
RabyLen Raby – My Dearest Dad
RadfordLinda Radford
RaeHilda Rae – Much missed Mum & Gran
RaineHarry & Nora Raine – Dad & Mum
RaineJohn Raine – Brother
Raisewell MrTed Raisewell Mr
Raisewell MrsDorothy Raisewell Mrs
RalphsJohn Ralphs – Grandad
RalphsMary Ralphs – Yar Yar
RamGromeat Ram – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad very dearly missed
RandleLillian Randle
RappittElsie Rappitt
RappittLenard Rappitt
RasidMrs M. Rasid
RatcliffeBryan Ratcliffe
RatcliffeJames Henry Ratcliffe – Harry
RatcliffeMary Ann Ratcliffe – Polly
RathboneHenry Norman Rathbone
RathboneLeah Rathbone
RatheramWinnie Ratheram – Win
RawlingsBernard Rawlings – Much loved Father, Pampa, Gt. Pampa
RawlingsDerek Rawlings, Special Husband, Dad & Grandad
RawlingsThelma Rawlings – Much loved Mother, Nan & Gt. Nan
RayIvy Ena Ray – Ivy
RayRonald Raymond Ray – Ron
ReaBrenda Rea – Mom & Nan xx
ReadAnne Read – Sister, Aunt & Gt Aunt
ReadGraham Read – Brother-in-Law & Uncle
ReddenHerbert Redden – Herbie
ReddenPhyliss Redden – Phil
ReecePaul Reece
ReeceRon Reece – Forever in our hearts
ReedTim Reed – I miss you – Gary
ReesRoger Rees – Podgy love & miss you
ReeveBarbara Reeve
ReevesMichelle Reeves – Shelly
ReganBrendan Regan
ReidKaren Reid – Kaz
ReidNorman Reid – Fondly Remembered
ReillyMaggie Reilly – Mother
ReillyPaul Reilly – Brother
ReillyRita Reilly – Much loved Mom & Gran
ReillyThomas Owen Reilly – Sadly missed
ResounLillian Resoun – Win
ResounWilliam Resoun – Bill
RexDerek Rex
ReynoldsMark Reynolds
ReynoldsRebecca Reynolds
ReynoldsTony Reynolds
RhoadesCharles & Doris Rhoades – Love you Mum & Dad
RhodesAnn Rhodes – Mum/Nan always loved and missed xx
RhodesBrian Rhodes – Dad/Grandad, always loved and missed xx
RhodesDaisy Rhodes – Nan/Great Nan always loved and missed xx
RhodesDickie Rhodes – Uncle Dicky Missed and loved xx
RhodesGilbert & Elsie Rhodes – Dad & Mom
RhodesJohn Rhodes – A Loving Husband & Dear Dad
RhodesKathleen & Bertram Rhodes – Kath & Bert
RhodesNicholas Adam Rhodes – Trick, our special little boy aged 12¾
RhodesOliver J.C. Rhodes – Loved always
RiceEdna Rice
RiceJohn & Barbara Rice
RichTony Rich – Miss you, love you forever
RichardsAlfred & Mary Richards – Fond Memories of Dad & Mum
RichardsAlfred & Mary Richards – Dad & Mum
RichardsBetty Richards – Fiancée
RichardsDavid W.J. Richards – Forever missed
RichardsGladys Richards – Betty Mum- Wife to Gordon
RichardsGlynis Richards
RichardsGordon Richards – Stepdad-Husband to Betty
RichardsGordon John Richards – Forever missed
RichardsHamilton Richards – Bob – love you so much
RichardsJasper Richards
RichardsJudy Richards
RichardsLillian May Richards – Lil-Loving Mom
RichardsPhyllis Richards
RichardsVictor Cyril & Irene Richards – Dad & Mom
RichardsonGordon Richardson – Dick
RichardsonHarold & Betty Richardson – Never forgotten
RichardsonJohn Richardson – A loving Brother & Uncle
RichardsonMum & Dad Richardson – Fondly remembered
RichardsonTerry Richardson
RicksKatherine Ricks – Kath
RickusAlice Rickus
RickusDon Rickus – Dad, Loved & Missed
RickusJohn Rickus – Jack
RidgeRichard Ridge – Loving Husband & Dad
RigbyHarry Rigby – Dad
RigbyJoan Rigby – Loving wife, mother and grandmother
RigbyNorah Rigby
RigbyStuart John Rigby – Son
RigbyStuart John Rigby – Husband and Dad
RileyFloss & Tom Riley – of Willenhall
RileySarah Elsie Riley – Sally
Rimington-DeanJoseph Rimington-Dean
RixomShane Rixom – Husband & Dad to Chris & Sarah
RobertsAlice & Hugh Roberts
RobertsAnn Roberts – Love you Nan
RobertsBella Roberts
RobertsBen Roberts
RobertsBess Roberts
RobertsBetty Roberts
RobertsCyril Charles Roberts – Charlie
RobertsDennis & Yvonne Roberts – Dad & Mum
RobertsDon & Edith Roberts
RobertsDoris Roberts – Dot
RobertsDorothy Roberts – Dot
RobertsEdna & Brian Roberts
RobertsElizabeth & Geoffrey Roberts – Mam & Dad
RobertsFrank Roberts – The Barber
RobertsGeoff Roberts – The Barber
RobertsGrace Roberts – Mom & Nan
RobertsHarold Roberts – H
RobertsHeather Roberts – Thinking of you
RobertsIris Roberts – Amazing lady
RobertsJack Roberts – Husband, Dad & Pop
RobertsJack & Vera Roberts
RobertsJoe & Decima Roberts
RobertsJohn Roberts – Chairman
RobertsJoseph Roberts – Joe
RobertsLes & Rita Roberts – Mum & Dad
RobertsLil Roberts
RobertsMadge Roberts – Nan
RobertsMark Roberts – Brother
RobertsMeg Roberts
RobertsPeter Roberts
RobertsRichard Roberts – Dick
RobertsRobert Roberts – Bobby
RobertsWilliam Roberts – Grandad
Roberts (D A)Dave Roberts (D A) – A much loved and dear friend.
RobertsonAubrey Robertson – Brother
RobertsonGeorge & Pauline Robertson – Mum & Dad
RobertsonLouisa John & Sandy Robertson – Forever in our thoughts
RobertsonWinifred Robertson – Win
RobinsonChristine Robinson – Chris
RobinsonDan & May Robinson
RobinsonGraham Robinson – (Badger)
RobinsonHugh James Robinson – Happy Christmas darling
RobinsonJean Robinson
RobinsonKaren Robinson
RobinsonKen & Jean Robinson – Uncle & Aunty
RobinsonKen & Jean Robinson – Dear Friends
RobinsonKen & Jean Robinson
RobinsonKenneth & Jean Robinson – Uncle & Auntie
RobinsonLucinda Robinson – Miss You My Friend
RobinsonMarjorie Robinson – Nanny Marj
RobinsonMax Robinson – Dad & Jaffa
RobinsonMichelle Robinson – Daughter & Sister
RobinsonMichelle Robinson – Shell, Love & miss you still xx
RobinsonRex Robinson – Sexy Rex
RochelleTom Rochelle
RockJoseph Rock – Joe
RodenBrian Roden – Bri, Dad
RodenJoan Roden
RodenKathleen Roden – Kath, Mom
RodenLily & Joe Roden – Mum & Dad
RoderickEdward Roderick – Ed
RodgersHarold Rodgers – Miss you Dad, Love Tana X
RodgersHarold & Kathleen Rodgers – Miss you both, Love Rita & Mark xx
RodgersKathleen Rodgers – Miss you Mom, Love Tana X
RoeJohn Roe
RoganPat Rogan
RogersArthur Rogers – Dad
RogersDennis Rogers – Loving Husband forever in my thoughts
RogersDerek Rogers
RogersIris Rogers – nee Baugh, dear Sister & Auntie
RogersJanet Rogers – Wife & Mom
RogersKen Rogers – Tony
RogersKenneth Rogers – Our Kenny
RogersLee Rogers – Remembering you at Christmas
RogersLewis Rogers – We Miss You!
RogersMarjorie Rogers – Marj
RogersPhillip Rogers – Fudge
RollsIvy Rolls – Mum sadly missed
RollsStan Rolls – Dad sadly missed
RoperJack & Maggie Roper – Love always
RoperPercy & Mary Roper
RoseBill & Olive Rose – Dad & Mom
RossHazel Ross
RossJohn Ross
RossiterVincent Rossiter – Bampi. Dad always in our heart, never forgotten
RoughBeatrice & Arthur Rough – Dad & Mom
RoughIvy Rough – Sister
RoughtonJohn & Jean Roughton
RoundGladys & Morris Round – Nan & Grandad
RoundJohn Round – Treasured Husband
RoundJohn Round – Unforgettable Dad & Brother
RoundMaggie Round – Nan
RowdingLes Rowding
RoweDanielle Kirby Jayne Rowe – Dani. Love & miss you loads
RoweFreda Rowe
RoweGeorge Rowe
RoweSylvia Rowe
RowlandArabella Faith Rowland – Bella
RowlandJulie Rowland
RowlandsJackie Rowlands – Nanny Fish
RowleyAlfred & Violet Rowley
RowleyDave Rowley – Friend
RowleyDavid Rowley – Husband
RowleyDawn Rowley – Daughter
RowleyDonald Rowley – Remembered & Loved Always by your Family
RowleyEdwin Rowley – Ted
RowleyFrank Rowley
RowleyGeoffrey Rowley – Beloved Dad
RowleyGeoffrey Rowley – Husband, Ruggles
RowleyHorace Rowley – Husband, Dad & Grandad
RowleyJoyce Rowley
RowleyKeith Rowley
RowleyLinda Rowley – Friend
RowleyMark Rowley
RowleySusie, Beaut, Pepsi Rowley – Beloved Yorkies
RoycroftPauline Roycroft
RoycroftPauline Roycroft – Loving Wife, Mom & Nan
RuddJames Rudd
RuddlesdinMiriam Ruddlesdin
RudgeGorden Rudge – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
RudgeTania Rudge – Our darling Daughter love forever Mum & Dad xx
RudgeTania Rudge – Lots of Love Always Sister-Carla,Steve,Steph & Lance XXX
RuffAlbert Ruff – Dad
RugglesErnest James Ruggles – Love You Always
RushbrookeEna Rushbrooke – Aunty
RushtonBernard Rushton
RushtonFrances Rushton
RushtonGraham Rushton – (Rocky) miss you ade,em, reuban, ezmay
RushtonGraham Rushton – Rocky , missed always
RushtonJames Rushton – Alfred
RushtonMarion Rushton
RushtonTracy Rushton – Sister I will always love you from Carolanne xxx
RushtonTracy Jane Rushton – Daughter & Sister
RussellArthur Russell – Dad with love
RussellArthur Russell – Husband
RussellChristine Russell – Chris
RussellNorma Russell – Betty
RussellTim Russell – Dad
RussellTom Russell – Fondly Remembered
RustonHarold (Hal) Ruston – Much loved
RustonMarion Ruston – Much loved
RutterAlbert Rutter – T.U.T
RyanMary Ryan
RyeTed Rye
RymanFrancis Ryman – Auntie
SabbenJohn Sabben – Jack
SabbenHilda Sabben
SageDavid Sage – Brother, Forever in our hearts
SagePeter Sage – Brother, Forever in our hearts
SaleemJulie Saleem – A dear friend of Linda & Colin
Sally-AnnDaughter Sally-Ann
Sally-AnnMom Sally-Ann
Sally-AnnSister Sally-Ann
SaltThomas Salt – Salty
SalterEric Leonard & Lillian Salter – Dad & Mom (Mim)
SamsAndrew Sams – Brother at peace
SamsMargaret Sams – Mom, dearly missed
SamwaysStacey Louise Samways – Remembered always
SandersAnnie Sanders – Nance
SandersElvis Sanders – Always in our hearts
SandersLilian Sanders
SandersPhillip Sanders – Phil
SandersSelwyn Sanders
SandersSteven Sanders – Baby Son & Brother
SandlandDavid Sandland – With love
SandsVictor Sands
SankeyAlice & Bill Sankey – Dearly loved Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
SankeyJames & Alice Sankey – Loved & remembered. X
SankeyJohn Sankey
SankeyKeith Sankey – Dad, Always remembered with love
SankeyMervyn Sankey
SankeyPhyliss Sankey
SansMarion Sans
SansWilliam Sans
SarbuttDaisy & Alec Sarbutt
SargeantEthel Sargeant
SargentBrian Sargent
SargentDennis Sargent
SargentEddie Sargent
SaundersEveline Saunders
SavageBaden Savage
SavageDennis Savage – Love You!
SaxbyBrian Saxby – Sax
SayerColin Sayer
SayerPeggy Sayer
SchneidGwen & Ady Schneid
ScholefieldFergus Scholefield
SchutteAnn Patricia Schutte – Wife Mother Nan Popa
ScottJim & Louisa Scott – Remembered with Love
ScrivenFredrick Scriven – Husband
SeabrookVeronica Seabrook – Nicky
SeabyGeoff Seaby – Grandad in the sky
SeagerAndrew R. Seager – Soggy
SeagerMornington S. Seager – Morny
SeallEileen Seall
SeniorAdrian Senior – Ade
SercombeJohn Sercombe – Husband & Dad
SercombeStan Sercombe
ShadboltTony Shadbolt – Merry Christmas
ShambleyBrett Shambley
ShambleyGib Shambley
ShambleyKit Shambley
ShanksPeter Shanks – Gramps
SharpDavid Sharp
SharpKeiran Sharp – Always in our thoughts and missed dearly
SharpPeter Sharp
SharpVelma Sharp
SharpleyMaureen Sharpley
ShaughnessyKeith Shaughnessy – Remembering you at Christmas & all year round.
ShawBarry Shaw – Husband
ShawGeorge Shaw – Forever Missed
ShawHazel & Richard Shaw
ShawLeslie Shaw – Les – Loving Husband & Father
ShawVera Shaw – My Amazing Mum, so Loved & Missed
ShawWilliam Shaw
SheardGeorge Sheard
ShentonEdith Shenton – Mavis
ShentonErnest Shenton
ShentonJosie Shenton
ShentonTakeeta Shenton – “Tee” Love you to the moon & back.
ShepherdBob Shepherd – Dearly missed
ShepherdDoris & Sidney Shepherd
ShepherdEdith Shepherd
ShepherdElizabeth Shepherd – Mum
ShepherdEric Shepherd – EJJ
ShepherdGary Shepherd
ShepherdLinda Shepherd
ShepherdMargaret & Michael Shepherd
ShepherdMartin Shepherd – Brother
ShepherdMary Shepherd – Nan Shep
ShepherdPhoebe and Jack Shepherd – Remembering always
ShepherdReg Shepherd – Shep
SheppardDavid Sheppard – Dave
SheppardHenry Sheppard – Husband
SherborneJo Sherborne – Sister/Mum
SherrattBetty Sherratt
SherrattPercy Sherratt –
SherwinTerence Sherwin
ShewardGordon Sheward
ShewardIrene Sheward – Rene
ShewardWes & Hilda Sheward
ShieberAlbert Shieber
ShieberDaphne Shieber
ShieberJane Shieber
ShieberKeith Shieber
ShiltonCharlie & Mary Shilton
ShinglerFrank Shingler
ShinglerPeter Shingler
ShinnerGeoff Shinner – So Much Love – Missed
ShoreThomas Derek Shore – Derek
ShoreWilliam (Bill) & Mary Shore
ShouliOsman Shouli
ShukerChristopher John Shuker – Kris
ShukerEric & Elsie Shuker – Dad Grandad Brother & Mom, Nanna, Sister
ShukerKen & Eleanor Shuker – Uncle Brother & Auntie
ShukerMarion Shuker
SidebottomJanet Sidebottom
SidesRon & Nancy Sides
SilcockMarjorie Silcock – Mom Nan & Great Nan
SilcockSam Silcock – Dad Grandad & Great Grandad
SimcockMaddie Simcock – Love you Mum, Always
SimkinJames Simkin – Jim
SimkinMaureen Simkin – Mo
SimmillAdrian Simmill – Dad & Uncle
SimmondsGerald Simmonds – Husband, Dad,Grandad
SimmondsRonald Simmonds – Grandad, Love Ryan x
SimmonsDad Simmons – Sons-David & Family, Kevin & Family
SimmonsFanny Simmons – Aunty
SimmonsMick Simmons – Merte
SimmonsRon Simmons – My Dad, My Hero, Miss You
SimmonsRoy Simmons, Loving Husband, Dad, G’Dad, Gt G’Dad, Always in our Thoughts
SimmonsTerry Simmons – Husband – Wife Beryl
SimpsonArthur Simpson
SimpsonAudrey Simpson
SimpsonBert Simpson
SimpsonFrank Simpson
SimpsonRalph Simpson
SimpsonWilfred Simpson – Roy, Always remembered, Sue, children & grandchildren
SimsJoan Sims
SingletonDavid Singleton – Dad. Treasured memories xxx
SkeldingVic Skelding – Dad & Grandad
SkeltonBill Skelton – Dad & Grandad
SkeltonConnie & Ernie Skelton – Mom & Dad
SkeltonGrace Skelton – Mum & Nan
SkeltonJayne Skelton – Mum
SkeltonJayne Skelton – Wife
SkeltonJohn Skelton – Son
SkeltonJohn R. Skelton – Miss you x
Skelton (Bowcutt)Jayne Skelton (Bowcutt) – Loving sister
SkittDenise Skitt – Elcox
SkittGeorge Skitt – Loving Uncle
SkittJade Skitt – Daughter sister & Granddaughter
SkittVera Skitt
SkittVera Mary Skitt
SlackBarbara Slack – Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Always in our thoughts
SlackJohn Slack – Jack- Loving Father
SlackRose Slack – Loving Mother
SladdenA.M. Sladden – Nain
SladdenRev John Sladden – Grandpa
SladeAlfred Slade – Grandad
SladeJean Slade – Grandma
SlaterJenny Slater – Mom
SlaterTim Slater – Brother
SleathMarg Sleath – Mom
SloaneNeil Sloane
SlynnRoger Slynn – Loved & remembered every day
SmallEileen Small
SmallRosemary Ann Small – Ann
SmallmanBetty Smallman
SmallmanMichelle Smallman – Mom
SmallmanRoy Smallman
SmallmanSam Smallman
SmartJacob Smart – Bubs Grandson- Loved Missed
SmartJamie Smart – Jaylad
SmartJohn Smart – I will always love you
SmartMary Smart – Granny Smart
SmartRoy Smart
SmartStephen Smart – Baggy Son Loved-Missed
SmartViolet & Edgar Smart – Dear Parents & Grandparents
SmithAmy & Ernest Smith
SmithAndrew Smith – Andy
SmithBob Smith – Not a day goes by without thinking of you love Pat X
SmithChristopher Smith – Chris
SmithColin Smith – Husband & Dad
SmithDavid Smith – Always in our thoughts
SmithDouglas Raymond Smith – Dad, Grandad sadly missed
SmithEdward Smith – Resting in the arms of Jesus
SmithElsie Smith – Beloved Mother
SmithElsie & Walter Smith
SmithEric Evan Smith
SmithEva & Jack Smith – Mom & Dad
SmithGeorge Smith
SmithGeorge William Smith
SmithGill Smith – Nan
SmithGillian Smith – Wife
SmithGraham Smith – Dad xxxx
SmithHeather & Linda Smith
SmithHorace & Mary Smith – Grandpa & Nana, Mum & Dad
SmithIsobella Smith – Always Remembered
SmithJ.A (Tony) Smith – Loved and missed always
SmithJames Smith – Always Remembered
SmithJim Smith – Missed Everyday Loved Always
SmithJohn Kevin – Son Smith – Love always, Mom XX
SmithKathleen Smith – Loving Mum
SmithLes & Gwen Smith – Pops & Mom
SmithLilian Smith – Lil, special Mother in Law,Love Margaret x
SmithMabel Smith
SmithMarjorie Smith – Mom
SmithMay & Percy Smith – Mom & Dad
SmithNige Smith
SmithPauline Smith – Patsy
SmithPeter Smith
SmithPeter & Lily Smith – Dad & Mum, Grandad & Nan XX
SmithPip Smith
SmithReg Smith – Always with me & never forgotten
SmithStephen John Smith – Brother, Uncle sadly missed
SmithSteve Smith
SmithSylvia Smith – My Wonderful Mum
SmithThomas Henry Smith – Tom
SmithTiffany Smith – Daughter
SmithTiffany Smith – Granddaughter
SmithVic & Thelma Smith
SmithWesley Smith – Wes
SmithWilliam Smith – Bill
SmithWilliam Smith – Dad
SmithWilliam Arthur Smith – Bill
SmithYvonne Smith – Loved and missed always
SmithIvy Smith – Mom, Grandmom sadly missed
Smith was WakeCynthia Charlotte Alice Smith was Wake
SmoutDerek Smout
SmoutRuby Smout
SmythLiz Smyth
SnailhamLiam Snailham
SnapeFred Snape
SnowdenBryan Snowden
SnowdenEwart Snowden
SnowdenOlwen Snowden
SokolovEirnie & Ellen Sokolov – Forever in our Hearts
SolonShane Solon
SolonShane Solon – Missing you loads Son
SolonTeresa Solon – Rest In Peace Mom
SolonTeresa & Edward Solon
SomerfieldJohn Somerfield – Dad – Always Remembered
SorsbyMary & Harry Sorsby – Nan & Grandad Strawberry
SouthReg South
SouthcottGerald Southcott
SouthwickKen Southwick – A very special husband forever in my heart
SpeedJean Speed, Mum/Nannie, miss you still- Diane, Andy, Jaymes & Danielle xxxx
SpekeAilsa Speke – Always remembered
SpekeMartin Speke – Always remembered
SpellerBrian Speller
SpenceDeborah Spence – Debbie
SpencerMargaret & Tom Spencer – Sister & Brother in Law
SpicerEric & Jean Spicer – Always in our thoughts. Miss you
SpraggAlison Spragg – Al
SpraggDoreen Spragg – nee Mayhew
SpraggMary Spragg – Loved & remembered every day
SpraggSteve Spragg – Loved & remembered every day
SprosonLoraine Sproson
StackJohn Stack – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
StaffordShirley Stafford – Gone but not Forgotten
StainfieldThomas Stainfield – Husband, Dad & Grandad
StandellPeter Standell – Sponner
StandleyElla-Mae Standley – Beloved Daughter xx
StandrinBert Standrin – Love & Miss You
StanilandJen Staniland
StanleyAlf & Chris Stanley – Dad & Mum
StanleyBasil Stanley – Son in Law, Husband Dad
StanleyKen Stanley
StantonMargaret & Jake Stanton – Billy Boots
StantonPeter Stanton – Great Father & Grandad
StantonTina Jane Stanton – Daughter & Sister
StearnDes Stearn – Much Loved Dad & Grandad
StearnJune Stearn – Much Loved Mom & Nan
StearsBrian Stears – UB
SteathamDylan Steatham – Still Shining xx
SteeleAdrian Steele – Reg
SteeleIsabelle Steele – Izzy
SteeleRaymond Steele – Forever in our hearts
SteeleWilliam Steele – Bill
SteningGeorge Stening – Husband
StephanMargaret & Neville Stephan
StephensBarbara Jean Stephens – Thinking of You
StephensBeatrice Stephens
StephensBeatrice & Horace Stephens
StephensHorace Stephens
StephensKevin Roland Stephens
StephensLeslie Stephens
StephensOlando Roland Stephens – Roly
StevensBarrie Stevens
StevensChris Stevens – Grumps xx
StevensDaniel Ryan Stevens – Baby
StevensJohn Stevens
StevensJulie Stevens – Jules
StevensRay Stevens – Never forgotten
StevensReg Stevens – Father in law
StevensSidney Stevens
StevensFlorence Stevens – Auntie Flo – love & miss you xx
Stevens Nee MylerJulie Stevens Nee Myler
SteventonAlbert Steventon
SteventonAlice Steventon
SteventonEnid Steventon
SteventonEvelyn Steventon – Loved & remembered every day
SteventonReg Steventon – Loved & remembered every day
StewartBessie Stewart
StewartElizabeth & Fred Stewart
StewartMorag Stewart – Sister, Aunt
StillKen Still – from Family & Friends
StobaAnthony Stoba – Stobie
StockdalePeggy Stockdale – Dear Mum, sadly missed
StockinDoris Stockin
StockinFrank Stockin
StokesHarry & Kathleen Stokes – Always in our hearts
StokesLilian Stokes – Mom
StokesRoger Oakley Stokes – Loving Dad & Grandad
StonesElsie Stones
StonesJohn Stones
StoreyBett Storey
StricklandPhillip Strickland – Phil
StringerGeoff Stringer – Forever with us dad, missing you
StringerLisa Marie Stringer – Always in our hearts Lisa, love mom and dad
StringerSylvia Stringer
StringfellowJohn A Stringfellow – With Love, always
StuartJamie Stuart – Nephew
StuartJohn Stuart – Dad
StuartJoyce & Colin Stuart – Always in our hearts
StuartMargaret Stuart – Mom
StuartMargaret Stuart – Mum
StubbsMargaret Stubbs
SturdyAnnie Sturdy
SturrockFullerton Sturrock – Jock
SturrockJacqueline Sturrock – Jackie
SuffolkEric Suffolk – In our thoughts and hearts always
SullivanKath & Patsy Sullivan
SumaraJohnny Sumara – Husband & Dad
SummersRaymond Summers – Sums, Beloved Husband
SummersSuzanne Summers – Susie
SumnallAlbert & Frances Sumnall – Nobby & Fran
SumnallBill Sumnall
SumnallDoris Sumnall
SumnallErnest John Sumnall – Ernie
SumnallErnie Sumnall
SumnallJames Sumnall – Jim – My Lovely Dad
SunertonPhilip Sunerton – Living in our hearts’
SurnamePhilips name
SutherlandDonald Sutherland – Jock
SutherlandNeil Alexander Sutherland – Son
SuthonPaul Suthon – Love lil sis Jo x
SuthonPaul Suthon – Best buddy
SuttonDavid Sutton – Much loved and missed
SuttonSheila Sutton
SwainAlan Swain – Chico
SwainBeatrice Swain – Big Nan & GT Nan
SwainBeaty Swain – Nan & Big Nan
SwainRay Swain
SwannBrian Swann
SweeneyJoyce & Patrick Sweeney – Loved Parents
SwiftPhyllis Swift – Mother
SwintonRalph Swinton – Loved and missed by all x x
SyassGeorge & Edith Syass – Always in my thoughts. John
SykesEddie & Ada Sykes – Dad & Mom miss you
SykesPhillip Sykes – Phil
SylvesterAlbert Sylvester – My 1st Xmas without you, All my love, Miss you so
SylvesterMargaret & Frank Sylvester – Mum & Dad, Nan & Granddad
SylvesterMary & Albert Sylvester – Mother & Dad
SzehofnerJozsef (Joe) Szehofner – Dear Dad & Grandad
SzehofnerMaria Szehofner – Dear Mum Nan & Great Nan
TaftJohn Anthony Taft
TaitJim Tait
TaitPat Tait – Loving Dad & Grandad xx
TaitPat Tait – Loving Husband x
TalbotGerald Talbot – Nipper
TalbotMavis Talbot – Partner
TalbottCecil Talbott
TalbottMarie Talbott
TannerJean Tanner
TannerRobert Tanner – Bob
TarrHarry Tarr
TartHarold Tart
TaylorAlfie Taylor – Alfie “T” Love Neil & Anthea
TaylorAlfred Taylor – Alf
TaylorArthur & Helena Taylor
TaylorBarbara & Bill Taylor – Our Mom & Dad
TaylorBerenice Taylor – Berrie
TaylorBill & Barbara Taylor – Our Mum & Dad
TaylorBill & Barbara Taylor – Our Loving Nan & Grandad
TaylorBryan & Norma Taylor – In Our Hearts
TaylorChris Taylor – Dad
TaylorChris Taylor – Grandad – The Moon
TaylorDarkie & Dave Taylor – Mum & Dad
TaylorDavid Taylor
TaylorErnie Taylor – Dad and Grandad Ernie
TaylorFlo Taylor – Mum Nan & Great Nan Always miss you loads
TaylorGeoff Taylor – Husband,Dad,Granddad
TaylorJean Taylor
TaylorLeslie John Taylor
TaylorMary Jane Taylor – Granny
TaylorPaul William Taylor – Dad/grandad
TaylorRoy Taylor – Beloved Husband of Celia
TaylorRoy E Taylor – Husband, Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
TaylorSheila & Ron Taylor
TeeceColin Teece – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
TeeceGeorge & Nellie Teece
TeeceNev & Ann Teece – Dad & Mum
TemperleyColin Temperley – Kaz’ s dad
TewFrank&Minnie Tew – Mum & Dad
ThomasDennis & Joyce Thomas
ThomasDerek Thomas
ThomasDiane Thomas – We all miss you Mum
ThomasIrene Thomas – Auntie – Forever in my heart
ThomasJim & Eileen Thomas – Mom & Dad
ThomasKeanan Thomas Always missed, forever in our hearts
ThomasMarjorie Thomas
ThomasVi Thomas – Merry Christmas Mom
ThomasKen Thomas – Soulmates forever. Jilly.
Thomas (MBE)Arthur Thomas (MBE) – Uncle, Forever in my heart
Thomas (nee Dodd)Valerie Thomas (nee Dodd) – Mom & Nan
ThompsonAlan Thompson – Forever in Our Hearts
ThompsonAnnie Thompson
ThompsonBrian Thompson
ThompsonEdna Thompson – Mum & Nan
ThompsonHenrietta Thompson – Hetty
ThompsonHettie Thompson
ThompsonIvy Thompson
ThompsonJim Thompson
ThompsonJohn Thompson – Johnny
ThompsonJohnny Thompson
ThompsonKeith Thompson – Best Dad in the World
ThompsonMaureen Thompson
ThompsonMichael Thompson
ThompsonMike Thompson
ThompsonPamela Thompson – Mother & Nan
ThompsonRon Thompson
ThompsonRon Thompson – Forever loved
ThompsonRussell Thompson – Brother & Uncle
ThompsonSusan I Thompson – All our love
ThompsonVincent Thompson – Vince
ThompsonVincent Thompson – Vince, My Son, My Love, My Life
ThomsonRoy Thomson – Dad
ThorpeHarold Thorpe – Lal
ThriftEdna Thrift
ThriftEdward Thrift – Ted
TilbyNellie Tilby – Bunny
TillBarry Till – Love Forever
TillEwart Till – Uncie
TillGwendoline Till – Gwen
TingleKim Tingle
TinklerCyril Tinkler
TinklerNorman Tinkler
TinklerPam Tinkler
TinsleyChristine Tinsley
TinsleyDoreen Tinsley – Loved & remembered always
TipladyNora Tiplady – “Hippo”
TippingAlan Tipping
TippingDoug & Gladys Tipping – Dad & Mum
TippingErnest (Ernie) Tipping – Loved & remembered every day by us all
TisdaleIvy & Bill Tisdale
TitleyAlbert Titley – Bert
TitleyFlorrie & Alf Titley
TitleyRonald Titley
TitleyWinnifred Titley – Winnie
TjiarrisChris & Ruby Tjiarris
ToddDerek Todd
ToddWilliam (Billy) Todd – Loved & remembered always
TomkinsonGeorge Tomkinson – Dode
TomkinsonGeorge Tomkinson – Dad
TomkinsonLinda Tomkinson – Mrs Tomkinson School Teacher
TonksErnestine Emma Elizabeth Tonks – Ena
TonksHarold Tonks
TonksJames Tonks – Jimmy (accordionist)
TonksRaymond Tonks
TonksVic Tonks – Loving Husband
TonksVic Tonks – Grandad
TottBert & Margy Tott
TranterArthur & Dorothy Tranter – Always remembered
TranterBett Tranter – Merry Christmas Mom
TranterBob and Frances Tranter
TranterCharlie & Ivy Tranter – Always Remembered
TranterDick Tranter – Merry Christmas Dad
TranterFred & Annie Tranter – Sadly missed
TranterGraham Tranter – Dear Husband & Dad
TranterHarold Tranter – ‘H’ Miss you Dad
TranterHorace Tranter – “H”
TranterHorace,Lillian Veronica, & Louise Tranter
TranterJoy Ann Tranter
TranterLes Tranter
TranterLinda Tranter – Miss You So Much
TranterMarie Tranter – Miss you so much Mom
TranterMavis Tranter – Miss You So Much
TranterMelvin Tranter – Brother
TranterReg Tranter – Always Remembered
TranterVelma Tranter
TreadwellJean Treadwell – Nan, Mum
TreleavenMichael Treleaven – Mike
TribbleJean Tribble – nee Farlow
TribbleLeonard Tribble
TrickettJapheth & Meg Trickett – Dad & Mum
TrimAnthony Trim – Tony, Dad, Pops, Grandad, Gramps
TrimJulia /Julie/June Trim – wife/mother/nan/grandma
TromansAllan Tromans – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
TroyTom Troy
TrumperBrenda Trumper – Mum, Grandmother & Gt Grandmother
TrumperJoyce Trumper – Wife, Mum & Nan
TuckMary Tuck – nee Jones
TuckAllen Tuck – Forever missed
TudorGareth Tudor
TuftIrene Tuft – Mum, Nan & Gt Nan
TuftRaymond Tuft – Dad, Grandad & Gt Granddad
TunneyAriston Tunney – I love you
TurleyJudith Turley – Judy
TurnbullLillian (Lil) Turnbull – Missing you always
TurnerAlan Turner
TurnerBarbara (Mom) Turner – Missing you at Christmas & always xxx
TurnerBeryl Turner – Mum
TurnerGareth Turner
TurnerIan Turner
TurnerIrene Turner – Goose
TurnerJackie Turner – Jackie – always in my thoughts love Paul xxx
TurnerJean Turner
TurnerJohn Turner – Tot
TurnerJulie Turner
TurnerKaren Turner – Daughter, Niece & Cousin
TurnerMabel & Bob Turner
TurnerMary Turner
TurnerRobert Turner – Bobby
TurnerTerence Turner – Love and miss you. Jean XX
TurnerTerry (Dad) Turner – Missing you at Christmas & always xxx
TurrellLawrence Turrell – Husband & Dad
TwinneyCis Twinney
TyassAda Tyass
TyassArthur Tyass
TylerPolly & Bill Tyler – Mom & Dad
TyrerElsie Tyrer – Missed & loved Mom
TyrerKen & Ben Braggins Tyrer – Remembered always
TyrerPauline & Bert Tyrer – Mom & Dad
TyrerTed Tyrer – Missed & loved Dad
UnderwoodDavid & Ivy Underwood – Loved parents and grandparents
UnderwoodDonald Underwood – Don
Underwood-WhitneyDavid Underwood-Whitney
Underwood-WhitneyTony & Constance Underwood-Whitney
UptonOlive Upton – Never forgotten
UptonWilfred & Margaret Upton – Dad & Mom
UrquhartElizabeth & John Urquhart
Van DykGideon Van Dyk – Boy
Van StraatenPhilip Van Straaten – Loved & Remembered Every Day
Van-CauterDianne Van-Cauter
Van-CauterMichelle Van-Cauter – Daughter
VardakisManolis Vardakis
VaughanEdward Vaughan – Ted Dear Dad
VaughanElsie Vaughan – Dear Mum
VaughanJosie Vaughan – Mum
VaughanJosie Vaughan – Treasured Best Friend, Nan & Great Nan
VaughanLeonard Vaughan
VaughanMarjorie & Lenard Vaughan – Mum & Dad
VaughanNeil Vaughan – Brother
VaughanNeil Vaughan – Beloved Husband
VaughanNeil Vaughan – Dear Son in Law
VaughanNeil Vaughan – Loving Dad, Grandad
VaughanRon Vaughan – Loving Dad, Grandad & Gt grandad
VaughanRonald Vaughan – Ron, Dad
VenablesJeff Venables
VennDavid Venn – Dave
VentressNeil Ventress
VernonLouise Vernon – Sister
VerschoorJohn Verschoor – Dad
VickersErnest & Norah Vickers – Mother & Father
VickersFrank Vickers
VickersIrene Vickers
VickersPaul Vickers
VickersPaul Vickers – Friend
VickersPaul Vickers – Dear Son
VickersPaul Vickers – Brother
VickersSamantha Vickers – Sam
VickersThomas A. Vickers – Tom
VickersTom Vickers – Husband
VickersTom Vickers – Dear Dad
Villiers – CharltonRochelle Villiers – Charlton – Cherry
VincentRon Vincent
VinesJennie Vines – Mom & Nan
VowlesJoy Vowles – Much Loved Mum & Nan
WadeEthel Wade
WadeLeonard Wade
WadeRobert Wade – Bob
WadeRonald & Elsie Wade – Dad & Mum
WakeAnthony Wake – Tony
WakeleyColin Wakeley
WakeleyEdward Wakeley – A Dear Husband Dad & Grandad
WakeleyGeorge Wakeley – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
WakeleyGraham Wakeley – Husband
WakeleyMargaret & Moses Wakeley – Mom & Dad
WakemanBenjamin Wakeman – Baby Ben
WakenellJames (Jim) Wakenell – Loved beyond words, missed beyond measure
WalkerAlf & Cis Walker – Dad & Mom
WalkerBrenda Walker
WalkerJohn Walker
WalkerJohn Edward Walker – Missed by son Darran & wife Margaret
WalkerKate & Charles Walker
WalkerKen & Maureen Walker – Dad & Mom
WalkerMary Walker – Always in our hearts Mom/Grandma xxx
WalkerMary Walker
WalkerOlive & Alfred Walker
WalkerPauline Walker – Beloved Wife, Mom & Nan, Love & miss you so much xx
WalkerPauline Walker – Never forgotten, Love Vera, Dinky, Jade & Aaron
WalkerSam & Clara Walker
WalkerSimon Walker – Sam
WallDavid Wall – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
WallGladys Wall – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
WallGreg Wall – Loving son, brother, husband and father
WallGreg Wall
WallPeter & Louise Wall – Dad & Mum, in our Hearts
WallReg Wall – Your Light Shines on in Our Hearts
WallReg &Gladys Wall
WallaceCliff Wallace
WallaceDavid & Edith Wallace
WallaceEdna & Walter Wallace
WallaceElsie Wallace – Loved always
WallaceFred & Mary Wallace
WallaceMuriel Wallace
WallaceSean Wallace – Grandson
WallcroftBarrie Wallcroft – Baz
WallcroftElizabeth Wallcroft
WallcroftRon Wallcroft
WallingtonAlan Wallington
WallisDonald Wallis
WallisGladys Wallis
WallisKeith Wallis – Forever missed
WallisVyvian Wallis
WallsamWilliam & Rene Wallsam
WalmsleyAlan Walmsley
WalmsleyDiane Walmsley – Love And Miss You
WalmsleyRoy Walmsley – Love And Miss You
WalshBernie Walsh – Dad
WalshBernie Walsh – Husband
WalshMartin Walsh – Much Loved & Missed
WalsterColin Walster
WalsterShirles Walster
WaltersCarl Walters
WaltersFred Walters
WaltersIrene Mary Walters – Rene
WaltersKenneth Walters – Dad,Grandad
WaltersMarion Walters – Mom, Nan
WaltersRoy John Walters – Roy
WaltersSidney William Walters – Sid
WarburtonDiane & brother Norman Warburton – thinking of you both always
WardBernard Ward – A treasured Husband and Dad x
WardEdith Christina Ward – Loved & Missed Always
WardFrank & Audrey Ward
WardGeorge Ward
WardGerry Ward – Husband, Dad & Grandad
WardGordon & Dilys Ward
WardJessie & Alfred Ward – Mom & Dad
WardJohn Richard Ward – Dicky
WardMarge Ward – Friend
WardPeter Ward – Pete
WardRosemary Ward
WardleBarry Wardle
WardleEileen Wardle
WardleKathleen Wardle
WardleKim Wardle
WardleMichael Wardle
WarnerRonald Warner – Ron
WarnockRobert Warnock
WarrenJohn Warren – PHF, Past President Rotary Club of The Wrekin
WarrenYvonne Warren – Loved Always
WarrenderHarry & Eileen Warrender
WarringtonStephen M Warrington – Love you always
WatersBill & Mary (Meg) Waters – Dad & Mom
WatersonBrian Waterson – Miss you Dad
WatersonKim Waterson – Daughter & Niece
WatkinGeorge & Penrose (Penny) Watkin
WatkinJulie Watkin – Loved, Mom, Daughter & Friend
WatkinKelvin Watkin
WatkinMike Watkin – Loved Son, Uncle
WatkinTrevor Watkin – Loved Dad, Grandad
WatkinsJan Watkins – Mum, Grandma, Wife forever missed
WatkinsLily Watkins
WatkinsSydney Watkins – Syd
WatkinsUna Watkins
WatkinsWilliam Tudor Watkins – Tod
WatkinsWinnifred & Jack Watkins
WatkissBill & Brenda Watkiss – Mom & Dad sadly missed
WatkissMiles Watkiss – Dad, Forever Loved & Missed
WatsonBertie & Agnes Watson – Mum&Dad
WattIan Watt
WattleEdith Wattle
WattonJohn Watton
WattonRay & Pat Watton, Loving Parents & Grandparents
WearTerry Wear
WeaverGraham Weaver – Husband
WeaverGraham Weaver – Dad
WeaverMaureen Weaver – Margaret
WeaverRay Weaver – Dad & Grandad xx
WeaverRebecca Nichol Weaver – Granddaughter
WeaverRebecca Nicole Weaver
WeaverStephen Weaver – Missed always
WeaverWinnie Weaver – Our dear Mum
WebbBernard Webb
WebbJohn Webb
WebbLaura Webb – Killed by King’s Cross bombing
WebbNorman & Dotty Webb – Grandad, Dotty
WebberleyWendy Webberley
WebsterDavid Webster – D
WebsterMick Webster
WedgeEvelyn Wedge
WedgeNellie Wedge
WedgeNorman Wedge
WedgePercy Wedge
WeirRonald Weir – Love You For All The World
WelchBrenda Edith Welch – Mum and Nan
WelchHubert & Joan Welch
WelchJanet Welch – Mom
WelchJason Welch – Jay
WelchJohn Graham Welch – Dad and Grandad xx
WellingsMary Wellings – Mum
WellingsNorman Wellings
WellingsRichard Wellings – Dad
WellsburyPauline Wellsbury – Loved always x
WelsbyCyril & his Son, Ian Welsby
WestSam & Mary West
WestSteve West – Forever in our hearts xx
WestbrookBarbara Westbrook
WestbrookBasil Westbrook
WestbrookClive Westbrook
WestbrookClive Westbrook – Son
WestbrookDorothy & Jack Westbrook – Mum & Dad
WestbrookSteven Westbrook – Westy
Westie – JonesCallie & Lexie Westie – Jones – My beautiful girls
WestonMary Weston – Aunty
WestonMichael Weston
WestonRichard & Olive Weston
WestwickTerry Westwick – Loved Husband
WestwoodChristina (Chris) Westwood – Dearly loved friend , Chris Fiona & Thomas
WestwoodMichael Westwood – Mick
WhalleyFlorence Whalley
WhalleyFrank Whalley
WhartonAnnie Wharton
WhartonWalter Wharton – Wal
WheatleyMargaret Wheatley, deeply missed dear friend. Bev
WheatleyStephen Wheatley – Bob, Son
WheaverDavid Wheaver – Womble
WheaverLewis Wheaver
WheeldonDerek Wheeldon – Forever loved
WheelerGladys & Doug Wheeler
WheelerPatricia Wheeler
WheelerVera & Howard Wheeler
WhitakerStuart Whitaker – Ferrett
WhiteBill & Joyce White – Forever loved xx
WhiteChristopher White – Chris, (Grandson)
WhiteDorothy Ann White – miss you babe xxx
WhiteEugene White
WhiteGordon White
WhiteHelen White
WhiteIan White – Whitey
WhiteJanet White – Forever in our Hearts
WhiteJoan White – Missed by all the family
WhiteJoyce White
WhiteNicola Jayne White – Loved For Always
WhiteSally White – A loving Sister & Dear Aunt
WhiteheadAlan Whitehead
WhiteheadAlfie Whitehead
WhitehouseGilbert Whitehouse – Papa
WhitehouseGilbert Whitehouse
WhitehouseRomaine & Bob Whitehouse – Loved & Missed Everyday xx
WhitmoreEllen Whitmore
WhitmoreJim Whitmore
WhitmoreNatasha Grace Whitmore – Our Beloved Granddaughter
WhitneyRosalind Whitney
WhitneyWilliam Whitney
WhittakerJim Whittaker – Loving Friend
WhittallSylvia Whittall
WhittinghamIan Whittingham – Graham
WhittinghamLaura Whittingham
WhittinghamRenee Whittingham
WhittleDavid Whittle – Dad/Grandad
WhittonKeith Whitton – H/Scani, always with me
WhitworthCharlotte Whitworth – Our beautiful baby daughter
WhyleDorothy Whyle – Dear Friend
WhyleRobert Whyle – Bob
WhyteMary Whyte
WicksteadLes & Ellie Wickstead
WicksteedKathy Wicksteed
WickwarIvy & Clifford Wickwar – Mum & Dad
WigfieldDorothy Wigfield – Dotty
WigfieldDoug Wigfield
WigfieldHelen Wigfield
WigfieldJohn Wigfield
WigfieldVivien Wigfield
WigginsEric Wiggins
WigginsLethia Wiggins
WighamColin & Joyce Wigham, Loving Parents & Grd’parents, sadly missed.
WildDerek Wild – Del Boy
WildJohn Wild
WildSarah Jane Wild – Jenny
WildePhyllis Wilde
WildsHedley Wilds – A true parish priest
WilkesAnne Wilkes – Hope you’re enjoying the party up there with mom miss you Anne
WilkesDavid Wilkes
WilkesEnid Wilkes – A Dear Mother
WilkesEnid Wilkes – Always In Our Thoughts
WilkesFred Wilkes – A Lovely Dad
WilkesGeoff Wilkes
WilkesGeorge & Alice Wilkes
WilkesJohn Wilkes
WilkesMillie & Bill Wilkes
WilkesNeville Wilkes – Nip
WilkesTracey Wilkes – A much loved Daughter & Sister
WilkinsAlex Wilkins
WilkinsDorothy Wilkins – Dot
WilkinsEdwin Wilkins – Eddie
WilkinsNorman Wilkins – A dearly loved brother
WilkinsonBasil & Irene Wilkinson – Dad & Mum
WilkinsonWink Wilkinson – Beloved Husband
WilkinsonWink Wilkinson – Dad
WillardAlice Willard – Mum
WillardFrank Willard – Dad
WillardMr. & Mrs. Willard – Grandparents
WillardRichard Willard – Brother
WilletsGeorge & Florence Willets
WillettsDavid Willetts – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
WillettsFreda Willetts
WillettsHarry Willetts
WillettsJenny Willetts – Remembered with love
WillettsSolomon Willetts – Sol
WilliamsAgnes Williams – Mother, Grandmother
WilliamsAlbert John Williams – Always in my thoughts
WilliamsAlf & Doris Williams
WilliamsAlice & Hugh Williams
WilliamsAlun Williams
WilliamsBob Williams – My Soul Mate X
WilliamsChristopher Williams
WilliamsClifford George Williams – Dad/Grandad
WilliamsClive Anthony Williams – Husband,Dad,Granddad,GtGdad sadly missed x
WilliamsCyril Williams
WilliamsDarren Williams – Loving Husband
WilliamsDave Williams – Loved & remembered every day. Dad & Grandad
WilliamsDavid Williams – Fonz
WilliamsDavid S Williams
WilliamsDon Williams – Dad. Missed & Loved by us all
WilliamsDonald Charles Williams – Don
WilliamsDoreen Grace Williams
WilliamsEdna Williams – Mom
WilliamsElle Williams – Daughter
WilliamsEllie Williams
WilliamsEmmie Williams
WilliamsEmrys Williams
WilliamsEric & Sheila Williams – Dad,sister,Grandad,uncle
WilliamsEthel Williams
WilliamsEurwen Williams – Bubbles
WilliamsFred Williams
WilliamsGeorge Williams – Always in our thoughts
WilliamsGerry Williams – My Mum- always missed xx
WilliamsGladys Mary Williams
WilliamsGrace Williams – Fondly remembered
WilliamsGwynfryn Williams – Gwyn
WilliamsJohn Williams – Forever in our hearts – together again
WilliamsJoyce Williams – Sister
WilliamsKathleen Williams – Mary
WilliamsKenneth Williams – Ken
WilliamsLaurence Arthur Williams – 1925 – 2005
WilliamsLeonard George Williams – Dad
WilliamsLes Williams
WilliamsMargaret Williams – Loved and missed everyday.
WilliamsMartin Williams – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
WilliamsMel Williams – Sadly Missed
WilliamsMildred& Howard Williams – Mum & Dad
WilliamsMinnie Williams – Mom/Nan
WilliamsNorman Williams – Alfred
WilliamsPeter Harry Williams
WilliamsPhyl & Ivor Williams
WilliamsSybil Williams
WilliamsSylva Kathleen Williams – Mum
WilliamsTheresa Williams – formerly Udakis
WilliamsThomas Roy Williams – Roy Miss you every day
WilliamsViolet Williams
WilliamsViolet Williams – May
WilliamsWalter (Wat) & June Williams
WilliamsWilliam Williams – Bill
WilliamsWilliam & May Williams
WilliamsWilliam (Bill) & Gwladys Williams
WilliamsonEvelyn Williamson – Beryl
WilliamsonJack (Pops) Williamson – Forever in our hearts
WilliamsonJames Williamson – Jimmy, Uncle
WillingtonRoy Willington – With Love
WillisElizabeth Willis – Betty
WillisFlorence Willis – May
WillisGeorge Willis – Ray
WillisJoshua Willis
WillisPaul Willis – Loved & remembered every day
WillisTerrence Willis – Sam
WilloughbyAnnie Willoughby – Aunt Ann
WilloughbyEdwin Willoughby – Ted
WilloughbyGertrude Willoughby – Libby
WillsBill & Marjorie Wills
WilsonBetty Wilson – Mom & Nan
WilsonDerek Wilson – Dad & Grandad
WilsonGeorge & Gladys Wilson – Loving Father & Mother always remembered
WilsonGwen Wilson
WilsonHenrietta (Rita) Wilson – Always in my thoughts & prayers, John
WilsonStan & Audrey Wilson – Always Remembered
WilsonWoodrow Wilson – Woody
WiltonIrene Wilton – Sister
WindsorBetty Windsor
WindsorEric Windsor – Forever in our thoughts, Loved always, Never forgotten
WindsorLeslie Windsor
WinterDave Winter – Forever in our hearts
WinwoodMargaret Winwood – Always in Our Thoughts
WiseHilda Wise – Nan
WithersClifford Withers
WithersMargaret Withers
WithersJill & Norman Withers
WithingtonPhyllis Edna Withington – Forever in our hearts
WithingtonRonald Victor Withington – Forever in our hearts
WoodAndrew Wood
WoodBarbara Wood
WoodEllen & Albert Wood
WoodEnock Wood
WoodHarry George Wood – Baby Harry xx
WoodJean Wood – My Mum x
WoodJean Wood
WoodLillian Wood
WoodMaurie Wood
WoodRichard Wood
WoodStephen Wood – My Bro x
WoodStephen Wood
WoodWilliam & Mary Wood – Grandad & Nan
WoodhallCecil Woodhall – Cis
WoodhallLen Woodhall – With Love, Ann
WoodhallMary Woodhall
WoodmanPamela Woodman – Pam
WoodvineJoyce Woodvine – Mother
WoodwardBrian Woodward
WooldridgeDeborah Wooldridge – Deb
WoolfordAgnes Woolford – Molly
WoolfordAndrew Woolford
WoolfordMeirion Woolford
WoolleyCarl Woolley – Loved & remembered by the family
WoolleyEdna May (Auntie) Woolley – Thinking of you both at Christmas
WoolleyGeoff Woolley
WoolleyJohn Woolley
WoolleyJohn Levi (Uncle) Woolley – Jack
WoolleyMary Woolley
WoottonWilliam (Bill) & Joan Wootton
WoottonWilliam Thomas Wootton – Bill
WorkmanChloe Louise Workman
WorkmanJim & Marj Workman
WorkmanNorma Valerie Workman – Janet
WormstoneKeith Wormstone – Jack
WorrallFrancis James Worrall – Jim
WorrallJack Worrall
WorrallPatricia (Pat) Worrall – Always remembered. Love Tony
WraggLiam Ashley Wragg – Son & Grandson
WrightAlan Wright – A.H.Wright
WrightFrank Wright – Grandad
WrightHeather Wright
WrightJoan Wright – Mum
WrightJohn Wright – Grandad
WrightJulian & Rachel Wright – Popa & Nanny
WrightLorna Wright
WrightMuriel Wright – Mu
WrightRay Wright – Pops, Miss You
WrightThomas Wright
WycherleyJack & Nellie Wycherley – Mum & Dad
WycherleyRex Wycherley
WynnGeorge William Wynn
WynneDave Wynne – Miss you Dad
WynneDerek Wynne – Father
WynneStuart Robert Wynne – Stu, forever in our hearts. Love Mum and Dad xxx
WytonAlbert Wyton – “Elvis” Wonderful husband
YappBill & Mabel Yapp
YappJohn Henry Yapp – Jack
YarnoldJohn Yarnold
YatesAnn Yates
YatesAnthony Yates – Tony
YatesHelen Yates – Nellie
YatesLesley Handford Yates – Les
YatesLeslie Handford Yates – Les
YatesMichael Yates – Mike, Dearly Missed, Love You
YeomansReginald & Kathleen Yeomans – Remembered with Love
YeomansRoger Alan Yeomans
YoungGaynor Young – Beloved wife
YoungJohn W. & Elizabeth Young – Mum, Dad, Gran + Papa
YoungMissy Young – Miss you so
YoungRaymond Young – Ray forever in our hearts
YoungReg Young – Forever in Our Hearts
YoungRichard James Young – Clay
YoungRose & Vic Young – Mum & Dad
YoungTyler James Young – Our precious boy
YoungYoung – Mum Dad & George Jnr
ZammutoGiuseppe Zammuto – Always in Our Hearts
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